Here’s our extensive world-class curriculum and lesson plans to become a professionally trained Scientific Hand Analyst recognized world-wide


Level I and II – Hand Analysis Life Purpose Intensive

The Hand at a Glance                                             
Lesson 1: The Hand – The Mounts, Three Worlds of Palmistry
Lesson 2: Beginning Hand Shapes
Lesson 3: The Skin and Feel – Texture, Consistency, Flexibility, Color
Lesson 4: Fingers – Phalanges, Finger Tips, Knots, Length
Lesson 5: Blending it all together – Exercises

The Thumb
Lesson 6:  Characteristics
Lesson 7:  Thumb Zones
Lesson 8:  Angle of Opposition
Lesson 9:  The Set
Lesson 10:  Blending it all together

The Fingers and Mounts
Lesson 11:  Fingers – Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury
Lesson 12:  Mounts – Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury
Lesson 13:  Mounts – Mars, Moon, Venus and Pluto
Lesson 14:  Finger Sets
Lesson 15:  Blending it all together

The Lines        
Lesson 16: The Heart Line – Relationship Styles
Lesson 17: The Head Line – Mental Systems
Lesson 18: The Life Line – The Family and Root System
Lesson 19: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury Lines
Lesson 20: Girdle of Venus and Line of Intuition
Lesson 21: Blending it all together
Foundations Certificate Level 1 The Palm 

Lesson 22: Decoding Your Life Path
Lesson 23: Decoding Your Life Calling
Lesson 24: Decoding Your Life Challenges
Lesson 25: Integrating the fingerprint codes
Lesson 26: Integrating the palm with the fingerprints
Foundations Certificate Level 2 Fingerprints 

How to Give a Reading Templates included

Level 1 & 2 Certificate assigns 25 hand readings

Level III – 10-Month Certification with Business Breakthrough Techniques


The Finger Zones – recognizing niche and personal preferences 
Lesson 1: Finger Spacing
Lesson 2: Zones Overview
Lesson 3: The Zones of Jupiter
Lesson 4: The Zones of Saturn
Lesson 5: The Zones of Apollo
Lesson 6: The Zones of Mercury
Lesson 7: Blending it all together – Exercises

Gift, Wisdom, Intuition markings and more 
Lesson 1: Overview; Gift Markers, Wisdom Markers and Other Markers
Lesson 2: Gifted Healer, The Seer, Profound Understanding, Spontaneous Awareness
Lesson 3: Communications Excellence, Synthesizer, Guide for Lost Souls
Lesson 4: Stars of Jupiter, Saturn and Apollo
Lesson 5: Lines of Genius, Star of Ingenuity, Spiritual Coach
Lesson 6: Pure Heart, Master of Pleasure, Star of Courage
Lesson 7: Wisdom Markers
Lesson 8: More Markings
Lesson 9: Blending it all together – Exercises

Major Lines – rivers of consciousness
Lesson 1: Heart Lines – The Emotional System
Lesson 2: Head Lines – The Mental System
Lesson 3: Life Lines – The Vitality and Family System
Lesson 4: Blending with other features in the hands

Life Purpose and Life Lesson Expanded
Lesson 1: Review the LP/LL/Life School calculation
Lesson 2: Life Purpose and Life Lesson Expanded Definitions
Lesson 3: Life Purpose Inverse and Life Lesson Positive Positions
Lesson 4:  Common Combos based on Richard Unger’s LifePrints (and more)
Lesson 5:  More Fingerprints – Identification and Categorization
Lesson 6:  Framing a Personalized and Unique Mantra for your Client
Lesson 7:  Blending

Hand Shapes – personality traits and motivation for expression in the world
Lesson 1:  Identification and Connecting to your Clients
Lesson 2: Hand Shape Combinations
Lesson 3: History of Hand Shape Identification
Lesson 4: Reading your Clients Hand Shapes (Hand Prints)
Lesson 5:  Blending it all together with prior Database Content

Vertical Lines –  life force urges

Courage Lines/Via Lascivia –  identify and harness dilemmas and living on the fringes

Physical Markings – warts, bruises, blisters, cuts, color

Finding the Key in the Hand – Blend, weave and thread      
Lesson 1: Assessing the hand
Lesson 2: Identifying the paradox
Lesson 3: Clarify the key
Lesson 4: The Ultimate integration

The Art and Technology of Giving a Reading

Business and Marketing Breakthrough Techniques 

Life Purpose Support and Integration

100 Hand Readings

Level III Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level I and Level II course content and 25 hand readings.

Above modules can be taken individually – privately or with a group. Contact Kay to schedule a conversation about private training.

Level IV – Advanced Curriculum for Soul Centered Scientific Hand Analysts 


Vocational Indicators Part 1 & 2

It’s All About Love, Baby

All in the Family, Groups and Teams

Gift Marking; what do they want you to know and do?

The Healers Path

How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It 

Relationship Compatibility 

Advancing on Your Life Path with Soul Psychology

Challenge Markings in the Hands and How to Frame an Inspiring Message Part 1, 2 & 3

Advanced Hand Shapes and Archetypes

Build Your Soul Centered Profit Pyramid

Tapping Into the Soul and Success of Your Business

Understanding Weak and Damaged Life Lines and What Owners Can Do About It

Blending and Threading

Business, Money and Soul 10-week group coaching program

Level IV prerequisites: Certified Hand Analyst status

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