Book by Kay Packard Your Life Is In Your HandsKay’s highly revered book teaches you the fundamentals of how to read the unique markings found on your own hands.


Your Life Is In Your Hands; Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living explores more than 50 features of the hands through reproductions of actual handprints and personal life stories. You will learn the meaning of the Heart Line, the Head Line, the Life Line, the vertical lines, the fingers, and much, much more!

Kay shows you how to interpret each feature both positively and negatively, and how to combine these interpretations into affirmational “mantras” that can be used as guides to living your life to the fullest. Assignments at the end of each chapter show you how to blend together the various markings you’ve identified, to create a unique, empowering, and inspiring reading.

Your Life Is In Your Hands Table of Contents

Your Life Is In Your Hands Heart Line Excerpt

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