Kay Packard, M.A. and Director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis (AAHA) has designed four levels of training programs and numerous workshops to teach you how to identify, live and illuminate life on purpose.

She has been reading hands since 2003 and teaching students how to read, decipher and interpret the information that is precisely and naturally inscribed into the hands and fingerprints since 2005.  

She is committed to pass on the secret that opens doors into the deepest parts of a human being. With these profound insights, individuals become empowered by awakening to their own life purpose and live with more clarity and fulfillment. 

With a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology, she is excited to teach and mentor students. Her life’s work for more than 30 years has been devoted to studying, practicing and guiding others toward deep inner awareness.

As a master teacher, Kay inspires exploration, self-discovery and prosperity, giving students content that can be quickly understood and effectively applied!


      AAHA Teacher Lindsay Morlock

     Linda Salazar              Christine Kidder          Lindsay Morlock

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Kay’s work has been featured in Real Simple magazine and The CUT.

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