Money Markers Lesson #4

Money Markers Lesson 4

Your next lesson on money markers in your hands is here! Use the map in your own hands, like a blueprint, to build your wealth and wisdom. In this lesson learn how your intuition can help you generate revenue.

Lesson 4

Intuitively driven, spiritually motivated

The Fate Line starts on the Moon Mount

Open up to your intuition

Do either of your hands have a Fate Line stretching from the Moon up toward your middle finger? If so, this is a strong indicator that you always seem to be in the right place at the right time, as long as you’re tuned into your intuition. Pay close attention to your hunches. Start a journal to track your inklings related to anything and especially money. The Moon relates to imagination, intuition, spirituality and subconscious thoughts. Give space to this area in your life. Join with Spirit, as an altar of truth, to allow new ideas and next steps to present themselves. Letting go of extreme logic may assist you in making more money.

Strength: My intuition is sharp and accurate

Pitfall: Relying too much on facts and reason

Money Mindset: I am in the right place at the right time to give and receive prosperity

Question: How might your bank account increase if you align with your intuitive self 10% more often?

This question is worth asking yourself even if this configuration doesn’t appear in your hands because everyone has intuitive ability.


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by Kay Packard

I recently spent a few days on a stretch of cliffs overlooking the magnificent California coast line. The beaches were stunning and the jagged vertical rock walls put me in awe of the vast ocean.  During the night, with the hotel slider wide open to the sea, I heard the ceaseless waves crashing into the cliff walls. It was an absolute rush!

Well marked ‘caution’ signs were located on the railings near the edges of the cliffs.  However, those signs are in English.  People have to know English to read the signs and that’s IF they pay attention.  Of course it’s obvious not to get too close to the edge… or is it?  Dare devils and risk takers are compelled to see how far they can walk the ledge.  There are also the curious and simple minded who may misplace a foot hold and take a fatal spill.  Cars park within inches of the fence and the edge of a potential fall. Survival would be questionable after tumbling off the rim of one of these cliffs.

In life, how often are you confronted with the ‘jagged edge’?  Do you recognize when you’re approaching an unsteady frontier?  Most people operate on auto-pilot 85% of the time.  What would a ‘jagged edge’ look like to you, in your own life?

Are you the type to get closer and closer to the edge, steer clear entirely, or somewhere in between?  Can you interpret the ‘caution’ signs?  Do you know the language in print?  Are you surrounded by people who rally to boost you to your higher ground?

Life is full of opportunities to experience Divine beauty in all things.  With the splendor comes risk.  Risk is mitigated by knowing how to read the signs.  Tapping into your intuition is quite helpful in times of danger.  The brain will respond to your intuition IF the brain can ‘read the sign’. 

Your hands reveal markings that can help you, or anyone, to understand their life path, the best directions to take, how to correct after going off course and how to make sense of the most challenging obstacles.  Talents, potentials, inclinations, and motivations besides the life purpose and life lessons can be pinpointed in the hands and fingerprints to help a person live in their most empowered self.

If you want to learn to read hands, you can become skilled at identifying and articulating the trail markers around the cliffs of life. The abyss can be bypassed with greater ease.  If by chance someone has fallen off the edge with no apparent way up you can offer hope and guidance.  It’s all clearly mapped out in the hands and fingerprints.

The AAHA is offering a bonanza of training classes for the beginner and intermediate student.  See the curriculum tab for details on this training program offered at the AAHA.

Self-Surveillance for Success at Life-You

By Kay Packard

Have you heard of Pareto’s Law? You may have heard of the 80/20 Principle. The Law, as an example, demonstrates that 20% of workers accomplish 80% of productivity in any business setting. Vilfredo Pareto was an economist and philosopher (and more) who determined that 80% of the wealth was generated by 20% of the population. He revealed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the inhabitants.

I leaned about the Pareto Rule over 20 years ago during my corporate life as a statistician. My analytical mind was put to use identifying and tracking metrics in the Hughes satellite factory in El Segundo, California. The goal – improvement – only happens through measuring and responding to those measurements. Root Cause Analysis and observation leads to success – guaranteed.

In the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferris, he suggests identifying the 20% of your sources that produce 80% of your desired results and happiness. Evaluating this theory at a personal level is quite insightful.

What are your ‘desired results” and what does “happiness” mean to you? You may want to get a pen and paper and jot down what comes to mind. Taking 5 minutes to read this and respond to your Inner Voice may drastically and irrevocably advance you toward your ideal life.

“Simplicity requires ruthlessness” Ferris says. To figure out what is most ‘important’ to do he suggests that you pretend you had a heart attack and can only work two hours a day. What would you complete if you could ‘do’ for only two hours a day? To obtain that which brings you the most happiness and joy, what would you do? How would you be? Who would you be in those two hours? Getting to this realization takes courage, awareness and bottom line thinking.

During the development of my latest hand analysis course, I’ve been contemplating the head line (in the hand) called “The Ruthless Mind”, named by Richard Unger. I call it the ‘Bottom Line Mind.” See Figure 1 with the head line traversing the palm with a flip up at the end. Look to see if you have one on your hand.

This head line indicates a super processor with the ability to get to the bottom line at lightning speed. This person is aware of what is really going on behind the scenes.  She can condense the two-hour movie script into two sentences.  She created the CliffNotes for “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy….and then simplified it even more.

If you have a head line, with a flip up at the end, toward the fingers, you’re probably not even reading this article any longer because you know where I’m ‘headed’.   However, the other head line types might be curious.

Even if you don’t have this ‘Bottom Line Mind’ head line, you can still take a shortcut.  Engage your internal computer to carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations that serve you

Sizzle up your surveillance system.  It’s obviously working for you in its own perfect way. And you can change the integrated circuitry to execute instructions for your happiness!

It’s OK to be ruthless in your Self inquiry.  Get brutally and radically honest about your-good-stuff.  Take a moment and quickly identify the 20% of your actions that bring you 80% of your delight.  Think about this; 80% of the joy, bliss, satisfaction, peace, success – or whatever your-good-stuff definition is, comes from ONLY 20% of your CONSCIOUS actions.  Don’t believe me. Experiment yourself.

Your computer program may rely on other people’s expectations, potential negative responses or on-going criticisms.  For now, put them all on pause, or hit the delete key. 

You are programmable.  You have a code.  You’re constantly calculating. This is Life-You.  Say “Yes” to “You”.  If needed, insert a new micro chip and get to the bottom line of your source of joy. Be still and go within.

If you feel the urge, report back to me. Your input will be gladly assimilated into my microprocessor.

Tented Arch – Deciphering Your Own Fingerprints

Deciphering Your Own Fingerprints – The Tented Arch
Part 3 of 5
By Kay Packard

The tented arch and the arch comprise about 5% of fingerprint patterns found on the human finger tips and thumbs.  The tented arch has a ‘tent pole’ thrusting up from the mound at the base in the middle of the print.  See the example below.

Tented Arch

Your fingerprints were permanently carved into your fingers and thumbs in utero 16 weeks after conception. Look at your own fingerprint patterns and see if you have any tented arches.  If you see tented arches, count how many reside on your finger tips. Not everyone has tented arches. Part one and two of this article series identified the whorl and the loop which account for about 95% of the fingerprint patterns.  The arch will be discussed in part four of this series.

According to Richard Unger’s LifePrints, if you have one tented arch you may be in the school of “Wisdom”.  If you own two or more tented arches you are definitely in the school of “Wisdom” where you are developing your skills to take risks and fully experience life with joy.  As a Master of Wisdom you are able to quickly discern and initiate appropriate action.

Vernon Mahabal, Director of the Palmistry Institute, declares two or more tented arches dwell on the finger tips of the Enthusiasts.  Enthusiasts are those who tap into their self-initiation skills, stay motivated and inspire others as leaders.

I combine the two descriptions into “The Wise Enthusiast” as one who moves from observation and evaluation to action, follow-through and commitment.  If you have two or more tented arches you are developing the skills of discernment, decision making and the risk of powerful participation in the world.  You’ll learn through being over dogmatic, over analyzing and feeling the need to be absolutely correct before proceeding.

Life experience requires those on the student path of Wisdom to experience the bumps of procrastination, doubt and making excuses along the way.  The student may also swerve between doubt and dogma to get to powerful participation, knowledge and understanding, and then repeat the cycle over and over.  Toggling between uncertainty and ridged beliefs is a pure indicator of successful trail blazing for Wisdom.  How could one become wise without taking action and learning from mistakes?

Acquiring the skills of ‘diving in’, ‘taking the plunge, and ‘just doing it’ puts one on the Master Path of Wisdom.  The sacred work is to bounce through hesitation and vice-grip-beliefs to recalculate the navigation system for Wisdom with Enthusiasm.  The tented arches belong to the courageous Knights, Heroines, Crusaders and Leaders who have suited up in armor and dared to battle.

The key to happiness on the life path of Wisdom with Enthusiasm is to enjoy one’s self during the knowledge gathering and utilization process.  While we’re actually all on the life path of Wisdom, those with two or more tented arches have chosen, from before birth, the opportunity to delve more deeply into the lessons on the student path.

Yes, it’s a bumpy road on the campus of Life. Monster trucks are designed, built and thrash over those gnarly bumps.  You can too.  Just do it and live on the Master Path!

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