Palmistry 101 ~ Radical Transformation and Healing

The Pluto zone sits on the outer edge of the palm, mid way, just below the start of the heart line.  When I see a line starting in this section of the palm and curving up toward the ring or middle finger the owner is best suited for a career in ‘death, transformation and regeneration’. Coaching people to move through radical change such as paralyzing sports injuries, homes lost during disasters, and unexpected job loss would be a good fit.  The individual with this etching has a keen ability to understand the natural process of change.

AAHA Hand Map
Pluto and the Pinkie

If you have this line, your good hair day probability is that you regularly act as a channel, crusading from rubble to renovation to revelation. You may find yourself witnessing devastating loss leading to profound life awareness’s. You would also use your abilities to move through change, like Kubler Ross who studied and taught about five stages of grief. Ultimately you inspire others and shine the light to step onward and upward.

If the owner of a Pluto line is having a bad hair day, she may feel stuck in the muck where she has experienced deep loss herself and hasn’t moved out of it yet. Maybe she is morning the loss of her grandmother after ten years. There is a healthy period for grieving the loss of a loved one. However, remaining too long in depression or denial is unfavorable to living a fulfilling life.

With the line of Pluto, the potential to guide and direct others through unchartered territories is a talent to investigate and cultivate in order to live a meaningful life.

Tip for the Radical Change Agent: Continue to strengthen your abilities to deal with and embrace the unexpected and align your career with your natural skill set.

Gift Markings, when found on the hands, reveal a person’s potential aptitude, ability, skill, and talents – in short their gifts in very specific areas.   Talents aren’t always realized because people can be reluctant to come out in their fullest potential.  It’s easier to play small for most people.

One example of a gift marking is when a person has six or more vertical lines on the mount under the pinkie finger. The lines don’t drop below the heart line.  This is the mark of the Gifted Healer who has profound psychological insights. The Gifted Healer is considered a growth catalyst for personal development. Her friends inherently solicit her counsel for problems because she has a ‘listening’ ear.  She personifies sage wisdom.

On a good hair day she is in tune with her Inner voice, trusting the insights she perceives. She is available to herself enough to listen to, hear and respond to That Voice. She uses the gift for her own relationship, family and career challenges. The upside potential for someone with eight or more vertical stripes is to be a Healer for Healers. Professional Healers such as Therapists, Health Coaches, Veterinarians, Ministers and even Hair Dressers  go to this soul-centered-practitioner for counsel and guidance. At her best, the Gifted Healer is a cheerleader for her clients, practicing as a profession.

The bad hair day possibility for the Gifted Healer is that she’ll ignore her inner voice.  Snubbing the inner voice leads to blocked intimacy in relationship.  If you have these markings check your life flight pattern for dead end relationships or dodging exposing your truth to you mate. You’ve undoubtedly said to yourself, “Oh, if only I would have responded to that little voice inside, I would have saved myself a lot of grief.” You’re learning to work through trust issues to get to a point of trusting your self in all situations.

Tip for the Gifted Healer: Listen and respond to your inner voice even if it says, “Don’t take that job with the incredibly high salary” or “No, don’t date that super model” or telling your husband of 25 years, “I plan to enroll in school a help people heal themselves.”

If you have both a line of Pluto and the mark of the Gifted Healer, I’d consider you an Insightful Guide for Rebirth. Your life fulfillment blueprint includes weaving both of these skill sets as a livelihood.

Keep in mind:

1. You want to be a Healer but you don’t have the Gifted Healer mark? Not to worry. Follow your heart and be grateful you probably won’t experience the bad hair day possibility to the extreme degree of the person with the vertical stripes under the Pinkie finger.

2. We are on a learning journey.  We veer off track to know where the next segment of our life path is to be found. To find the middle of the road we must drive on the reflectors in the center lane as well as run off road into a few road signs. Cautionary devices awaken us to balance.

3. If you don’t have these markings, it doesn’t mean you can’t live in these good hair day possibilities.  You can do what you set your mind to.

Illuminating Your Style

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards mesmerized me from my big American screen TV last night. Riveted to every word spoken and adoring each voluptuous glamour shot I drooled. I LOVE to match movie star actor characteristics to markings in the hands, especially the heart lines and hand shapes.  Perhaps a strong finger description reveals itself for an added bonus.

One piece of advice I heard is something that we all can benefit from in our entrepreneurial businesses.  Angela Jolie answered a Twitter question from a young, new, enthusiastic, actor to the industry.  The question asked for her counsel how to break into the film industry.  To my surprise she responded with “go out into the world and gain experience; travel.”  “Get a wide variety of experience and find out who you are.”  She added, “Then bring that back to your acting”. Wow, I would have thought of 20 other answers she could have given.  However, I loved her answer because any new, enthusiastic entrepreneur can embrace and shine with that same advice.

What I heard Angela say is “Find out who you are and develop your style.  I love comedy.  Tina Fey, Lucille Ball, Jack Black, Jim Carry, Mary Tyler Moore, and Alec Baldwin are some of my favorite comedians.  Consider each of them individually.  They’re each in the over-arching category of comedian but each has his and her own style. 

Hand Analysts for example, can use the breadth of experience outside of reading hands to tightly weave into their practice.  In fact, life experience is imperative for the success of the Hand Analyst.  Life Purpose Fulfillment of the Practitioner is crucial when coaching, mentoring, guiding and advising their clients.

If you’re a Hand Analyst, consider these steps:

1)      Go out and LIVE – fully

2)      Be present in all of your experience

3)      Observe your life lesson at play

4)      Notice your life lesson catalyzing your life purpose

5)      Witness, embrace and SHOW YOUR style

Bring YOU into to your practice.  Tina Fey doesn’t act like Jim Carry or Lucille Ball, although they may have influences on Tina. There is only one Tina


by Kay Packard

I recently spent a few days on a stretch of cliffs overlooking the magnificent California coast line. The beaches were stunning and the jagged vertical rock walls put me in awe of the vast ocean.  During the night, with the hotel slider wide open to the sea, I heard the ceaseless waves crashing into the cliff walls. It was an absolute rush!

Well marked ‘caution’ signs were located on the railings near the edges of the cliffs.  However, those signs are in English.  People have to know English to read the signs and that’s IF they pay attention.  Of course it’s obvious not to get too close to the edge… or is it?  Dare devils and risk takers are compelled to see how far they can walk the ledge.  There are also the curious and simple minded who may misplace a foot hold and take a fatal spill.  Cars park within inches of the fence and the edge of a potential fall. Survival would be questionable after tumbling off the rim of one of these cliffs.

In life, how often are you confronted with the ‘jagged edge’?  Do you recognize when you’re approaching an unsteady frontier?  Most people operate on auto-pilot 85% of the time.  What would a ‘jagged edge’ look like to you, in your own life?

Are you the type to get closer and closer to the edge, steer clear entirely, or somewhere in between?  Can you interpret the ‘caution’ signs?  Do you know the language in print?  Are you surrounded by people who rally to boost you to your higher ground?

Life is full of opportunities to experience Divine beauty in all things.  With the splendor comes risk.  Risk is mitigated by knowing how to read the signs.  Tapping into your intuition is quite helpful in times of danger.  The brain will respond to your intuition IF the brain can ‘read the sign’. 

Your hands reveal markings that can help you, or anyone, to understand their life path, the best directions to take, how to correct after going off course and how to make sense of the most challenging obstacles.  Talents, potentials, inclinations, and motivations besides the life purpose and life lessons can be pinpointed in the hands and fingerprints to help a person live in their most empowered self.

If you want to learn to read hands, you can become skilled at identifying and articulating the trail markers around the cliffs of life. The abyss can be bypassed with greater ease.  If by chance someone has fallen off the edge with no apparent way up you can offer hope and guidance.  It’s all clearly mapped out in the hands and fingerprints.

The AAHA is offering a bonanza of training classes for the beginner and intermediate student.  See the curriculum tab for details on this training program offered at the AAHA.

Inner Revolution

by Kay Packard

Krishnamurti said, “Change in society is of secondary importance; that will come about naturally, inevitably, when you as a human being bring about this change in yourself.” 

Only you can create the change you want to see in the world.  To see differently you must first examine your own thoughts and actions.  Then do something about that which no longer serves you.  Consider one thing in your life that isn’t working for you anymore.  Perhaps it’s an outdated belief, a relationship, a job, a personality trait, an addiction, a living condition, or simply a word.  Visualize that ‘something’ that is not working for you any longer. 

We can really get stuck in things that divide us from our core Self.  On one hand we desire peace and harmony and on the other we thrive on problem solving or believing ‘this will get better’.  Your intuitive self already knows the best way.  However, your patterns fixate you to the reoccurring and comfortable routine.  

If there is division within the self then there is conflict.  Conflict is actually an excellent force toward that which you do want.  So, do, be grateful for some level of internal disagreement and stress in your life.  However, use your discernment skills to assess how much internal clash is helpful for you. 

In my 20’s I worked in the Propulsion Lab of Hughes Space and Communications Company.  To position a satellite in space, liquid fuel was stored in tanks, carried through titanium tubing and ignited to create forceful flames for thrusting and boosting.  That burning fire is a source used to maneuver the spacecraft into the precise location and to keep it in position during its mission.  Exacting balance is required and combustion is actually a pathway to stability. 


The balancing act of life requires opposites.  Transcendence of opposites brings a level of freedom because we are no longer attached to one side or the other.  To evolve we must experience the negative and the positive.  This doesn’t necessarily require discipline and control if the pattern can be recognized and modified or even released.  THIS is tricky business.  It’s not easy to see that which sits right before our very eyes.  A certain kind of ‘seeing’ is needed. 

Do you see with eyes of attachment or detachment?  Which might be more useful?  Or might a combination of the two be the best approach for positive change?  Only you can decide for yourself related to your particular ‘something’ that you’d like to alter, modify, transform or revolutionize.   

Suggestions for your inner revolution:

  • Pinpoint your Truth – now
  • Honor and aim for that Truth
  • Do what it takes to stay on course
  • Delight in your path