This course is the ultimate entry point into learning the sacred and scientific language of hand analysis

For Beginners Who Want a Systematic Approach for Learning Hand Analysis


Are you ready to help others live into the very best version of themselves?

Is it time to truly identify and clarify your reason for being from a soul perspective?

Are you still wondering, “What am I here to do on planet earth?  What’s my purpose?” “And what’s everyone else’s purpose, too?”

Do you feel invisible, neglecting your gifts at home, the office or with yourself?

Do you want to resolve frustration and overwhelm and bring more clarity to your life and what you do?

Do you want to give the gift of clarifying the life purpose, life lessons and life path of your friends, family or clients?

If what you seek is deeper awareness and life-fulfillment we have the ideal training program for you. This 22-hour Life Purpose Training Intensive offers results in soul-centered awareness where you are shown how troublesome life lessons lead directly to a life purpose.

 Life Purpose Hand Analysis Foundations Intensive

22-hours chock-full of rich and immediately usable content

Next Course to start January, 2022 



In this Life Purpose Foundations Intensive training course:


– Learn how to read the basics of the palm so you can immediately apply what you learn with friends, family or in your business

– Analyze basic hand shapes (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) to assess individual motivations

– Read Fingers and Mounts to assess energies for personal expression

– Understand the power of the Thumb and one’s capacity for results

– Decipher Heart Line types to translate non-negotiable needs in relationships

– Understand essential mental tendencies by reading the Head Line types

– Identify, decipher, rank and read fingerprint patterns (whorl, loop, tented-arch, arch and peacock) so you can describe the Life Purpose, Life Challenges and Life Path for yourself, family members and clients

– Construct your own Life Purpose Chart based on your unique fingerprint patterns

– Student hand prints are referenced during class as an additional learning aide

– Clearly see what to specifically do so you can advance on your master path with in-class assignments

– Integrate the palm code with the fingerprint code and give more precise readings for deeper awareness

– Practice giving mini-readings

– Receive an extensive vocabulary so that you have plenty of words to recall and use when giving your readings



Why the AAHA, why this Intensive, and why now?

  • Classes are kept small for maximum one-on-one support
  • Experiential learning environment to help you instantly transform what you’re studying into practical application
  • Kay and the Associate Faculty are committed to the highest quality student transformation
  • Course content is rich, clear and precise based on scientific evidence
  • Directly apply what you learn to your own hands; family and friends, too
  • 180 page student workbook is thorough and extensive
  • 50 hand prints to support course lessons
  • Scripts to help you explain to people what you do as a Scientific Hand Analyst
  • Weekly calls to keep you plugged in and consistently advancing while completing the course
  • Three (3) private one-on-one mentor sessions to build confidence and increase understanding
  • Optional: Advance into the AAHA 10-Month Certification and Business Breakthrough program 

Watch this 16-minute video to glimpse into the 1st beginning lesson in this extraordinary program

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Benefits for You

  • Acknowledgement of your own sacred soul curriculum
  • Be both challenged and championed with in-class exercises
  • Deep inner personal development in a supportive space
  • Direct access to and quality relationship with Kay
  • Get your questions answered live or via email
  • Partner practice and bonding with your classmates
  • Ignite new skills for healing and guiding others to transform into their highest Self
  • Immediately implement this profound method and empower individuals to reach their peak-potential
  • Add Hand Analysis to your practice and reach more clients
  • Easy-to-Use Templates to get you started delivering great hand readings
  • Tips for hand printing your clients and children
  • Receive a certificate of completion after completing the course and 2 of the 3 mentor sessions
  • Become equipped to advance into the AAHA Certification and Business Breakthrough Program
  • Join a rapidly growing community of advanced healers
  • Have fun learning!
  • Tuition includes 22 hour live training PLUS three 1-hour mentor sessions  
American Academy of Hand Analysis

Your Freedom is in Your Hands 

Bonuses for You

A copy of Kay’s book Your Life Is In Your Hands; Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living

A copy of Kay’s book Money in Your Hands: Use the Map Hidden in Your Hands to Navigate Your Path to Financial Freedom

Complimentary 45-minute hand analysis session with your teacher

Email Kay  with “Yes, I’m interested in this Life Purpose Intensive” to meet and schedule a quick conversation.


It’s time to go beyond your limits and stretch into your highest potential!

Claim and own your worth as a professional healing practitioner

Unleash your best you, now!

Help your friends, family and clients understand their Life Purpose and how to live into their highest potential!


Is This Life Purpose Intensive for Me?


You are a coach, consultant, author, speaker, therapist, wellness practitioner, or change agent who loves integrating practical life strategies with deep personal growth

You want to be part of a community of wholehearted, success-minded women business owners who generously give support for living a fulfilling life on purpose using the unique life-map etched into the human hand

You are more than ready to learn how to move forward to where your soul wants you to be in just 22 hours

You love checklists, templates and outlines done for you, showing you step-by-step how to deliver a reading

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” – Joseph Campbell


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Professionally prepared materials 

The next step to learn how to hold people as powerful in their purpose is to join in this upcoming Level 1 and 2 Hand Analysis Life Purpose Foundations Intensive. This is the ultimate entry point to learn and practice the basics. Come research the fundamentals of hand analysis and build a rock solid foundation for your personal development and your spirit-driven business. You’ll study an extensive database to offer life changing conversations with your clients based directly from what you see in their hands. Receive templates to kick-start your readings so you can inspire people to align with their life purpose.

Why wait another day. Say, “YES” today! 

Email Kay  with “Yes, I’m interested in this Life Purpose Intensive” 

Find out how this program can help you inspire others to live into the very best version of themselves!