World-class workshops led by Kay Packard to deepen self-awareness as well as expand your knowledge about markings mapped into the hands

All workshops are led virtually for groups or privately for individuals

How to Read Gift, Wisdom and Intuition Markings 

Learn how to unmistakably identify gift, wisdom, and intuition markers so you can increase the value of your readings for your clients and dive more profoundly into your own interior life. Class starts Mar. 3, 2024.

During this program you will receive:

  • Hand maps and prints showing the precise location of these markings
  • Summary description sheet of the 18 gift markings
  • Student handprints and stories used as learning aids
  • Confirmation of these etchings found in your hands
  • Extensive and rich course content including written and verbal descriptions of each of these markings
  • Upside and downside possibilities of each marking
  • Coaching questions for your client to inspire deeper self-discovery and follow-up sessions
  • Completion of this first module toward AAHA Level 3 Certification

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4-Week Hand Reading Self-Study Program + Discussion

In this Program with Kay you will…

  • Receive 4 Handbooks for daily study (161 pages total)
  • Delve into the art and science of reading the Heart, Head, Life and Vertical Lines
  • Use blank Hand Maps to draw the lines you see in your hands and understand their meanings
  • Discover more about yourself (and others) with the My Blending Guide
  • Inspire others to live richer lives by talking about what you see in their hands
  • Join 8 LIVE zoom sessions with like-minded individuals for discussion, Q&A, tips, practice and guidance
  • Next Kick-off TBA

With each feature, you’ll learn how to spot it, understand its significance, explore key words, strengths, pitfalls, growth statements, breakthrough questions and more.

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How to Identify Challenge Markings in the Hands and What to Do and Say About Them

Join Kay to…

  • Learn how to clearly recognize 30 different challenge markings that can appear in the hands
  • Learn how to interpret what they mean, how difficult they can be to live with and how to use them for growth
  • Gain insight into both the negative and positive possibilities of these markings
  • Practice using a template to integrate a series of challenge markings and create a unique treasure map leading to hidden opportunities

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The Life Line ~ Systems, Stories and Strategies

Join Kay to…

  • Review the meaning of this essential line in the hand
  • Access research findings through selected handprints
  • See the Life Line Timeline with client story validation
  • Build your vocabulary of the meaning of the Life Line
  • Glimpse into language Kay has used during her readings with clients
  • Receive guidance how to verbally frame an analysis for the owner
  • Get clues where to look in the hand to support the owner with a compromised Life Line

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Decode the Finger Zones to Help Your Clients Stand in their Strengths 

Come discover…

  • What each of finger and finger zone signifies
  • How a person attracts or repels the various energies associated with the twelve zones
  • How sections are identified as short, long, strong, bulging, thin, shrunken, damaged or missing
  •  21-page Student Workbook and 25 hand prints

How to Create a 6-Session Package for Professional Hand Analysts

Are you ready to enroll clients into long term coaching, facilitate deeper transformation and generate more income in your business?

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • A tried-and-true format to create your 6-session package
  • Contents to use for before, during and after each session with your client
  • Specifically, how to reference the markings in the hands of your client related to 3 very important answers you receive from your client
  • Coaching questions to use before and during your sessions
  • Scripts to offer a package of sessions to your potential client
  • Tips for receiving payment and when so that you’re not left hanging
  • Sample agreement to strengthen the professional relationship with your new client

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How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It® 

If you struggle with how much to charge and how to confidently talk about your fees, you are not alone. In this group coaching workshop, you’ll learn how to clear out feelings of uncertainty, and gain practical tools so you can charge what you’re worth and discuss your fees like a pro.

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Vocational Selection Using the Science of Hand Analysis

During this course you will learn everything you need to know to get started helping clients clarify their ‘right’ vocation based on the unique map you read in their hands. 

During this course you will…

  • Learn how to clarify your client’s unique vocation using your hand analysis database
  • Review a checklist of key components in the hands that translate to vocational selection
  • Get reading templates to prepare for and use during your client sessions
  • Hear how to explain your client’s strengths and weaknesses and help them overcome obstacles to success
  • Examine handprints for vocational indicators during class to practice and build confidence
  • Receive a list of ‘combinations of markings’ associated with specific vocations

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Heart Lines in Your Hands

Discover Your Love Style – It’s Literally Mapped in your Hands

Just by understanding the information encoded in the Heart Lines in your hands you can have deeper and more fulfilling relationships.

During this workshop you will…

  • Learn about the different heart line types
  • See how to identify the heart lines on anyone’s hands (you’ll get maps!)
  • Hear specific descriptions about your heart line type
  • Learn why you want to be treated in very particular ways
  • Be able to better articulate how you need to be treated
  • Better understand how others see you in relationship
  • Increase your tool kit to better adapt and connect with others

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Revolution of Purpose

During this workshop you’ll receive…

  • Revolution of Purpose Blueprint 
  • Assignments to grow your life purpose into full bloom
  • Exploration of personal paradoxes hidden in the hands
  • Assignments to give to your clients and maintain long term relationships
  • Extensive Life Purpose and Life Lesson hand-out to immediately put to use 
  • Tips how to invite your clients to return for follow-up sessions and questions and content to give them
  • 30-page workbook

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