The Jupiter Star

Gift Marking

In this short lesson you will learn about a powerful gift marking called the Jupiter Star. The owner of this marking has the gift of influence and leadership.

The Jupiter archetype can be owned by both women and men; adults, teens and children. The owner of a Jupiter Star is gifted with exceptional vision, the ability to wield power and requires a fitting throne to feel most fulfilled. And above all, he or she has the ambition of a super achieving Valedictorian (named by Richard Unger).


In Roman mythology Jupiter was known as the god of the sky and king of gods. His identifying implement was the thunderbolt, his sacred animal was the eagle and his sacred tree was the oak.

According to Wikipedia, “As the sky-god, he was a divine witness to oaths, the sacred trust on which justice and good government depend.”


To understand this lesson, you want to sense into the symbolism associated with the king of gods.

Eagles fly at high altitudes and they never surrender to the size or strength of their prey.

The lightning bolt is a weapon to strike the disrespectful who are without reverence for the vision of the sky-god.

Jupiter Star Examples

Jupitarian fictional example: The film “The Man in the Iron Mask” stars Leonardo DiCaprio in dual roles – one as the hidden twin brother as the man in the iron mask (Phillipe) and the other as a villain-King (Louis). The film centers around four aging musketeers during the reign of King Louis XIV. Witty scenes cleverly switch the two twins (with opposing visions) at various times. Near the end, the musketeers “stand for one and all for one” to take down the villain-King so that the man in the mask (twin brother Phillip) would stand in as the ‘good’ King. Ultimately the musketeers are named as the good-King’s (Phillip’s) royal counsel as he becomes one of France’s greatest kings.

Jupitarian real life example: Melinda Gates was recently interviewed on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah because of her magnanimous fundraising efforts to help women receive education on contraception. She raised something like 2.6 billion dollars for contraception awareness. Stated on her web site is, “Access to family planning information and contraceptives can change lives. Every woman and girl deserves the chance to determine her own future.” The goal of the organization is to bring access to high-quality contraceptive information, services, and supplies to an additional 120 million women and girls in the poorest countries by 2020.

On the interview Gates explained how men in power continue to influence what happens to women’s bodies. While men are the primary source controlling funds this extraordinary philanthropist (Melinda Gates) must find a way to get men to think from the position of women. To do this she asks the men, “What future do you see for your children, and specifically your daughters?” Melinda implied this question as a successful route to help men identify with girls and women in ways they never would otherwise. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest private charitable organization.

I would guess Malinda’s Gate’s life purpose includes Leadership, Influence and Power. She may very well have a Star of Jupiter, as well.


Six (or more) pointed star, like an asterisk,  located on the Jupiter mount under the index finger.

Arrows pointing to Jupiter Stars


This hand has two Jupiter Stars

What I’d say during a mini hand reading:

You are an ambitious woman gifted with the ability inspire and influence. You have the forte to galvanize change in the world. You may sense an invisible and constant ‘push’ on your back to keep moving forward toward a goal. Ideally the outcomes benefit the entire realm. At your best you are benevolent, allow the chain of command to operate and handle confrontation with grace and ease.

The negative possibility with the star on the Jupiter mount is taking the back seat to another leader, manager or King/Queen and act as the lady behind the throne. However, while in position behind the throne, the followers will still most likely see you as the one to follow.

The Jupiter Star indicates the twinkling effects of gaining experience by claiming your authority, pointing the way for others with your vision, reigning over your own King/Queendom.

Jupiter Star key words

High achieving, vision, strategic thinking, inspiration, overwhelm, helplessness, frustration

Advice for the Gifted Leader

1. Claim and oversee your proper throne

2. Make royal choices

3. Delegate strategically

4. Be real about your to-do list


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Your Life Purpose is in Your Fingerprints

Let’s get up close and personal with fingerprints. In this article you’ll glimpse into what they can tell you about living your very best life and how you can benefit by knowing more about them.

What Fingerprints Can Tell You

Many people spend their entire lives trying to figure out what their purpose is. The life purpose lies deep within each person waiting to be discovered, exposed, lived and mastered.  The Soul’s expression pours through one’s life purpose.  This ‘expression’ can be awakened by deciphering the fingerprint patterns and translating the message to the owner of those fingerprints.

Richard Unger and Vernon Mahabal have influenced what we teach and use in our practice as a non-predictive scientific hand analysts. Following are key words related to various life purpose options decoded from a person’s fingerprints:


Behind every human being there is a force to live. Everyone has a desire for self-fulfillment. Describing to someone their life purpose puts them squarely on the path to become everything he or she is capable of becoming. When one is living as they were truly meant to live, fully and completely, liberation abounds. 

Undeniably, FREEDOM is the life experience when one owns their life purpose-power.

This is a growth process. The growth catalyst IS clearly encoded in the fingerprint patterns.

The Journey Into Hand Analysis

Hand analysis practitioners become trail guides for self-discovery, self-actualization, freedom and life-fulfillment. Can you imagine how rewarding that could be- to be either the giver or the receiver of such insight?

Each of us has an inner acorn, capable of becoming an exquisite royal oak. Do you want to help individuals inner-acorn’s sprout and reach full aliveness?

If so, check out AAHA Associate Faculty Teacher Linda Salazar’s upcoming Life Purpose Foundations Intensive starting in September. You’ll learn the essentials of reading fingerprints, lines, shapes, color and consistency of the hands to help people get a broad view into their true nature.

Linda says, “We all want to feel like we belong. We want to feel seen. We want to feel understood. And yet, for many, that’s not how it feels at all. The information in this hand analysis training enables us to dive below the surface where the lifeline of connection exists.”

Many students rave about their own new found personal-awareness as a result of completing hand analysis training classes.


“And the day came when the risk (it took) to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

– Anais Nin

Interview with Markus Thorndike

 I’m honored to bring to you my interview with Markus Thorndike, Master Hand Analyst and Life Purpose Consultant.

Markus Thorndike, Master Hand Analyst
Markus Thorndike, Master Hand Analyst

When and how did you start reading hands?

At the end of 1996, my mother paid for a reading for me as a Christmas gift. It was with one of the founders of modern-day hand analysis, Richard Unger. I thought she had been sold down the river, and argued with her to get a refund. After several conversations about this she relented and agreed. But just as she did ~ there at the last minute ~ something deep in me said to trust her. So I did. Five months later I participated in my first Hand Analysis Intensive. So when someone comes to me, skeptical about hand analysis, I can easily relate.

Are you specializing in any particular area of hand analysis? If so, what is it? 

Telling the stories of the Key in the Hand, offered in the most loving, challenging and playfully real way I can. I try to get to that key with every single reading I give, whether it is for three minutes or three hours, whether it is their first reading or their twentieth coaching session. We are a single great being with far, far more aspects and dichotomies than we can ever know. But we come from that centered place, and from there we stand on the head of our life’s spiritual pin and, from there, try to dance the story of our lives. The more time I have, the more elements and pieces I weave in to the telling of their story. But I’m really here to offer my heart and my partnership and my compassion as together we face the dichotomous, paradoxical nature of the key to their life. The rest ~ no matter how useful, how helpful, how interesting ~ is really just window dressing. But I get to the key in the hand but cannot express it from a heartfelt, loving place, again, I haven’t done my job. Truth without compassion is a weapon.

What is most meaningful to you about reading hands? 

The moment a client recognizes that they are deeply seen. It doesn’t happen every time. If a client refuses to be seen, well, we can’t go there. For me, hand reading isn’t really about reading hands. It is a phenomenal, powerful and useful way for us to meet each other, to see and Know our selves, with a capital K, in the other. And it must be a two way street: I will point out, directly, any resistance I experience in my client ~ in a loving, playful way of course. I encourage my client ~ if they aren’t there naturally ~ to lower their resistances and to instead try to hold me as a loving friend. Further, I seek to see myself, deeply, inside them: If I am not being vulnerable myself, telling one on myself, showing my own humanity, I feel I am not really doing my job, no matter how great my information. From there, we can both be seen and witnessed. Flash! There is the magic!

Has your life lesson ever shown up during a reading?  If so, how and what did you learn from that experience? 

These days I try to sit with my own life lesson in every reading, reminding myself of it, as if I do not it can get in the way. It most often arises when I have a resistant or difficult client, usually one who has received their reading as a gift, usually from their wife or girlfriend. I suddenly feel less than, awkward, guilty that I have accepted their payment and now suddenly have no idea what to say. I have thoughts in my head wondering how I can possibly help this person, questioning my skill, questioning the art of hand analysis itself. The client has become my parents: welcome to Mr. Not Enough in the Family! What works from there, in that stuck place, is my authenticity: speaking about and feeling into my experience in that moment, and then weaving it into the reading. Once the energy is recognized and honored, it all starts to flow again.

How do you apply your life purpose and your life lesson, in other words, how do you see them work together? 

Today I seek to exalt my life lesson and expand my life purpose with it, as one integrated whole. I have Mr. Not Enough in the Family + Intimacy combined with what I call Innovative World Service/Teacher (whorls on Left Apollo plus all five on Right). So I see that I am here to teach both myself and the world an innovative message, through innovatively successful, creative and enterprising leadership. That core message is crafted from my life lesson: that we are all one big family, one big human tribe (Left Thumb), that we are all meant to be loving brothers and sisters (intimacy) of one another, that we are all enough for that family, that we are all sufficient in that family (left Jupiter + Saturn). And that together, we can do anything. Specifically, that we can transform this world into one where no one need ever feel insufficient or less than, or feel that something inside them is broken, or that we are separate or disconnected from one another.

What are your fingerprint patterns? 

Whorl Whorl Whorl Whorl Whorl
Loop Loop Loop Whorl Super Entwined Loop

 Do you have a bad experience you can share to help others avoid a similar situation? 

I used to work the holistic show circuit in Northern California. Sometimes I would wake up the day after a show with a deep depression, anger, sadness or frustration. It felt like I had Picasso face ~ with my nose and ear and mouth out of place. Like I was not myself.  And I was not! It can affect me for several days. Sometimes our clients come to us with ~ usually highly unconscious ~ egoic agendas. By this I mean their ego has a predatory nature, akin to a vampire or scorpion. This does not make the client themselves “bad” ~ this is but their karma. However, their energy is NOT ours. There are ways to protect yourself in the first place, but if you ever feel this in you: Take a bath, then shower and wash yourself off with a mix of Epsom salts and honey. The bathwater and Epsom salts will clear your aura of the negativity, and the honey will ground it all away from you.

What advice would you give to new students of Hand Analysis?

Hand Analysis is a powerful tool offering a window or door into our soul. It is not a religion, and though it is a powerful synergist and catalyst for healing, it is not and should not be held as “The Answer” to life. It is a powerful tool and language designed to assist us into seeing ourselves more authentically, nothing more. Every tool can be a crutch. Indeed, initially you will likely need your hand analysis database as that crutch, as you learn to work with clients. But remember, your hand analysis knowledge ~ while powerful, useful and even potentially life altering ~ is not truly the gift you are for your clients. The gift you are for them is your authentic self: your loving, caring Presence. Remember, each client is here to teach you about yourself, too! Be humble but not timid, rise to the challenge, stay in the mystery from a place of loving trust. And dance playfully with your mistakes. And you can’t go wrong.

What intentions do you have for your Hand Analysis practice during the next six months? 

I’d like to say I’m going to do more readings for sure, that I will be scheduling an Intensive for new students. I love reading hands, and I love teaching! But the next six months are a bit of a mystery to me (remember, stay in the mystery!). This is because I am nearly ready to send my new book to the editor, and it is a book not about hands, but instead entitled “LEAP: The Global Campaign for Life, Love and the Achievement of Happiness.” A book about the future of our world, a book about us all coming together for a rEvolution of peace on this planet. I see myself focused more upon this “larger” mission specifically, in the next six months. Reading hands and teaching the reading of hands will then find an integrated place within that, in the months and years ahead.

What is the best way for colleagues to contact you?   (415) 259-4087 markus@MarkusThorndike.Us

Visit Markus at  http://www.MarkusThorndike.Us

Markus lives in Alameda, CA, just across the bay from San Francisco.

Kay Packard interviews Vernon Mahabal (2006)

Following is an interview I did with world famous Palmist and author, Vernon Mahabal just over seven years ago. We just re-reviewed his sage wisdom, and are delighted to share it with you.

Kay and Vernon
Kay and Vernon

After Vernon Mahabal read my hands in Los Angeles on Nov. 6, 2006, I asked to interview him for our (IIHA) newsletter. He gladly accepted. Vernon spoke at the IIHA Conference in 2006 in Tiburon. He is the founder and director of the Palmistry Institute. In 1979 he began formal training in Vedic (Eastern) cosmology, which took him to India many times. He combines Western astrological palmistry with Chinese elemental hand analysis. He also continues new research, particularly within the field of fingerprints. Vernon has read thousands of hands, given hundreds of lectures and trained hundreds of students to read hands. For more info visit

Vernon, please tell me again how you started reading hands in New York

In 1985 or 86 I saw a reader on street. His name was Patrick Geoffrois. He looked like a magician. I was on a spiritual path and I stayed with him for 5 years on St. Marks.

There is so much information in the hands – I came at it as a skeptic, but was so intrigued with the mystical arts. Patrick taught the entire western system of the Astrological palmistry system. I read peoples hands on the subway while sitting in one spot. People are easy to meet in NY. They tend to be more philosophical and open. 

I was inclined toward palmistry and Patrick was my catalyst. I didn’t pick it. Palmistry picked me. As a career, it fell into my lap. People encouraged me to make this my career

What is most meaningful to you about reading hands?

Being about to tell people what their life purpose is… their talents and abilities. Yes, this is what I am, aside from how society wants me to be.  Life purpose is clearly written onto a person’s hands. They know it instinctually, but are misaligned by society, leaders.. things that have taken a person away from their life path. They have an ah-ha factor.  Our society is based on economical development and sense gratification, which takes them away from who they really are.  In my work, I’ve had a number of people who are sophisticated in a number of ways, and when I give them a reading I like to focus on a specific areas. What’s in the hand is an intrinsic part of their subconscious. My job is to tell people the steps to get ‘there’ (to their life purpose). Put their train on the correct path. Difficulties are easier to deal with when living on purpose. Rarely, if ever, does someone not get it. The hand is an astrological road map that clearly delineates the between the last and this lifetime.

What advice can you give hand-analysts-in-training? 

Become your own researcher. Its necessary/imperative to take a teacher, to be at the feet of a legitimate palmist, and by way of serving them, hearing from them, being in their presence you’ll learn from them. Investigate your science thoroughly. Know why the teacher is doing it. It takes about 7 years to get a handle on what palmistry is all about and feel confident in it. It’s important to learn western and ancient palmistry. Western is very good at letting a person know about psychology, character, and talents. Eastern palmistry (sidereal) is excellent for letting people know talents, potentials as well, but is excellent for predictions. Vedic palmistry is unsurpassed for its ability for predictions. Predictions could include career changes, relationships beginnings/endings, and changes in geography. Good to study both systems.

Be a researcher of the hand. Take experiences in life and combine them with palmistry skills and skills should reflect their life. Palmists should be familiar with what went on before, other important palmists and who contributed what and when. Don’t be satisfied with one answer. Question everything!

Put yourself into your work. Put your whole being into the work… whole soul and self.  Palmistry is a science and an art.  It becomes your art.

Do you have a bad experience you can share to help others avoid the same mistake? 

When I first started I was amazed when I went to physic fairs where palmists didn’t know their science. A lot of palmists claimed to be palmists but were really just a parrot telling people what a book or other palmists have said, not from their own research.  I’ve met palmists who said they were physic but they had not database to support them. Psychic Intuition is a big part of palmistry, but imperative to have a well stocked astrological background.  Otherwise, there are no checks and balances to support their reading.  I’ve modeled myself after sophisticated astrologers who monitor each other and are professional. They are way ahead of the game because they formed associations and meet as groups. They have magazines. They’ve made their art genuine. We haven’t done much to have conferences and police ourselves. Astrologers present themselves with credibility.  There is no real credibility with Sea-side palmists. The public is becoming more discriminate.  The public will mirror our becoming more credible and professional.

We need to form our own organizations, coach each other, and meet over coffee as an association/community of palmist’s.  The public takes astrology more seriously. 

What is your favorite part of reading hands? 

This is the most fascinating thing I do in a day.  I am deciphering a Rosetta stone – seeing the symbols and configurations is fascinating to put together and then to get to the heart of the person.  This is a personalization of the spiritual being.  It’s like mixing a cake to get to the core and what they are here for.  Need a conscious entity to add and subtract from the reading.  Most intriguing thing in a day is reading hands… and the hieroglyphics. 

Goal is to elevate consciousness of that person in this life and their next.  When they come to a higher mode they’ll be happen.

What are your fingerprint patterns?

R   loop  whorl  loop  whorl  whorl

L   loop  whorl  loop  peacock  whorl

LP Leader in the spotlight with a inspirational message to deliver to the mass public

LL Successful Teacher/coach

How did you come to the Life Purpose and Life Lesson teaching? 

I had been working on it 1992 “Body Signs” (Hillion) which had info about palmistry. Didn’t agree with things in palmistry section.  Look at fingerprints as a group, not as individually.  I had thought that for 2 or 3 years.  Now I had pages and pages of research.   In 1994 I started writing notes.  I met Richard’s students, Eric, and we’d meet in New York and hold palmistry circles with other palmists.  Eric read my fingerprints.  Your life purpose and life lesson is ‘this’.  How long have you been doing this?  About a year – said Eric.  Eric told me about Richard.  I called Richard the next day.  We contacted each other by phone a lot.  I then moved to the San Francisco East bay in 1996/97 then would see Richard and go his grads classes.  We have many similarities – 95%, but have some differences.  See the tented arch differently.  He was ahead of me in the psychological area.  He’s helped me fill in some of my blank spots.  I hope I’ve helped him fill in some of his.

Noel Joaquin (1940s) referenced fingerprints but I didn’t necessarily agree. Richard’s and my systems don’t accept Joaquin but Joaquin should be recognized.  My system is more career oriented and Richard is more about the physiological aspects but very similar.  I value his friendship, his expertise. He’s contributed MUCH to hand analysis. Seasoned, professional. Looking for the day there will be hundreds of people like Richard, teaching.  The way we get our info is different than each other. Info was in the ether. I’m just an instrument. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 & 10 years reading hands?

I want to make reading hands more accessible without commercializing it. It is truth and will come out. Present it in a way to take this science more seriously. The ancient’s adored it and held it in reverence. Doing more lectures, reading, make more people aware of it.

Do you have anything else to share? 

Continue to build up the reputation of Palmistry for the public.  Hold up regard for palmistry like astrology.

We should create our own foundations, federations, establishing sisterhood/brother hoods.  You become like those who you associate with. Associate with others who are serious about this path, and that will inspire others.  If you go to India, Astrologers look at the hands before making a prediction and vice versa. Astrology and Palmistry are like a brother and sister. By the way, Mountain News has a poor view of Palmistry because of the practitioners who haven’t taken this science seriously.

Vernon is available for private readings, workshops, lectures and consultation. For more information visit