The first three students who sent in photo’s of their hands,  for the upcoming 4-Week Hand Reading Self-Study Program, have Big Heart — Nurturer Heart Lines so I thought this would be a great topic to discuss today.

How to spot the Big Heart

The Big Heart (below left), coupled to the element water, curves up toward the index finger. It touches the top of the palm and ends in the upper left quadrant of the imaginary cross, under the index finger or closer to the index finger than the middle finger (below right).

If you are a Big Heart, you feel emotions keenly and are warmhearted, caring and nurturing of others. You like connecting with other people and especially animals. Your favorite song might be “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles.

Your natural design is like a water droplet that joins the pool at the base of a waterfall. Seeing others bond during a special gathering warms your heart. 

In previous classes, I’ve found owners of the Big Heart — Nurturer Heart lines to:

– Hold space for others to feel welcome

– Greet and acknowledge classmates

– Be the last to sign-off from class

The common theme: authentic and meaningful connection

Your biggest challenge is to nurture yourself along with others and not fall victim to emotional sell-out. If, in your view, someone disconnects from you abruptly, you might take it personally and become overly critical of yourself, blaming yourself (or the other) for the separation.

I remind the Big Heart-Nurturer to look at the truth of the separation or change in the relationship to help her accept herself and all her feelings in all stages of the relationship. This would be a good time to make a list of all the things she loves and appreciates about herself.

Breakthrough question for the Big Heart:

What is my favorite and most rewarding way to help and connect with others?


You can easily learn how to read the Heart Lines in your hands! One illuminating avenue to deepen your understanding of these lines within your hands is through my upcoming 4-Week Hand Reading Self-Study Program.

This program isn’t just information – it’s an actionable path towards personal evolution. I’d love to see you there. Class starts Oct. 1, 2023!