Do you love to learn? Has learning something new been an ongoing theme in your life?

If the Saturn Line starts high on the Life Line in your hand (blue vertical line below) you most likely love learning something new. You enjoy taking classes, getting certificates and degrees into your forties, fifties and beyond. Your motto is, “There’s always something to learn and I love it.” I call the owner of this line in the hand the Eternal Student.

Think of this configuration as giving life to study because…

The Life Line represents life and vitality, the upper section of the Life Line relates to early life when we apply ourselves in school and the vertical line of effort aims toward the middle/Saturn finger. Saturn represents higher knowledge, studies and growth, as well as organization, structure and rules. Saturn learns and grows over time, with patience.

Clients I’ve seen with the Eternal Student include: a man getting his second Ph.D., a woman learning how to sew after wielding her creative practice at knitting, crochet and macramé, a client who knows five languages.

Key Words: Scholarly, constant study, determined to grow

Strength: I feel enriched when learning something new, and I have impressive credentials.

Pitfall: Limited income while taking course after course.

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