by Kay Packard

I recently spent a few days on a stretch of cliffs overlooking the magnificent California coast line. The beaches were stunning and the jagged vertical rock walls put me in awe of the vast ocean.  During the night, with the hotel slider wide open to the sea, I heard the ceaseless waves crashing into the cliff walls. It was an absolute rush!

Well marked ‘caution’ signs were located on the railings near the edges of the cliffs.  However, those signs are in English.  People have to know English to read the signs and that’s IF they pay attention.  Of course it’s obvious not to get too close to the edge… or is it?  Dare devils and risk takers are compelled to see how far they can walk the ledge.  There are also the curious and simple minded who may misplace a foot hold and take a fatal spill.  Cars park within inches of the fence and the edge of a potential fall. Survival would be questionable after tumbling off the rim of one of these cliffs.

In life, how often are you confronted with the ‘jagged edge’?  Do you recognize when you’re approaching an unsteady frontier?  Most people operate on auto-pilot 85% of the time.  What would a ‘jagged edge’ look like to you, in your own life?

Are you the type to get closer and closer to the edge, steer clear entirely, or somewhere in between?  Can you interpret the ‘caution’ signs?  Do you know the language in print?  Are you surrounded by people who rally to boost you to your higher ground?

Life is full of opportunities to experience Divine beauty in all things.  With the splendor comes risk.  Risk is mitigated by knowing how to read the signs.  Tapping into your intuition is quite helpful in times of danger.  The brain will respond to your intuition IF the brain can ‘read the sign’. 

Your hands reveal markings that can help you, or anyone, to understand their life path, the best directions to take, how to correct after going off course and how to make sense of the most challenging obstacles.  Talents, potentials, inclinations, and motivations besides the life purpose and life lessons can be pinpointed in the hands and fingerprints to help a person live in their most empowered self.

If you want to learn to read hands, you can become skilled at identifying and articulating the trail markers around the cliffs of life. The abyss can be bypassed with greater ease.  If by chance someone has fallen off the edge with no apparent way up you can offer hope and guidance.  It’s all clearly mapped out in the hands and fingerprints.

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Inner Revolution

by Kay Packard

Krishnamurti said, “Change in society is of secondary importance; that will come about naturally, inevitably, when you as a human being bring about this change in yourself.” 

Only you can create the change you want to see in the world.  To see differently you must first examine your own thoughts and actions.  Then do something about that which no longer serves you.  Consider one thing in your life that isn’t working for you anymore.  Perhaps it’s an outdated belief, a relationship, a job, a personality trait, an addiction, a living condition, or simply a word.  Visualize that ‘something’ that is not working for you any longer. 

We can really get stuck in things that divide us from our core Self.  On one hand we desire peace and harmony and on the other we thrive on problem solving or believing ‘this will get better’.  Your intuitive self already knows the best way.  However, your patterns fixate you to the reoccurring and comfortable routine.  

If there is division within the self then there is conflict.  Conflict is actually an excellent force toward that which you do want.  So, do, be grateful for some level of internal disagreement and stress in your life.  However, use your discernment skills to assess how much internal clash is helpful for you. 

In my 20’s I worked in the Propulsion Lab of Hughes Space and Communications Company.  To position a satellite in space, liquid fuel was stored in tanks, carried through titanium tubing and ignited to create forceful flames for thrusting and boosting.  That burning fire is a source used to maneuver the spacecraft into the precise location and to keep it in position during its mission.  Exacting balance is required and combustion is actually a pathway to stability. 


The balancing act of life requires opposites.  Transcendence of opposites brings a level of freedom because we are no longer attached to one side or the other.  To evolve we must experience the negative and the positive.  This doesn’t necessarily require discipline and control if the pattern can be recognized and modified or even released.  THIS is tricky business.  It’s not easy to see that which sits right before our very eyes.  A certain kind of ‘seeing’ is needed. 

Do you see with eyes of attachment or detachment?  Which might be more useful?  Or might a combination of the two be the best approach for positive change?  Only you can decide for yourself related to your particular ‘something’ that you’d like to alter, modify, transform or revolutionize.   

Suggestions for your inner revolution:

  • Pinpoint your Truth – now
  • Honor and aim for that Truth
  • Do what it takes to stay on course
  • Delight in your path

Tapping into Emotional Clarity

by Kay Packard

If you have eight loops (see article on loops) on your finger tips, maybe seven, you are The Lover.  The Lover is enrolled in a Life University program to experience a full range of feelings, fully and completely, in the moment with the appropriate intensity regardless of the perceived response of another.

These loop patterns on your fingerprints equate to a Life of Love with emotional upheaval and penetrating clarity.

Emotional clarity results when one’s own feelings are registered, experienced and released.  Clarity can only be recognized after going through the opposite of clarity.  The opposite of clarity is ambiguity, uncertainty and doubt. This can trigger rant and rave.  It’s usually easier for the Lover to stuff the feelings deeply; to tuck them away as you would with something you don’t want to look at, but can’t let go of.

I was just explaining this process to Snowflake Logan who is 9 years old.  Logan has enough loops to qualify for the life-program of Love.  I asked Logan if he had something he didn’t want to look at, that he has tucked away.  With widened eyes of fright he answered: Gollum! 

Gollum from Lord of the Rings

Gollum is a creepy character from the movie “Lord of the Rings”. Gollum is scary and hardly trustworthy but there is a legitimate reason to pay attention to him (in the movie).  To my 9 year old listener I explained the value in looking at and processing the uncomfortable feelings.  He said. “I am not going to move beyond Gollum.  I’ll never look at him again!”  Yet, Logan won’t throw Gollum away.

The Lover on the master path is one who stays present with his/her feelings and allows them to flow – no matter how terrifying it may seem.  There is a “Logan” in all of us who will develop.  Tools and practice helps.

“Tapping” is a tool that can help release the scary feelings – fear, anger, excessive grief, panic, dread, pain and more.  The first part of the process is to address the ‘hard stuff’, to feel it, to find it in your body, then to release and replace with the favorable. You can replace feelings and thoughts that no longer serve you.  Please note I am not a licensed therapist.  I am offering this to you as a certified EFT Practitioner and Master Hand Analyst.  Check in with your Inner Guidance system to see if this is a suitable approach for you.  I have found it to be very effective in a vast number of scenarios.

To try it:

With your right index and middle finger held together, tap on the outer edge of your left hand.  This is called the Karate Chop point.  Tap there and say to yourself:

Even though I might be nervous, or feel sick, about revealing my feelings, I completely love and accept myself and give myself permission to feel.

Even though I’ve stuffed a lot of my feelings over the years and I didn’t have the tools, training or support to express, I now know it is safe, healthy and liberating to feel. I am free to discover, explore and feel a full range of feelings.

Even though I may have hidden from my feelings by blaming others  or expressing through rage, I now accept full responsibility for my emotions and I DEEPLY and COMPLETELY accept every feeling that runs through me.

I am open to the wonder and beauty of each and every feeling.  I am open to emotional clarity like never before. I choose to be open to full emotional expression, now.  I am a genuine Lover.

Take a deep breath and be still a moment.  Relish in awareness of your deeper and more profound self.

To learn more or to schedule a discovery session use the contact for to connect with Kay.

 ~ End ~

Special “Thanks” to Debe’ Wenig for reviewing fine tuning these phrases.  She is on the path of emotional mastery in the school of Love.

About the Author:  Kay Packard is the Founder and Director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis (AAHA).  She has been a professional Hand Analyst since 2003 and teaching others to read hands since 2007.  She has been leading workshops to inspire individuals to become personally aware and take charge of their perceptions since 2005.  Hand Analysis Consultations and Personal Coaching with or without Emotional Freedom Techniques can be arranged.  Visit and  Email

Inquiring into Intuition

by Kay Packard

Do you have a flair for inspiration, insights, revelations, visions, dreams and /or intuition? There are a number of markers that can be identified in the hands that indicate staggering talent and inclination for intuitive vision. I came across one of those stunning markers this past week during a reading. She had a beautiful, clear and perfect whorl in the lower and outer area of the palm called the Moon zone. Open the pdf link Intuition Inquiry to see prints and the entire article.

It’s extraordinary for a whorl fingerprint pattern to show up in the palm of the hand. When it does, it calls for special attention and must be discussed. It’s an eye catching design in nature like the spot on a leopard or a hump on the back of a camel. You just can’t help but notice it and be in awe.

A talent is the ability, flair or aptitude for something. Sometimes the use of a talent looks to be simple and naturally given to the owner. However, talents need to be nurtured and developed. An inclination is a preference in behavior. Certain markers in the hands show innate proficiency and affinity for use. With more and more practice the associated skill becomes expertise.

In some cases the owner of the moon whorl, or other intuitive skin carvings, may possess an obstruction to awareness of their perceptive abilities. The question that came to me during our session: What is intuition?

Our busy world has shattered the telescopic vision that is accompanied with heart and soul. American Society has been heavily rewarded for the use of reason and logic. It is important to have the ability to think, consider and analyze. To round out our human faculties, we must appraise intuition and its value?

At the moment of my client’s question, “What is intuition?” I was at a loss for the most profound answer. My logical mind was triggered and I quickly searched my internal super computer for an answer to impart. After a deep breath and concentrated eye contact, I hoped that the answer would transfer from me to her without words – after all intuition is about impressions and ‘knowing’. I didn’t see that working either. One simple description that came forth was: Think of yourself driving down an open and deserted country road when unexpectedly you let your foot off the accelerator without a reason. The car slows down just enough for a deer to leap across the road in front of you and all you see are her rear hooves escaping the scene – without a scratch. No thinking was involved, right? There was neither time nor need for deliberation.

Her question launched me onto an expedition to more deeply understand and better articulate this unseen world.

That evening I had a discussion with my gal pals on the topic of intuition. They’re all moms. One told me of an experience she had where she was walking into Ross clothing store when she was pregnant with her first child. For some reason she happened to notice the license plate of a car that was parked in front of the main doors into the store. She memorized the license plate, for whatever ‘reason’. While shopping inside the store she heard the clerk yelling, “Stop that woman.” The woman was stealing clothing and making her expeditious exit. When the police came, my friend had remembered the license plate number and gave it promptly to the police.

Another gal pal explained that she and a girl friend were driving home one dark night. They were on a quiet country road about two miles from one of their homes. A vehicle with a powerful police light was following them attempting to pull them over. They hadn’t done anything wrong. There were no other cars that may have been affected. They were confused at the reason for being wrestled to the side of the road. My friend said “we’re almost home, just keep driving – don’t stop.” Who doesn’t stop when police lights are hot on your tail? They didn’t. They turned off the road into the neighborhood and the ‘police’ car kept on going. The next week there was a report in the paper about a girl who was pulled over by the ‘police’ and beaten up and raped. The acknowledged intuition saved my friend and her friend from a potential tragedy.

Yesterday, a friend and colleague invited me to look at a plethora of books on healing she was recently given. The only one I picked out and brought home has a section clearly defining Intuition – as much as words can be used to describe the phenomenon. How synchronistic is that? There is an answer for every question. Or is there a question for every answer?

In The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, he says Insight shows itself in aspects of impression, intuition, inspiration, dreams and revelations. Reason and intuition are competitors and both are needed and have value. How is the use of intuition versus reason distinguished? During a situation intuition usually comes up first. Then thought takes over. Since thought comes after the first hunch or impression, the thought gets the primary attention which then motivates final action.

To develop the intuition this Sufi mystic says, “The best thing would be first to try and catch the intuition and distinguish and know and recognize it as intuition; and then to reason it out.” Impeding, self doubt of the messages must be replaced with self-confidence for successful inquiry into intuition.

Khan also wrote, “Intuition is the faculty of the heart that feels deeply, be it a man or woman; the quality of intuition belongs to a sympathetic heart.”

Intuitive inclinations and talents appear in the hands as:
• The whorl in the Moon zone (above)
• Arc around that same area in the palm
• Six pointed asterisk in that area
• A series of vertical lines on the mount just under the pinkie finger
• Six pointed asterisk in the middle section of the thumb
• Star at the very bottom center of the palm
• And more

Everyone has the capability to intuit. You don’t need a secret symbol in your hand to tap into the silent source of awareness. The marker brings crystal clear clarity to me, the hand analyst, for the owner to notice and give considerable contemplation to their Divinely given gift. At their worst, these individuals ignore the gift and isolate themselves from all possibilities of deeper awareness. At their best, these folks help others to unlock the secret door to the sacred knowledge behind inspiration, revelation, impressions, dreams and intuition. How cool is that!

What’s the value of intuition? It helps us access our core identity, our deepest interior, our most natural state of being; perhaps, heavenly living at its best. For the more practical person intuition can offer a solution to a mind-boggling problem. Let’s ask Einstein.

What are your insights about intuition?

Feel free to reply through postal, electronic or cosmic mail. I’m ready to receive.

~ There is No End ~

About the Author
Kay Packard is the Founder and Director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis (AAHA). She has been a professional Hand Analyst since 2003 and teaching others to read hands since 2007. She has been leading workshops to inspire individuals to become personally aware and take charge of their perceptions since 2005. Hand Analysis Consultations and Personal Coaching with or without Emotional Freedom Techniques can be arranged. Visit and Email

You are free to use this information. If you care to copy or forward this document in part or whole, please include my name as a source and contact for more information. Thank you kindly.

Project Snowflake

Jan. 31, 2010 – Project Snowflake ~ It’s official, Project Snowflake is now under way.  Fingerprints, like snowflakes, are unique. There are no two snowflakes alike.  My first kid-prints were taken in 2003 when I was taking the Hand Analysis Intensive Training.  Snowflake Riley was age 7 then.  Now she’s 13.  All of her prints, along with her sister (Drue) and brother’s (Logan), are on file.  I’ve collected other kid-prints over the years and done readings of kids hands for their parents.  The results have been profound and quite helpful to parents.  I’ve seen head lines break and re-attach.  I’ve seen deep lines of clairvoyance pale over the years.  I’ve watched the life challenges shower these kids and have been able to guide parents through  changes with potential antidotes for success through greater awareness.

Petit sent me the photographs of Talus’ hands when he was 5 days old.  Talus is my youngest snowflake.  More photos were taken when he was 3+ months old.  

Wil and Shanan brought Ruby to me two years ago when she was 5 months old to record her fingerprints and for her first hand printing.  I printed her hands again in Dec. 2009 when she was 2.5 years old. Snowflake Ruby is showing early signs of great independence.

Today, Brandy brought Bethany by to have her hands printed and her fingerprints recorded.  She’s my newest snowflake.

In Dec. 2009 I decided to do something special with all these prints and photographs, along with my desire to observe and analyze the hand prints and fingerprints of these amazing children. Hence, Project Snowflake was born.

Note:  Fingerprints patterns don’t change. Those unique glyphs form in the womb five months before birth. The lines in the hands DO change over time.  The Soul’s agenda is read from the fingerprints.  The personality traits are read from the lines and markings in the hands.  The personality supports the Soul’s agenda.  I don’t make predictions or tell fortunes. 

This is hand ‘ANALYSIS’.  It’s a science and art. I’m deciphering the hidden information as I see it in the moment.  Various etchings, and their combinations help me clarify the potential and the challenges to the owner of the hands.

What is Project Snowflake?  I’ll print selected children’s hands, with their parent’s permission, once a year or more over the next ten years – that’s until Dec. 2019.  At times of difficulties or positive changes I’ll print again, if possible.  I’ll share brief interpretations with the parents and in my newsletters, blog and website.

What is the mission of Project Snowflake? 

– Research

– Mentoring for children and teens

– Coaching for parents

– Promote hand analysis as an effective way to know more about the ‘inner self’

– Offer inspirational stories to kid-and-parent-clients

– Stay connected with youth through changes 

– Validate the life purpose and life challenges as decoded from the fingerprints

– Encourage everyone to know their lives are literally in their hands. 

Deep awareness and meaning can shine through during and after a hand reading.

Please join me and watch these Snowflakes. I’m totally excited to bring the art and science of hand and fingerprint analysis to the world in this fun and adventurous way. 

A special thanks to the parents for allowing me to take their snowflakes into my hands and to watch them glisten.