Testimonials for Hand Analysis Training with the AAHA


Angel Hedrick

I decided to enroll in the AAHA Level 1&2 Hand Analysis Training program because I wanted to learn about palm reading without the prediction aspect. So this course was perfect!  Kay was/is an amazing mentor with a wealth of knowledge! She was so kind and patient which was very important to me because I came into this training with zero background in palmistry. I was extremely nervous because I was completely out of my comfort zone but from our very meeting before the classes even started, I knew I was in the right place! She truly is amazing!  

I have to say, this class was way more than I ever expected! We shared laughs and we shared tears!  I guess I never knew the lines in our hands could have such deep meanings! Wow!!! It was most definitely eye opening for me! And I for one, will never look at a pair of hands in the same way again! Thank you for that Kay!  

The last bit of advice that I could give to anyone contemplating taking this course, it would be to just do it! Put aside all of your preconceived notions about what you think “hand reading” is all about and take the leap! You won’t regret it! – Angel Hedrick


I really enjoyed Kay’s Level 1 & 2 course. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds! The course is challenging but Kay is perceptive and understanding as to how we all absorb the information at a different pace. She is truly a great teacher. – Catriona Aldridge


Sandra Butler

The Level 1 & 2 Intensive has allowed me to deepen my own art practice and have the confidence to share my new knowledge of Hand Analysis with the community. As a life-long-learner and teacher, I’m now offering beginning workshops in hand analysis. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this profound wisdom (and make some money).

As an artist, I’ve based my work on the idea that the outer world reflects our inner world. After taking the Level I and II Hand Analysis intensive course with Kay, I now see another, more direct and personal mirror of ourselves:  our own hands!

Thanks to Kay for all the knowledge, research, and compassionate teaching that has helped me understand the beautiful art and science of hands and the importance of sharing it. I highly recommend taking the Level I and II intensive. It’s a life changing adventure. –Sandra Butler Sandra Butler Artist/Hand Reader


Carly Nickel

I was looking for more tools to add to my toolbox and was inspired to look into Palmistry. During my search, I stumbled upon hand analysis, which talked about finding out one’s life purpose and to learn more about ourselves to align to our life paths. It resonated with me right away and I jumped at the chance to learn more about how to help others find their life purpose with Kay through the Level 1 and 2 Hand Analysis Foundations Intensive .

If you’ve been curious about the lines on your hands, Level 1 gives the perfect bite size overview on those lines. My favorite part was the Heart Line and once you dive into it, you truly get to know those around you. Level 2 dives into fingerprints, which was what I was waiting for when I signed up for the course! I love how interactive our weekly meetings were and we really grew close as a group. Kay is an amazing mentor who is here to remind us that we are all learning together.

I’ve gained some clarity on myself, my spouse, and my family. I feel like I now have permission to be truly who I am. I have added this tool to my business and my clients are really loving how I’m incorporating my spiritual side to something more concrete. Combining this with my coaching skills, I’m really seeing how this will propel my business forward and making it unique. 

I’ve gained more confidence in what I do since completing the program! I was nervous at first but I did a psychic fair over a weekend and once I saw how much of what I said resonated with my clients, I knew this was for me. 

Potential students please ask yourself…What would it be worth to understand what you are meant to do here on earth? This class will teach exactly that and more. You will gain the tools for yourself, for loved ones, and if you wish, to others you are wanting to serve in the future. 

The tuition for 11 classes plus 3 one-on-one session was worth every penny. Take the price, and divide it by 25 hours, and you’ll know what I mean.  –Carly Nickel CarlyNickel.com


Julie Muth

I really liked your teaching method in the Level 1 and 2 Hand Analysis Foundations Intensive. How you incorporated people’s stories gave life to understanding the course content.  The sacred space created during class with other students was sooo rewarding. – Julie Muth




Ruth Gale

I discovered Hand Analysis online, when searching for information about a marker in the hand. I’d had a long interest in palmistry, but hadn’t found a method that was so repeatedly accurate. I took the IIHA Certificate course. I wanted to continue my learning.  I heard Kay speaking and felt a resonance with her approach. 

I’m so glad I contacted Kay to join the AAHA Year-Long Hand Analysis Certification Program! She is a highly organised, structured teacher. The materials are abundant and uniformly excellent. The class size made it easy to interact and feel connected to my classmates, despite meeting only online. If you are worried about distance education not being as good as meeting in person, put those fears to rest. It is a very rich program.  

More than the content though, is Kay as a teacher. She is the best teacher/Mentor I have ever come across (and I have studied A LOT – in both traditional Universities, and in highly esoteric places). Her blend of practical, focused approaches to communicating well with all kinds of people, the program itself, her commitment to continually expanding her own expertise and knowledge base are exemplary. Best of all, she is a person truly walking her spiritual practice. It shows in every interaction I’ve had with her – highly intelligent, centered, compassionate presence – expanded, non judgmental and exploratory.

If you are ready to enter more deeply into the profound mystery of the soul as revealed in the hands, then you have found an excellent place to do so. The practical focus on business, the opportunity to explore and present your own interests (a research project) and the supportive environment combine to make this a wonderful year of growth and consolidation.

I love being a professional hand analyst, and I feel as resourced as I possibly could be by the study I have undertaken with Kay.  And there is ongoing community to tap into!  You really can’t go wrong. – Ruth Gale, CHA Melbourne AU


Marinna Rose

Marinna Rose

I enrolled in the Year-Long Certification program for a couple of great reasons. One being that Kay is the best mentor that I have ever had and cannot imagine taking this course from anyone else. The other reason is that I realized that this modality was the strongest tool that I had to work with my clients and I knew that I needed to deepen my knowledge to be able to help them even more.

Being in the Year-Long program felt like connecting with family every week, which was awesome. The surprise was how much this allowed deeper introspection for myself, which of course allowed me to help facilitate the transformation for my clients to the next level.

Kay has a very compassionate approach to her teaching that you always feel comfortable asking questions and even questioning information that does not make sense. She uses each participant’s hands as examples during the course so you learn in real time through real stories, which is the best way to learn.

Career wise I have so much more confidence in my readings because of how thorough Kay was in delivering all of the information of the course. I feel like no stone was left unturned. Every time I have a private session w/Kay she hits exactly what I need to hear about an issue I may be having. It is so nice to have someone like Kay to work with as your mentor!

The one thing I would want interested students to know is that this program is like a two for one….It is an opportunity to learn a beautiful art & science to facilitate ones Souls messages from their hands which can be a great way to make a living…but also and most importantly is the deep learning that you learn diving deep into your own Soul! You cannot do this work without deep introspection and growth…This alone is priceless…Not to mention a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with an incredible mentor!! – Marinna Rose, Certified Hand Analyst


Chrissy Jimenez

Chrissy Jimenez

After I finished my level one training I realized I wanted to become a Certified Hand Analyst/Life Coach, hence I started interviewing different schools/Teachers for my Year-Long Training. I chose the AAHA Certification program because of the rich content and the promise of personal attention provided to the students. 

The classes were held online and yet there was a lot of interaction among classmates. We had fun studying together and we learned a lot from each other. The material was rich, well organized and covered at a very comfortable pace. Kay is a very experienced, knowledgeable and inspirational Teacher/Mentor. 

Because of this program, I got to know myself and my loved ones so much better. My relationship with others has been wonderful! I am a lot healthier and happier now because I am living with my passion and helping others finding their purpose and passions too. And my new business is taking off so easily and smoothly… Thank you Kay! I am grateful to have you as my Mentor!

If you’re considering the Certification Training, please know Kay Packard is an AMAZING Hand Analyst and Spiritual Teacher. She will help you grow and guide you to create a successful business! – Chrissy Jimenez,  AAHA Certified Hand Analyst and Innovative Life Coach


Kate Arnold

Kate Arnold

I enrolled in the AAHA Year-Long program to reinforce what I had learned in the IIHA hand analysis training program I completed in 2006. I like to hear other people’s languaging about markings in the hands to increase my database and understanding. You taught about elements outside of the IIHA learning curriculum, which gave me new content and perspective. You’re really good at connecting what’s in the hands with stories to illustrate what you’re reading in the hands.

Being in this program reminded me of areas where I want to spend more time with, to go deeper into, in my own practice of hand analysis. There are so many aspects and variables to see in the hands and they can’t all be seen at one time. This program helped me to revisit and refer back to markings that I don’t often see or discuss while also reconnecting with key words associated with the markings.

Practicing in this type of immersed setting brings forward much deeper self-understanding than simply being told about things in the hands. I was able to strengthen my connection to my life purpose and life lesson so that I could own them instead of walking away from and ignoring them.

I appreciated how you were open and inclusive of all the students; you were super supportive. I honor your teaching style, understanding of hand analysis, patience and individual attention to each student. – Kate Arnold, IIHA Certified Hand Analyst, Certified Bio Field Tuner, Recovery coach, HandWisdom.com



Marcella Theeman

I signed up for the Year-Long Level 3 Certification program because I wanted to be able to give more comprehensive readings to my clients.  The intensive was a great way to start but I still felt like I needed to know a lot more in order to be useful to my customers. I was also looking for insight as to how to turn my hand reading knowledge into a business. Including the sessions on business/marketing added greatly to the value of the program.  

I only have the best of things to say about Kay and her program. The material was extensive, comprehensive and well presented.

One of the biggest benefits was that it really required me to think and act like a professional hand reader. The program was challenging for me on many levels so being able to work through the challenges and complete all of the projects gave me a great feeling of accomplishment.  Hand reading overall has helped me to understand others and myself at a deeper level.

Kay does a great job of being there for her students. If you don’t get anything else out of the program (highly unlikely), having Kay for a mentor is an experience not to be missed. – Marcella Theeman, AAHA Certified Hand Analyst, YourHandscape.com


I HAD to know more! That’s why I enrolled in the Level 3 2016 Year-Long Hand Analysis Certification Program with Kay. A great unveiling happened through the year in this program.  Many layers were gently peeled back as I gained a greater understanding, acceptance and perception of myself. I have become armed with self-acceptance, which allows me to approach and be open to all facets, experiences, learning and growth. I know I have just begun to reap the benefits of this science for myself and others who cross my path. Prospective students should know that they will receive continual support from a devoted, inspirational and experienced educator. – Vickie Davis, AAHA Certified Hand Analyst, AttuneAnalysis.com


Michele Rae Lee

Michele Rae Lee


After having my own hand analysis session with Kay, I just knew I wanted to offer this scientific art to others. What I value most is that Kay has a unique gift of guiding through the comprehensive material in such a loving way and at the same time, by helping to empower me to open my mind by doing. After completing the American Academy of Hand Analysis Training Intensive Level 1 and 2, where I learned the fundamentals of analyzing hands, I confidently launched into reading for others. I am so grateful that everyone that I have read for has resonated with what I have found in their hands.

Because of this course and Kay, I propelled my own hand analysis business by offering a valuable tool to others who see value in what they have received from me, I started receiving payment for my services right away! Whether you would like to become a professional Hand Analyst or you would like to broaden your own awareness of self or others, I would highly recommend The American Academy of Hand Analysis. – Michele Rae Lee, AAHA CHA


For anyone seeking a new avenue into greater understanding of life and a fresh direction, I highly recommend studying with Kay.  I found this experience not only a multi-faceted pleasure brought through Kay as a Master Teacher, but a thoroughly wondrous introduction into the intriguing realm of the hands.  I daily continue to receive more value for my investment than I dared ever hope.  – Trude A. Xanders


Clarinda Sayre

Clarinda Sayre

I wanted this Level 3 year-long program so I could develop my skills and to serve other people. You are an excellent teacher- you bring depth and create space to learn. I’ve grown immensely this year. You are a blessing, Kay Packard! – Clarinda Sayre, Soul Coach 




Lori Danyluk photo

Lori Danyluk

What I valued most about the Level 4 training with Kay is an impossible sentence to finish.  How could I choose amongst possibilities like: a) Kay’s inspiring blend of brilliance and warmth,  b) content and training that has transformed my work as a Hand Analyst, and immensely increased the value my clients receive, c) interacting with, and learning from, the other fascinating hand analysts in the course, and d) the new and profound insights into me and my own personal and professional development – that Kay incorporated into each conversation.  I jump at every chance to learn from Kay and Level 4 absolutely exceeded every expectation.  Deep gratitude and love.”

Lori Danyluk, IIHA Certified Hand Analyst, AAHA Level IV, Canada




Anuradha Kowtha

Kay’s class [Level 1 & 2] changed my life. I got to see different elements of my purpose and learn how to live those principals in my own life.  – Anuradha Kowtha





Caroline Douglas

Caroline Douglas

Working with Kay in the Level 3 Certification program has been so beneficial to my hand readings! Kay’s materials are thorough and captivating and she is brilliant and funny. The weekends we spent together were a blast. Kay made learning the information a real treat. I really looked forward to our time together. I came away with a deeper confidence in reading hands and can say that Kay is a true inspiration! – Caroline Douglas, AAHA CHA and Artist




Sandra Visser

My Level 3 training with Kay was a phenomenal life-enriching experience. Kay is a teacher ‘extra-ordinaire’ – she is a most generous human being and an amazing teacher. Her depth of knowledge of hand analysis is amazing, her organization of training materials clear and super helpful and most of all her loving heart guides you to know yourself more fully, in both your light and shadow. In the year-long training we laughed, we cried, we grew and we transformed some of the life-lesson patterns into peace and new gifts (through the added bonus of Kay’s gift of EFT).

If you are interested in a comprehensive training in hand analysis, while being lovingly supported to shine bright on your soul’s journey, look no further than Kay. You’ll be in the best hands!  – Sandra Visser, AAHA CHA and Founder of Wisdom Inside



Lori Latimer

Lori Latimer

One of the biggest, most transformational years of my life was the year I spent in Kay’s Level 3 year-long certification program. Kay holds the most beautiful space for her students. She has such an incredible wealth of knowledge of hand analysis and teaches it in the most elegant way that encourages each student to learn and expand their own knowledge. She helps her students face their life lesson and step more fully into their life purpose. She’s always there to offer her full support and wisdom. She makes it fun to learn, which is especially important when some of the topics get heavy. The materials she developed are truly a work of art that I will use for years to come in my work. I’m honored to not only call Kay a mentor, but also a friend.  – Lori Latimer, AAHA CHA,  LoriLatimer.com


Lindsay Morlock

Lindsay Morlock

Before I found hand analysis there was a huge void in my life. On the outside my life displayed all the material definitions of success, but inside there was just something missing.

When you study with Kay, you will learn that when you are living in alignment with your life’ purpose, you put effort into it, yet it simply feels effortless. The journey to becoming a Hand Analyst has completely filled the void in my life.   Not only have I been given a gift to share with the world, but Kay’s teachings and my classmates have become family; a group of amazing, beautiful individuals who have helped me grow exponentially over the past year and will be lifelong friends and colleagues.
For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing and feeling amazingly joyful because of it.
I can’t recommend this program enough, both personally and professionally, it’s been a life-changing experience. When I first started the program, I hated feeling like a beginner, but Kay’s teaching style is brilliant and beautiful. Kay has this amazing way of gently introducing you to this art in a way that you can grasp the materials and continue to build upon the principles.  I have met very few people who can guide and teach so gracefully, while continuing to help you improve. Throughout the process, I’ve felt nothing but unconditional support and with Kay as your guide, there is no such thing as failure. – Lindsay Morlock, AAHA CHA, HandScripts.com
Shannon Montana

Shannon Montana

You absolutely must study with Kay Packard and her colleagues at the AAHA!

I completed my Level 1, 2 & 3 trainings just three months ago in October 2012.It is without a doubt the best investment I have ever made. Check this out!

I am living the life of my dreams, living my purpose as  A Successful and Innovative Healer with a message of Inner Peace for the World!  I just bought a new dream home and a brand new car to go in my new garage!  My relationships are also transforming as I’ve learned to step into my Purpose through learning more about the hands with AAHA.

I offer Hand Analysis sessions as the main focus of my business www.Savvy-Goddess.com.  I completed my Level 3 Certification just 3 months ago and I have already recouped the cost of my entire investment!  I have clients that are thrilled to pay me to read their hands, and they send me referrals of their friends and family.

The teaching methods, curriculum and follow through of Kay and her colleagues is of the highest caliber and integrity.  The pace was never rushed, even though we covered an amazing amount of in depth material.

I learned so much about myself, my own hands, how to work with clients, how to do a reading, the entire database of gift markings, hand shapes, fingerprint data, and so much more. Class size is small and intimate, facilities are fabulous, curriculum and teaching materials are top notch!

If you are considering this training, just DO IT!  Kay and AAHA are offering the highest caliber training, in an intimate group setting, with comprehensive, effective and FUN teaching methods.  I mean really, Kay has “got this thing”!  I can’t encourage you enough to do whatever you must do to grab your slot.

Oh and by the way, did I mention that I recently read the hands of world famous author/speaker  Mike Dooley, who is featured in The SecretDVD and Book?!  Please, just get yourself into this training however you can TODAY!  In Love & Gratitude, Shannon Montana, AAHA CHA

Cathie Rodgers

Cathie Rodgers

The AAHA Level 3 Certification program with Founder and Director, Kay Packard was a life-changing course for me.  I took this course to deepen my understanding of hand analysis to help others in their quest for a more meaningful life.  In the process, I gained a better understanding of my own life purpose and life lessons.  I highly recommend this course.  Kay is a wonderful teacher and mentor.  She creates a safe environment in which to open one’s heart to listen and learn how to read hands.  Setting aside 3 days at a time to devote to learning hand analysis in the company of a small group of like-minded colleagues was a wonderful and memorable way to learn.  Thanks Kay for offering this great course.- Cathie Rodgers, AAHA CHA


Ellyn Daly

I have been studying Hand Analysis for over a year now with different teachers, and when I discovered Kay Packard, I knew I had found my ideal teacher. The Level I-II Tele-course I completed with Kay was hugely valuable in every way. Kay is a brilliant Hand Analyst, and puts insights together in a unique, soulful, and understandable way. Students learn not only the comprehensive basics of Hand Analysis, but how to actually use what they have learned to read hands as a business. Each class is jam-packed with useful content, and her huge binder of supporting materials is something I know I will reference for years to come. And I must mention that Kay has the qualities of clarity, caring, and empathy for her students in abundance. I could say more, but let’s leave it at: I love Kay Packard, I love studying with her, and her courses are worth twice what you invest in them! –  Ellyn Daly, AAHA CHA  www.YourHandAnalyst.com


Linda Salazar

Linda Salazar

There are few mentors that I have experienced in my lifetime that have touched me as deeply as Kay Packard. She is truly in a class of her own. Not just because of her knowledge about the hands and how she delivers the information but her ability to make you feel so loved, cared for and that you’re doing an amazing job during the learning process, is second to none.

When I completed her Intensive Level 1 and 2 I felt like I had a whole new lease on my ability to read hands. One of Kay’s greatest gifts is how she languages the details around the hands which makes is so much easier to remember and apply practically. The small and intimate environment that she creates with her classes makes learning this unique and oftentimes challenging subject matter tremendously enjoyable and filled with enormous support.

If you’re ready to jump into the world of hands than there is no one I would recommend more than Kay Packard!  Linda Salazar, AAHA CHA YourPeaceisinYourHands.com


Marti Brasovan

Hand analysis training with Kay has been a life changing experience for me. It has empowered me through clarity of my own life purpose and a deeper understanding of my own life lessons.  Every reading I do of someone else’s hands teaches me something about myself –  I find that truly amazing and such a special gift.  

Kay is a master at creating the perfect learning environment.  Her classes are small and personal attention is abundant.  That’s a good thing because her classes are so content rich and well organized she is able to deliver a massive volume of information that I have actually been able to absorb.  And most importantly, she makes it FUN. She’s a warm, generous, caring spirit and she has enriched my life.  Thank you Kay.  – Marti Brasovan, CHA


Chrisstine Gulrajani

If you are thinking about signing up for a weekend intensive with The American Academy of Hand Analysis, just STOP thinking and do it!  It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  Since completing my intensive, I have more confidence, more clients, and  more clarity in my own life purpose than ever before.

Kay is an insightful, organized, and gifted teacher.  She will hand you a comprehensive body of knowledge in one weekend that would take years to acquire, and she gives you opportunities to immediately put to use what you’ve learned so you retain it.  This is not a passive learning experience, you will jump in with both feet and even if you have never read hands before, you will walk away with everything you need to get started and if you are experienced, you will deepen your understanding.

Not only will you learn how to decode fingerprints and markings in the hand, you will watch your own life purpose unfold before you very eyes.  What more could you ask for?  – Chrisstine Gulrajani

Lori Danyluk

Kay, You are a gift.  You’re a wonderful mixture of kindness, intelligence expertise, structure and enthusiasm.  I thoroughly enjoyed these few days in class, learned so much about myself and what is possible in my life.  I’m excited about taking this out to the world so that others can experience some of what I have…and so that I can stand in my own challenges in order to enjoy the outcomes of seeing my own Life Purpose come to fruition.  With love and gratitude, – Lori Danyluk, Wellness Consultant and CHA




During the Hand Analysis Intensive, I loved your stories and how you were able to make the stories relate to things I was feeling or questioning. The stories really helped me see the different heart line types better. I appreciate the individual attention to everyone in class. Thank you!  –Kastalena



Thank You So Much Kay !! This information I learned in the Hand Analysis Intensive will help so much. From the bottom of my heart I feel honored to be a student of yours.  You have such a healing loving environment in your classroom that it was a transformational weekend educationally as well as spiritually for me.  I am looking forward to helping others peek into a space of self-awareness and guide them inward for healing with the skills I have learned from you.  I will incorporate this new, fun, exciting healing modality with all those I am blessed to work with.   –Astara

What I liked most in the Hand Analysis Intensive is that you were thorough, competent, entertaining and kept good control of the class. – LeAnn Walters

Janis Opperman

Kay, I wanted to let you know how much I learned in your class.  It exceeded what  I expected  and you are a fabulous teacher!!   I look forward to seeing you again.  Again, your efforts are much appreciated.  – Janis Opperman, Life Coach


Debe’ Wenig

I traveled from Columbus Ohio to California to participate in Kay’s Hand Analysis Intensive.  Although I have been reading palms for some time now, the information I learned about fingertip patterns and their connection to life purpose and lessons was brand new to me. The information on the major lines and hand shapes was presented in a way that I could immediately connect with.

Kay also showed me how to be impartial and non-judgmental in my readings.  I hadn’t realized that my own belief system was affecting my hand interpretation, an invaluable insight that I am grateful for. An unexpected benefit of the course was how much I learned about myself and what I’m here to do.   I left her course feeling empowered, energized, and buzzing with excitement to put my new knowledge to work.  I can’t thank Kay enough for her patient, wise, and warm teaching style.  What a fabulous mentor.  I hope our paths cross again in the future.  Debé,  Hand Analyst and Jazz Singer

Kerry Kinsella

Hi Kay! What a great Hand Analysis Intensive weekend!  You are an incredible, detailed, inspirational teacher. Wow, I feel very excited to see this through!  I left with a fabulous foundation.  You, your home and surroundings are so welcoming!  You present strong and clear. I feel very lucking to have spent this time in your class.  Thank you for a wonderful learning experience, our lovely meals in town and in your home.  – Kerry

Julie Doctor

Julie Doctor

Talented, focused, caring, spiritually enlightened, and motivated are all words I would use to define Kay Packard’s approach to hand reading.  Since I began to attend many of her workshops several years ago, she has become a master at interpreting this discipline.  I personally view her use of hand reading as a complex vehicle she employs to do her innately artful and intuitive work in helping people to heighten their own self-realization.  Her demeanor is stellar and to put it mildly, everybody likes Kay.  She is a very comforting individual and immediately puts her “students” of life path learning at ease. –  Julie Doctor, Musician


I am glad we crossed paths and I feel like your mentorship has held the space for some huge shifts in my insight.  I really appreciate all the practical nuts and bolts experience you share with me as well as your deep understanding of the database.  I am really starting to understand what you mean about getting out and reading.  I feel like I’ve learned more in the past month and quickly, than the knowledge I accumulated studying this myself for 2 years.  I am getting some nice feedback from clients and while I know that you really can’t base your own worth on your accolades or your criticism, it feels nice to get some confirmation at this early stage of the game. – Christine