Today it was reported in the Huffington Post that the Periodic Table has four brand new elements. One of the discovering team leaders reported that the recognition of one of the elements took “nearly a decade of painstaking work.” To scientists these discoveries are “of greater value than winning an Olympic gold medal.” Discovering the new elements happened when smashing lighter nuclei together and witnessing the result (“analyzing the radioactive decay which existed for a tiny fraction of a second afterwards”).

Kosuke Morita, the leader of the Riken team, smiles as he points to a board displaying the new atomic element 113.  Photo credit KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Being a bit of a scientific geek myself, I’m wildly fascinated with this discovery – where it will lead, the resulting inventions, and the textbooks that are now out of date. I’m also deeply curious as to what drives these team members to dedicate their time, exhaustless-energy and passion to identifying an unrecognizable (to the human eye) element? Perhaps individual’s motivations are for prestige, being part of something immensely historical, working with really smart people, or simply it’s just a job.

My main interest lies in the discovery of the underlying drive toward ideal vocation. Spending days in the ideal vocation implies entertaining a certain consciousness. I liken consciousness to a life-movie playing day-in and day-out. It’s your movie of life – call it what you will. Have you given your life-movie a title? If you did, what would it be?

My aim is to assist people in discovering and living on their natural path where effort is unnecessary. There is a deep sense of well-being and tranquil silence when you find your right work. Your right work is true service – selfless service. True service doesn’t depend on conditional results such as a specific outcome that includes a thank you or a paycheck. True service doesn’t depend on having adequate equipment to get the job done or having a certain level of intelligence. True service happens when the human will and one’s true love combine as in “smashing together lighter nuclei?”

Think of a time when you were in your element, as you were doing a task, a job or a project. This was a space you came into where there was no time and no thought. You were in the flow. Now inquire, who were you in that space and [no] time?

For me when I experience that flow of the natural path I feel a sense of perfect peace. Does this mean I’m not doing anything? Yes and no. I am still moving and taking action, yes. And I also inquire into “who” is doing the doing?

In a conversation with my friend, Anne she reminded me that when we define aspects of the “flow” then it loses part of it’s essence. There is an indescribable force, energy, awareness that is dimensionless, that is tuned into when the human will and the silence of the heart merge together. My not doing occurs as the integration of will + heart happens.

The team of scientists who discovered the four new elements may have come together in perfect peace as they merged their human will with their true love. Perhaps this is where science and spirituality unite.

The Path by Packard Photography

Photo credit: Ruijie Packard

While on your path at Life-University consider yourself as a scientist, undertaking intentional experiments to explore and discover unchartered territories. Simply being curious could ease the painstaking in your earthly-adventure.


See article in Huffington Post