Line of Intuition

The shape of the Mercury Line reveals the nature of a person’s capacity and style for perceiving.

Straight Mercury Lines belong to people who are curious and have keen insights. Curving Mercury Lines, as in Figure 1 below, belong to individuals who are in constant contact, consciously or unconsciously, with the celestial, attuned to messages from the Divine.

Because this line bows around the Moon mound, you’ll find someone with a natural capacity for diving into crisis of meaning and somehow finding words to make sense of it. On their advanced path, they understand the meaning of life and construct careers as transformational coaches, life purpose consultants, spiritual advisors, life strategists, counselors and ministers.

The owner of a Mercury Line that arcs around the Moon is curious about and considers elements related to dreams, spirituality, the subliminal, unmet emotional needs, and the reality of beliefs. People with Mercury Lines resembling the Figure included in this article have most likely found themselves asking themselves, “What’s the point of living?” and/or “Why are we here?” during times of alienation, stagnation and feeling trapped in the illusion of separation from the self.

While the potential of constant contact with the Divine is very high, equally and opposite is the possibility of not trusting what’s ‘coming in’ and remaining focused entirely on logic instead.

If you have this deeply curving Mercury Line, also known as the Line of Intuition, you most likely understand the feeling of disillusionment and disappointment with life. A sense of despair has led you to ask, “Why?” which is a crucial step toward listening inward for answers. As you stop struggling with the sense of desolation, let go of reason, and accept that you just don’t know why, you find that you surrender to higher intelligence, which then begins to operate through you. You can then allow and trust this special internal mechanism within you that is constantly attuned for deep inner awareness.

After teaching about of this type of Mercury Line in my certification program, one student with this configuration confirmed the description saying,

“I worked 14 years in a job where I had little to zero contact with other people. I worked on secret projects and could never talk about my work. I got sick a lot with migraine headaches, felt alone and numbed out. I finally quit that job because I realized life should not be just making money and paying bills. My heart was longing for freedom, freedom for creative expression. I craved deep, meaningful connections with people instead of just working on computers and projects in isolation.”

She has since developed her skills by becoming a Reiki Master /Healer, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, an influential speaker, and intuitive Scientific Hand Analyst and is now working as an inspirational counselor, interpreting the messages marked in the hands to the owners so that they can know why they are here and how to live with meaning in their lives.

After contemplating the interpretation of the Line of Intuition on her hand, another certified hand analyst told me:

“Yes, I do relate to the natural capacity for understanding the meaning in the life crisis -in my own and in other’s, and I have a near compulsion to explain it to a person who’s in the middle of a crisis. I can make sense of things (from an interior perspective), and when a person is asking for my input and is ready to receive it, I can help them make sense of their experiences. Explaining to someone who isn’t ready to hear it leaves me feeling unseen and misunderstood, and is probably boring or annoying for them. I find that my audience is not always interested, especially not at work so it is a challenge to moderate my natural intuitive communications to fit into the analytical workplace style. I’ve really developed a good practice and the experience to know and trust what’s coming in most of the time, and I can vouch for the experience of constant contact, anytime I put my attention on it, its there. But being immersed in the logic of my technology company workplace is like that unsettled, off balance feeling when you don’t trust your own gut. In the office there are lots of interruptions and I’m surrounded by people all the time. It’s a hectic place and instead of listening to and trusting my intuition, I’m usually just reacting to my environment. With the primary focus on logic for the job it’s hard to go deep and open up to listen and receive.”

Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss exemplifies what this marking is about as a translator of meaning through her lectures about the invisible energy system running through our bodies called the chakras. In her book Anatomy of the Spirit she interprets the symbols of the soul in easy to understand lessons. She has become very well known through helping people learn the language of the human energy system so that they can better understand themselves as a way through spiritual challenges. Caroline’s life revolves around deciphering meaning in everything around her. In her case she intuits illness as it relates to energetic power leaks within a person. Does she have this line on either of her hands, or both? I don’t know but I’d like to find out.

Intuition is a skill anyone can develop, and would benefit by doing so.

If you don’t have this line in your hand it doesn’t mean that you’re not intuitive or cannot be intuitive. By having this Line of Intuition there is a higher probability, on the path to mastery, that the challenges will be quite evident. What I mean by this is that reliance on logic and ignoring the hunches you’re getting will block development. I think of this simply as a road sign indicator letting you know you’re off track and ‘correction’ is needed. Will you trust what you are sensing from within?

Internal oppositions are expected. When they are recognized and brought together you’ll have the perfect ingredients for fuller expression of this gift of highly attuned perception.

Mantra: As I follow and trust myself through my own crisis of meaning I am able to skillfully support others through exploration of the deeper parts of themselves.

Line of Intuition (AKA Line of Clairvoyance)
Figure 1: Line of Intuition (AKA Line of Clairvoyance)

This article has been edited since it was first posted in Nov. 2016.

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Snowflake Riley

Riley is one of my oldest snowflakes and one I have the most hand prints.  Her mom and I have been best of friends since we were in 5th grade. View Riley below starting in Jan. 2010 traveling back in time to her prints in 2003.

Riley Jan 2010

Left hand print Aug. 27, 2010

Riley right hand print Aug. 27, 2010

Riley’s life purpose, her reason for being, is to lead others to their most creative and individualistic self.  In the process, she too, is to be an authority for her own unique creative individualistic self.  The key for Riley to live on purpose is to effectively manage her perceptions around her own feelings of ‘incompletion’ and boundary management.  As she manages her boundaries and choices she generates a variety of passions.  These passions then trigger feelings of accomplishment and success with peace and harmony.

Riley’s prints, above, start in Dec. 2003 at age 7.  Prints are shown at various times over the years between Dec ’03 and Aug.’09.

Riley in Cats (above)

Left print, above, in 2003 at age 7

Both prints show a variety of lines crossing through the hands which describe her firey nature – charasmatic, excitable, vivacious, lively and disliking bordom. The shape of her hands are square which shows her practical side.  The Earth hand shape is typically reliable, honorable and dependable.  Earth and fire come together in a kiln.  At the right temperature the clay comes out in beautiful form.  Archieologists dig up ancient pottery that has been preserved in the earth.  Richard Unger assigns the word “Worker Bee” to the earth + fire hand.  Riley is the worker-bee who needs exciting work to do. 

  Her head line does straighten out a bit between age 7 and 10 which would indicate a bit clearer thinking as she aged.

At the time the left print was taken below she was all about having a large territory to ‘grasp’.  The angle of opposition of her thumb (the results department), extends a great distance away from her index finger, shows her comfort in holding space for a larger audience.

Left print, below, in Oct. 2006 at age 10

 After comparing her left prints between 2003 and 2010 I continue to see a shadow life line.  This is a life line inside of her main life line.  This indicates great stamina to go, and go and go like the energizer bunny.  This well of energy helps her achieve all of her planned activities – volley ball practice, acting lessons, homework, chores and more.  On weekends she is known for easily sleeping until 11:00am.  It is very important for the energizer bunny to rejuvinate to avoid burn out.  If this double life line configuration stays in tact as she gets older she is most likely to hear comments like “How do you get so much done?” “When do you ever stop?’ 

Like anything else, this is a key balancing point for Riley – keeping the energy out pouring in balance with her body’s natural flow.  Riley is learning important lessons about balance and harmony

Nov 2008 (above)

Snowflake Drue

When Drue was born in June 1999 her Parents were in the middle of remodeling their home.  Her father was doing a majority of the work on the remodel while also working at a full time job.  They had moved out of the home being remodeled and lived in an apartment in Tahoe.  Her mom underwent tremendous stress as she carried Drue during pregnancy with a full time (70 hour a week) job.

Drue’s hands and fingerprints have been on my radar since Dec. 2003.

 Prints from ’06, ’08 and ’09 above

 Drue Aug. 31, 2009 (above)

Drue’s Line of Clairvoyance (LoC)  in 2008 (above) 

The Arc (Line of Clairvoyance) around Drue’s Moon Zone indicates here ability to “Know” from a deep inner place.  Friends would look to her to clarify their confusion about life, possibly at even this young age.  The LoC is a ‘gift marking’ and identifys the owner as a Spiritual Teacher or Guide.

I’m watching for change in Drue’s Line of Clairvoyance over time.  It’s much more defined in the print in Oct. ’06 (above) than it is in 2008 (just above).

Nov. 28, 2008 print (above)

On Drue’s left hand print she has a Big Heart heart line.  This tells me that she is caring, sharing, nurturing, emotionally engaged with friends.  She is considerate of her friends needs.  She also has an interestingly unusual fate line on her left hand.  Two lines start at the lower left part of the palm and reach a mid point where the fate line extends upwards straight up toward her middle finger.  I’d assess this as being driven from intuition (Moon) and from her deepest emotional depths (Neptune).  Combined with the line of clairvoyance, she seeks meaning around emotional connections.