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AAHA Teacher Lindsay Morlock
Lindsay Morlock, Teacher

Lindsay Morlock, Certified Scientific Hand Analyst, assists those with a deep desire for self-awareness and interest in discovering their true purpose in this lifetime.  She has a BA in Psychology from Gettysburg College and an MA in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Tech. She believes more fulfillment, more joy, more love, and more from life begin with a deep understanding of who you are and what your purpose and lessons are here on Earth. The hands provide a blueprint of your soul and thus a roadmap to your most fulfilling life.

Certified as a Hand Analyst through the American Academy of Hand Analysis in 2013, Lindsay conducts individual hand analysis sessions as well as training for those with the desire to experience profound personal transformation for themselves and others through this medium.  Her ultimate goal is to help individuals awaken and realize the unique gifts they were meant to share with the world and road blocks along the way.

It is her sincerest passion and pleasure to serve as a guide throughout an individual’s deeply personal and powerful journey. In 2016 she became Certified as a Test Assessor for Personality and Ability from the British Psychological Society. She also has a Coaching Certification from LifeBound, is a Breathwork Healer, and Medium.

Linda Salazar
Linda Salazar, Teacher and Speaker

Linda Salazar is a Relationship and Spiritual Growth Coach, Teacher of Scientific Hand Analysis, author and speaker, helping clients succeed in any challenging relationship, whether personal or professional. Known for uncovering the internal conflict that keeps us in pain, she offers practical advice and direction that allows you to create healthy, stress-free relationships and lasting inner peace.

As the founder of  Your Peace Is In Your Hands Coaching, Linda introduced scientific hand analysis into her coaching practice to accelerate her client’s uncovering of their relationship struggles, true life purpose, life lessons, challenges and gifts, that are all revealed in the hands.

She has addressed such diverse groups as the Motion Picture Health and Wellness Program, the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, the International Moms Club, the Costume Designers Guild, La Leche League, Northwest Medical Center and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio stations across America.

She’s appeared on KCAL Channel 9 news in Los Angeles, Access to Experts web TV and has been written about in Women’s Faith and Spirit Magazine, LA Times and Parent Magazine. Linda is the author of Forever Hold Your Peace,  Awaken The Genie Within, Parents In Love; Reclaiming Intimacy After Your Child Is Born and 52 Tips for a Magical Marriage After Your Child Is Born.

Christine Kidder
Christine Kidder, Teacher and Creativity Coach

Christine Kidder is a Certified Hand Analyst, Teacher of Hand Analysis, Artist, and Creativity Coach. Discovering her life purpose through hand analysis in 2009 gave her the certainty to pursue her art and coaching with confidence that she never had before, even though she had a BFA in art/photography from Pratt Institute. Over the next several years she became certified in expressive arts therapy, hand analysis and Creatively Fit Coaching.

Christine offers workshops and presentations that teach people tools for greater self-awareness and empowerment and offers private one on one hand readings and coaching.

She loves helping people to really see themselves from a more empowered perspective with hand analysis, and to find more purpose, clarity and joy through creativity.

Christine lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her husband and two beautiful dogs, Bella and Luna.

Vickie Davis
Vickie Davis, Teacher

In Vickie Davis’s lifetime she has moved from victimization and suffering to conquering unbelievable challenges. She has evolved into a survivor and is ultimately becoming a warrior. Her warrior “sword and shield” is Scientific Hand Analysis.

She has invested hundreds of hours on her education, practice, teaching and deep personal growth. She is a Certified in Scientific Hand Analyst through the American Academy of Hand Analysis. She is also a certified Reiki and Angelic Reiki Master and Teacher. It is her sacred honor to guide eager students through self-discovery using the art and science of Hand Analysis. Her aim is to inspire personal development, fulfillment and inner joy.

Vickie lives in a community outside Denver, Colorado.


Our Mission:

We stand together committed to empowering one another and our students in continuous development; increasing knowledge, expanding the use of hand analysis and deepening levels of awareness.

Your Life Purpose is in Your Fingerprints

Let’s get up close and personal with fingerprints. In this article you’ll glimpse into what they can tell you about living your very best life and how you can benefit by knowing more about them.

What Fingerprints Can Tell You

Many people spend their entire lives trying to figure out what their purpose is. The life purpose lies deep within each person waiting to be discovered, exposed, lived and mastered.  The Soul’s expression pours through one’s life purpose.  This ‘expression’ can be awakened by deciphering the fingerprint patterns and translating the message to the owner of those fingerprints.

Richard Unger and Vernon Mahabal have influenced what we teach and use in our practice as a non-predictive scientific hand analysts. Following are key words related to various life purpose options decoded from a person’s fingerprints:


Behind every human being there is a force to live. Everyone has a desire for self-fulfillment. Describing to someone their life purpose puts them squarely on the path to become everything he or she is capable of becoming. When one is living as they were truly meant to live, fully and completely, liberation abounds. 

Undeniably, FREEDOM is the life experience when one owns their life purpose-power.

This is a growth process. The growth catalyst IS clearly encoded in the fingerprint patterns.

The Journey Into Hand Analysis

Hand analysis practitioners become trail guides for self-discovery, self-actualization, freedom and life-fulfillment. Can you imagine how rewarding that could be- to be either the giver or the receiver of such insight?

Each of us has an inner acorn, capable of becoming an exquisite royal oak. Do you want to help individuals inner-acorn’s sprout and reach full aliveness?

If so, check out AAHA Associate Faculty Teacher Linda Salazar’s upcoming Life Purpose Foundations Intensive starting in September. You’ll learn the essentials of reading fingerprints, lines, shapes, color and consistency of the hands to help people get a broad view into their true nature.

Linda says, “We all want to feel like we belong. We want to feel seen. We want to feel understood. And yet, for many, that’s not how it feels at all. The information in this hand analysis training enables us to dive below the surface where the lifeline of connection exists.”

Many students rave about their own new found personal-awareness as a result of completing hand analysis training classes.


“And the day came when the risk (it took) to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

– Anais Nin

Into the Light ~ Interview with Linda Salazar

Linda Salazar
Linda Salazar, CHA and Associate Faculty Teacher

By profession, Linda is a Relationship Coach and Scientific Hand Analyst.  She graduated from the AAHA Year Long Certification program and completed the Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training Program in 2012.

When and how did you start reading hands?

I started reading hands two years ago. It all came about immediately after I had a Hand Analysis done during a time in my life when I was feeling quite confused both personally and professionally. Not having a clue what Hand Analysis really entailed I was floored by the depth of which the reader understood me – all of me. That’s all it took for me to know I had to learn this art and I recognized the impact it would have in my coaching practice as well as my personal life.

Are you specializing in any particular area of hand analysis? If so, what is it?

I am specializing in the heart line. Being a relationship coach and having just this one piece of information has allowed me to work with my clients in a whole new way. And bringing in other components of the hands and correlating this information to a client’s emotional style has helped them have beautiful relational transformations not just with the people in their life but with themselves, as well.

What is most meaningful to you about reading hands?

There’s so many things, actually.

   – Seeing clients understand and accept themselves like they’ve never done before.

   – For their life to suddenly make sense to them, even from just one piece of information in the hands being shared with them. 

    – Having them feel witnessed and valued is so beautiful!

And, I love how quickly I can get to the Soul of another human being. Being able to experience someone’s authentic self – vulnerabilities and strengths – brings me tremendous joy. I truly believe when we can show our vulnerabilities along with our strengths and honor, love, and support each other from that place, we break down the barriers that keep us separated and the world becomes a better place.

Has your life lesson ever shown up during a reading?  If so, how and what did you learn from that experience?

Ha! When hasn’t it showed up! Actually, it might be more accurate to ask me if it’s ever shown up before or during a reading because more times than not my left Saturn (self-worth/guilt) can grab me just before a reading. Although I have a couple of other lessons this one is the leader of the pack when it’s rude enough to show itself.

During a reading, if a client isn’t relating to something I’m sharing, there can be a moment of, “That’s it! I can’t do this. I’m finished! Time to go mow lawns for a living!” Then I’ll take a deep breath and think, “There she goes again!” (my lesson) and just continue on with the reading remembering it’s not always easy for a client to recognize something in him/herself the first time it’s being revealed. When someone has the same lesson as me, I’ve learned to share myself around the lesson and it helps both of us tremendously.

How do you apply your life purpose and your life lesson, in other words, how do you see them work together?

They go like hand in glove. When I’m in my observing mode it’s like watching a dance between the two of them because they really do feed off of each other. Every time, and I mean every time, I’m stepping more fully into my life purpose, my lesson will come roaring through having me doubt myself, which in turn, can have me crawl back into my hole where my comfortable, oversized stuffed chair is patiently waiting for me to have a seat and hang out. Until, that is, my purpose whispers in my ear again and reminds me about my bigger why for being here. It’s then that I’ll become uncomfortable being in the chair allowing me to crawl out of my hole feeling more confident and ready to go.

I’ve come to understand that every time my lesson shows up I’m onto something that’s giving me an opportunity to grow and honor the reason my Soul chose to come into this lifetime. Therefore, my lesson is also my ally.

What are your fingerprint patterns? 

Loop Whorl Loop Whorl Peacock
Loop Whorl Loop Whorl Loop

Do you have a bad experience you can share to help others avoid a similar situation?

I don’t know if I consider this a bad experience as much as it was a frustrating one. I did a reading for a gentleman who just wasn’t able to grasp most of what I was sharing with him. His questions were indicating to me that he really wasn’t listening or able to hear the information. He told me I was wrong about his life purpose and his lessons. There was no doubt what they were because his fingerprints were extremely clear making them very easy to read. It got to a point when I finally asked him how I could serve him best since there was nothing that seemed to be working for him up to that point. He asked me if his hands showed me how he can break through his struggle with making friends because at 52 years old he was quite lonely in his life. And that’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

What advice would you give to new students of Hand Analysis?

Go easy on yourself! There’s an enormous amount of information to take in and integrate. There will be moments of feeling overwhelmed – like you’re never going to get this system to the degree that you can give an impactful reading. The truth is, you can and you will. Even telling someone one thing about his or her life that he or she was confused about or not aware of, but makes sense to the person can have a huge impact. 

To truly master this Hand Analysis system, look at hands – in person and printed. Practice on friends and family and each time you learn something new look at their hands again and again to see what you can see that you weren’t able to see before. 

Be willing to keep delving into what your hands reveal about you as it allows you to grow on all levels and will give you the ability to be a more compassionate and powerful hand analyst.

What intentions do you have for your Hand Analysis practice during the next six months?

To build it more rapidly through public speaking. I want to expose as many people as possible to their heart line/emotional style helping them live from their heart’s authentic expression in all their relationships, especially the one with themselves.

OK for colleagues to contact you?  If so, do you prefer phone or email? List phone and/or email
Absolutely. 310-375-4800 or Linda@yourheartisinyourhands.com

Check out Linda’s Web site

Where do you live?
In a house. Okay, fine! Los Angeles.