The Money Line in Your Hands

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When people ask me, “Do you see money in my hands?” I look for various indicators; one being the Fate Line. The Fate Line is also called the Saturn Line. This vertical line rising to the middle finger shows the urge to accomplish tasks through effort. Don’t you agree, to make money effort is exerted in some way, toward some aim?

In Figure 1 (below) a long, straight vertical line starts at the base of the palm and rises all the way to the top of the palm, ending under the middle finger. There are a few little breaks along the way, but overall, this indicates an organized person, with systems in place to complete tasks with perfect outcomes. The outcomes may not actually turn out perfectly, but intentions are set.

Fate Line

Fig. 1: Saturn Line

On the positive side, this person fulfills commitments and is driven by a thirst for knowledge. On the negative side, this person may take on too much responsibility and feel overly responsible for the well-being of others. When I see a vertical line in the hand like Figure 1 I say, “When you know what you want and you set your mind to something, there is no stopping you!”