Hand Analysis Certification Level 3

Year-Long Hand Analysis Certification with Business Breakthrough Techniques

Let the transformation begin

At the AAHA our Level 3 certification program inspires exploration, deep fulfillment and prosperity, giving you rich and extensive content you can quickly apply and make money doing meaningful work!

Are you ready to join the AAHA family and realize your brilliance as a Certified Hand Analyst, creating deep personal transformation?

This is your professional entry point into reading the unique, sacred and personalized life-map encoded into the human hand.

Upon successful completion of the Level 1 & 2 Hand Analysis Intensive Foundations course you will be eligible for this Certification program with the AAHA. Non-AAHA students are also encouraged to apply.

* Inquire about Private Training *

This is the ultimate training program to become a Certified Hand Analyst, recognized internationally. Training is offered to students around the world and will be taught entirely via webinar. No travel required.

Curious and serious minded students are invited to inquire and apply for enrollment. Enter the sacred world of hand analysis and explore more deeply into your own soul identity and position yourself as a professional or add these new skills to your existing healing practice.

If you have completed the prerequisites for this program, would like to hear more about it and get all of your questions answered, simply email Kay  with “Let’s schedule a conversation!” in the subject line. You will then be invited to join Kay in a discovery session and sent an application for private enrollment. 

Row of Fingerprints in Color

Program Outline

The Finger Zones – Recognize the strongest and weakest finger zones and help point clients to their most meaningful vocation

Gift Markings –  Learn how to unmistakably identify gift and wisdom markers and increase the value of your readings

More Meaningful Markings – Add over 28 additional markings and definitions to your scientific database

Major Lines – Expand your understanding of the major lines in the hands to answer your clients’ questions about their relationship and family dilemmas and success strategies

Hand Shapes Archetypes – Increase your hand shape recognition and understanding of personal motives and why people approach the world in the ways they do

Expanded Life Purpose and Life Lesson – Receive an expanded vocabulary of the Life Purpose and Life Lesson descriptions in both their exalted and shadow sides to help your clients embrace the wisdom in their own internal oppositions

Vertical Lines – Read these lines and validate your clients life force urges and encourage their true talents

Attack/Via Lascivia – Identify attack, courage and exploration lines and learn how to harness your clients’ internalized tension and secret dilemmas

Build your confidence with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – Experience tapping for yourself and receive personalized  and empowering scripts based on your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life Path

Bringing it all Together – Learn how to find the key in the hand in 3 easy steps

Relationship Compatibility – Gain sure-fire ways to conduct relationship readings with done-for-you compatibility templates – helping your clients clarify attractions, handle irritations and grow through their relationships

The Art (and Technology) of Giving a Reading – Strategize for success with 12 steps to mastery

Ethics – Align with your integrity and avoid massive mistakes

Breakthrough Business Techniques and Marketing Mastery – Learn step-by-step how to design your signature system and charge with soul by implementing proven steps for your business development and marketing success

Life Purpose Support – Realize and honor your true path; acknowledge and give gratitude for your lessons

Your Personal Project – Explore and cultivate your specialty through pinpointed research

Knowledge and Delivery Assessment – High quality learning assessments are in place to assure your certification success

Practice – 100 hand readings (prints and live hands)

Ten Hours of private mentoring to answer your questions about the hand analysis database and deepen your understanding, review hand prints, explore your life changes, and build your business.


Marinna Rose
Marinna Rose

“I enrolled in the Year-Long Certification program for a couple of great reasons. One being that Kay is the best mentor that I have ever had and cannot imagine taking this course from anyone else. The other reason is that I realized that this modality was the strongest tool that I had to work with my clients and I knew that I needed to deepen my knowledge to be able to help them even more.  

Career wise I have so much more confidence in my readings because of how thorough Kay was in delivering all of the information of the course. I feel like no stone was left unturned.” – Marinna Rose, CHA

Program Structure and Tuition

Current course in progress between Oct. 26, 2016 and Sept. 5, 2017*  

If you’d like to get started before the next group program begins contact Kay to schedule a conversation about learning options to get certified privately.

Tuition is discussed during your conversation. 

Kay Teaching Class

Click What Makes an Exceptional Teacher? 

Kay is known as a premier master teacher certifying extraordinary hand analysts, guiding students to break through paradigms for successful business and marketing mastery. Expect nothing but excellence at the AAHA!

Prerequisite for Level III Certification Program:  Hand Analysis Foundations course with any teacher taught by the IIHA or AAHA.  Students who have not completed the Foundations course may be enrolled with exception based on previous hand analysis training and experience.


Chrissy Jimenez

“After interviewing different schools and teachers, I chose the AAHA Certification program with Kay because of the rich content and the promise of personal attention provided to the students. The material was rich, well organized and covered at a very comfortable pace. Kay is a very experienced, knowledgeable and inspirational Teacher/Mentor.

If you’re considering the Certification Training, please know Kay Packard is an AMAZING Hand Analyst and Spiritual Teacher. She will help you grow and guide you to create a successful business!” – Chrissy Jimenez, CHA

Are you ready to….

– Delve deeply within yourself, connect with your life fulfillment formula and live the life you were born to live?

– Learn to develop and deliver your skills and talents as a professional and certified scientific Hand Analyst?

– Devote yourself to spirit-driven personal transformation?

– Guide others to identify and claim their inherent worth and greatest potential?

– See the value in your advancing skills and receive income for work you love to do?

To get all of your questions answered request a conversation today. Upon request an application will be sent to you.

Use the “Contact Form” below to schedule a private conversation with Kay, or click here to email Kay directly.


 Linda Salazar and Cathie Rodgers AAHA

 Shannon Montana and Ellen Daly AAHA Training

Hear from a few Certified Hand Analysts

“Besides wanting to give more comprehensive readings to my clients, I was also looking for insight as to how to turn my hand reading knowledge into a business. Including the sessions on business/marketing added greatly to the value of this program.  One of the biggest benefits was that it really required me to think and act like a professional hand reader. I only have the best of things to say about Kay and her program. The material was extensive, comprehensive and well presented.” – Marcella Theeman, CHA

“A great unveiling happened through the year in this program.  Many layers were gently peeled back as I gained a greater understanding, acceptance and perception of myself. I have become armed with self-acceptance, which allows me to approach and be open to all facets, experiences, learning and growth.” – Vickie Davis, CHA

“Kay helps her students face their life lesson and step more fully into their life purpose. She’s always there to offer her full support and wisdom. She makes it fun to learn, which is especially important when some of the topics get heavy. The materials she developed are truly a work of art that I will use for years to come in my work. I’m honored to not only call Kay a mentor, but also a friend.”  – Lori Latimer, CHA

“I highly recommend this program.  Kay is a wonderful teacher and mentor.  She creates a safe environment in which to open one’s heart to listen and learn how to read hands.”  – Cathie Rodgers, CHA 

“Working with Kay in the Level III Certification program has been so beneficial to my hand readings! Kay’s materials are thorough and captivating and she is brilliant and funny. I came away with a deeper confidence in reading hands and can say that Kay is a true inspiration!” – Caroline Douglas, CHA 

“My level 3 training with Kay was a phenomenal life-enriching experience. Kay is a teacher ‘extra-ordinaire’ – she is a most generous human being and an amazing teacher. Her depth of knowledge of hand analysis is amazing, her organization of training materials is clear and super helpful, and most of all her loving heart guides you to know yourself more fully, in both your light and shadow.”  – Sandra Visser, CHA 

“After 10 years as a professional, certified hand analyst I felt it was time to renew my academic experience of the hands. It is a huge investment of time and energy, but very worthwhile for the serious hand analyst who wants to go beyond just simply learning the basics for reading hands but to build their business and professional status as well.” – Peggie Arvidson, IIHA CHA, AAHA CHA audit

“I am so pleased with my choice to learn hand analysis from Kay Packard and the AAHA. Kay has such a generous spirit and she is an incredibly supportive teacher, mentor and trail guide. Kay’s programs provide rich, tangible content, which is helping me to better understand myself and the meaning of my life, as I grow and develop into my best self. ” – Isadora Arielle, CHA 

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This Certification program includes 100 hours of course time, including ten 1-hour mentoring sessions, extensive work books, experiential business breakthrough techniques, partner practice, a special interest research project with a final report, reading templates, and an individual assessment of understanding and delivery.

It’s time to go beyond your limits and stretch into your highest potential, now. Learn how to claim and own your worth as a professional healing practitioner. 

Use the contact us form or click here to request a private conversation with Kay, today!

We would love for you to join us.

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