Kay Packard, Director AAHA, WelcomeYou’ve found the ideal environment to learn how to read hands for profound personal awareness or to become a professionally trained and certified Hand Analyst.

Come learn practical and proven techniques to transform your life and your world.  

Do you want to:

– Help people answer the big “Whys” in their lives

– Make a more meaningful contribution to the world

– Practice this sacred art and science of hand analysis professionally

– Earn additional income in your existing coaching or healing business

– Better understand your relationships and how to make them more successful

– Clarify and better accept the soul curriculum of your children 

– Give yourself permission to be YOU and learn know how to live your life more fully

– Just be curious and learn more

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above read on….

Fingerprints are forever etched in the fingertips five months before birth; that’s only 16 weeks after conception. They form an imprint that distinguishes each person as a complete and unique individual. Think of each fingerprint being a “blue print”, showing all the details of a design or plan.  Experts can describe each individual’s plan based on the unique blue print imprinted on their hands. You can learn to do this, too!

Just imagine, your soul-print for your life is locked into the skin carvings on your hands and most importantly your fingerprint patterns.  

Come learn how to decipher the blue print of the human personality and the soul curriculum and translate the information to its proper owner.  The palm contains the tools in the form of talents, gifts, strengths and challenges that must be used to expose the full design for an integrated being.  The information in the totality of the hand provides the key to fulfilling each persons ultimate Life Calling.

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The one who is aware of his Divinity while in the body is in a state of bliss beyond description, transcending bondage and liberation.  This is here, now. – Sri Ramana Maharshi

Once you are ready to truly devote your days and times to what your soul came here to do, you will find your life unimaginably enriched. – Neale Donald Walsh

What you are looking for is what is looking. – St Francis of Assisi