Learn to read the personalized life map in the human hand and help people live the life they were meant to live!

Soul Centered Scientific Hand Analysis Training Level 4

This year-long program is sure to deliver a stellar agenda resulting in increased skills, knowledge and profits. Deepen your connections with spirit and expand your business offerings with clarity and confidence. Build bonds with committed and Certified Hand Analysts.

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Kristy and Marti AAHA
Life Purpose Intensive

This is the ultimate entry point into learning the sacred and scientific language of hand analysis. Recognize immediate benefits with friends, family, clients and yourself. Professional private and group webinar classes available.

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Hand Analysis Certification

We inspire exploration, deep fulfillment and prosperity, giving you rich and extensive content you can quickly apply and make money doing meaningful work! Are you ready to go beyond your limits, stretch into your highest potential and realize your brilliance as a Certified Hand Analyst?

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Step into Your Brilliance

Get from where you are to where you want to be and make a powerful, positive impact in people's lives.

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You’ve found the ideal environment to learn how to read hands for profound personal awareness or to become a professionally trained and certified Hand Analyst. Learn practical and proven techniques to transform your life and your world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to successfully operate a worldwide center for study and practice of hand and fingerprint analysis. Classes and course content are offered in a motivating, reputable and highly professional manner. With a soul-centered approach classes are taught in person and with webinar. Read more about our mission...

Chrissy Jimenez

I chose the AAHA Certification program because of the rich content and the promise of personal attention provided to the students. Kay will help you grow and guide you to create a successful business!

Lori Latimer (1)

Kay has such an incredible wealth of knowledge of hand analysis and teaches it in the most elegant way that encourages each student to learn and expand their own knowledge.

Isadora copy

Kay’s programs provide rich, tangible content that is helping me to better understand myself – and the meaning of my life, as I grow and develop into my best self.

Practical Palm Reading for You

Learn the fundamentals of how to read the unique markings found on your hands in Kay's book, "Your Life Is In Your Hands; Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living." Get your signed copy today!

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