As a Hand Reader, you might be in The Gap. In fact, I know you are because I am too.

I’ve been studying Spanish since January 2022 and there are many parallels between learning how to read hands and learning Spanish. As I learn Spanish, I’m in The Gap there, too.

So, what is The Gap? And what can you do about it so that it doesn’t rob you of your passion for reading hands?

Here a few key points about the gap that I have summarized from Andrew Barr, one of the Spanish teachers I follow.

According to this full article on Barr’s website, for us as hand readers, the gap is the space between where we are and the point that keeps moving away from us as we step toward it. The gap is the difference between where you are and where you would like to be.

This can feel quite disheartening unless we realize that the gap is always there and we can learn to embrace and see it differently.

Barr says, “If you know about the gap then you have a chance to beat it. Not close it but overcome it and succeed despite it.”

Read the article and or listen to his podcast to learn how the gap could be motivating or demotivating you.

I floundered in the negative side of the gap for a few of the 20 years I’ve been reading hands. I didn’t know how to articulate what I was feeling or why I was feeling it.

The goal of learning to read hands is not like the goal of seeing your ideal weight show up on the scale. Managing your weight shows a tangible result. But in hand reading you must ask yourself, “What makes this most fulfilling?”

Q: What should you do about the gap you’re in, and always will be?
A: Look how far you’ve come on this learning journey. Imagine where you were a year ago and all the steps you have taken since then to get where you are now.

I hope you check out the details of his article because it’s very important to know about the gap and decide how you can look at it and beat it!