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Tapping into Emotional Clarity

By May 11, 2011November 28th, 2019No Comments

by Kay Packard

If you have eight loops (see article on loops) on your finger tips, maybe seven, you are The Lover.  The Lover is enrolled in a Life University program to experience a full range of feelings, fully and completely, in the moment with the appropriate intensity regardless of the perceived response of another.

These loop patterns on your fingerprints equate to a Life of Love with emotional upheaval and penetrating clarity.

Emotional clarity results when one’s own feelings are registered, experienced and released.  Clarity can only be recognized after going through the opposite of clarity.  The opposite of clarity is ambiguity, uncertainty and doubt. This can trigger rant and rave.  It’s usually easier for the Lover to stuff the feelings deeply; to tuck them away as you would with something you don’t want to look at, but can’t let go of.

I was just explaining this process to Snowflake Logan who is 9 years old.  Logan has enough loops to qualify for the life-program of Love.  I asked Logan if he had something he didn’t want to look at, that he has tucked away.  With widened eyes of fright he answered: Gollum! 

Gollum from Lord of the Rings

Gollum is a creepy character from the movie “Lord of the Rings”. Gollum is scary and hardly trustworthy but there is a legitimate reason to pay attention to him (in the movie).  To my 9 year old listener I explained the value in looking at and processing the uncomfortable feelings.  He said. “I am not going to move beyond Gollum.  I’ll never look at him again!”  Yet, Logan won’t throw Gollum away.

The Lover on the master path is one who stays present with his/her feelings and allows them to flow – no matter how terrifying it may seem.  There is a “Logan” in all of us who will develop.  Tools and practice helps.

“Tapping” is a tool that can help release the scary feelings – fear, anger, excessive grief, panic, dread, pain and more.  The first part of the process is to address the ‘hard stuff’, to feel it, to find it in your body, then to release and replace with the favorable. You can replace feelings and thoughts that no longer serve you.  Please note I am not a licensed therapist.  I am offering this to you as a certified EFT Practitioner and Master Hand Analyst.  Check in with your Inner Guidance system to see if this is a suitable approach for you.  I have found it to be very effective in a vast number of scenarios.

To try it:

With your right index and middle finger held together, tap on the outer edge of your left hand.  This is called the Karate Chop point.  Tap there and say to yourself:

Even though I might be nervous, or feel sick, about revealing my feelings, I completely love and accept myself and give myself permission to feel.

Even though I’ve stuffed a lot of my feelings over the years and I didn’t have the tools, training or support to express, I now know it is safe, healthy and liberating to feel. I am free to discover, explore and feel a full range of feelings.

Even though I may have hidden from my feelings by blaming others  or expressing through rage, I now accept full responsibility for my emotions and I DEEPLY and COMPLETELY accept every feeling that runs through me.

I am open to the wonder and beauty of each and every feeling.  I am open to emotional clarity like never before. I choose to be open to full emotional expression, now.  I am a genuine Lover.

Take a deep breath and be still a moment.  Relish in awareness of your deeper and more profound self.

To learn more or to schedule a discovery session use the contact for to connect with Kay.

 ~ End ~

Special “Thanks” to Debe’ Wenig for reviewing fine tuning these phrases.  She is on the path of emotional mastery in the school of Love.

About the Author:  Kay Packard is the Founder and Director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis (AAHA).  She has been a professional Hand Analyst since 2003 and teaching others to read hands since 2007.  She has been leading workshops to inspire individuals to become personally aware and take charge of their perceptions since 2005.  Hand Analysis Consultations and Personal Coaching with or without Emotional Freedom Techniques can be arranged.  Visit and  Email