Scattering into Stillness

Yesterday while I was walking along a fairly deserted road in the foothills below Sequoia National Park I was overcome by an acute sense of panic.  It was hard to comprehend, at the time, because I was surrounded by some of the most majestic scenery on the planet.  My stroll took me through Oak trees of all species, bumble bee quality flowering foliage, lush green mountains, romantic rocks, and the view of Alta Peak towering at 11,000 feet.  I compare the view of Sequoia National Park to the Swiss Alps which I visited many years ago. 

During the walk I was making a conscious effort to keep my feet on the ground and to ‘slow down’.  My mind runs amok on an ‘occasional’ basis.  The more I attempted to s l o w  d o w n the more I was consumed with a greater sense of urgency to keep moving.  I actually sensed a level of guilt for not doing more. Attempting to silence my mind put me in direct contact with its opposite: sheer panic.  Why was this happening? 

I have been rewarded quite nicely by society for accomplishing results and being in constant deed. If I slow down, “What will I do?”  “Who will I be if I’m not doing something?” “OMG, I might die if I’m not producing something!”  

These are real thoughts I experienced yesterday on what I had hoped would be a peaceful outing.  It’s ironic that one of my highest priorities, right now, is to experience Stillness.  Often is the case that our truest desire puts us in direct conflict with ‘its’ opposite.  In this case: Silence vs pandemonium. 

How does this happen?  Conditioning, patterns and addictions have formulated the path of our existence.  I’m addicted to working, producing, responsibilities, tasks, schedules and the call to perfection.  I have to classify this as an addiction because of the reaction I have when I even think about not having these scenarios in my world.  This doesn’t mean those ‘things’ are bad.  I’m simply seeking an adjustment to my internal volume control.  Might you relate? 

There are specific configurations in the hands that can point to this type of internal feeding frenzy.  See if you have any of these six designs in your hands or fingerprints.  They involve either the Life Line or the Arch fingerprint. 

To see six hand print examples and the remaining article click here to open the pdf  Scattering into Stillness by Kay Packard AAHA

Hand Analysis of The Passionate Explorer

Below are two markings in the palm of the hand to give me a clue that this 15-year-old is on a passionate exploration at Life U.   

What I explained to her:

The purple line running across your palm at the top of the hand is your heart line.  This type of line is called the Passionate heart line.  This tells me that you like excitement and despise boredom. You can express your emotions with a fire-like nature – quick and blunt.  This line also indicates that you are charismatic and people like to be around you, like they would a campfire.  People become mesmerized by the ‘colors’ you exude – blue, red, purple, orange… all those fire-like colors.  The passionate type usually does a good job at expressing her “I wants”.  While you may not always get them, expressing what you want is healthy because you express the energy that wants to be expressed like a river unblocked by a damn.  The upside of your heart line is that you are fun, outgoing, excitable, enthusiastic and passionate.  On a ‘bad day’ you can move into YOUR ‘I wants’ too deeply and forget the desires of others. To balance this it’s good to maintain your desires AND also consider the desires of others.  

The pink curving line toward the bottom outer edge of your palm tells me you seek out stimulation as an explorer and investigator.  Again, boredom will drive you crazy so it’s good that you read and have many new opportunities at high school to satisfy your inquisitiveness.  You can also think of this as being a line of curiosity; you like to keep things interesting. Seeking the un-ordinary is ordinary for you.

With the highest ranking fingerprint on your right ring finger, your Life purpose is the Artist – the Woman in the Spotlight being true to her muse.  Expressing your SELF is the most important thing you can do – it’s what you came here to do.  Your life challenge is to feel accomplished and successful while being true to YOU, standing your ground…. all on the life foundation of Peace and Harmony.  I read your ‘challenge’ from your fingerprint patterns on your right Thumb, right middle finger and left ring finger.  The arches on your fingerprints resemble mounds of the earth.  The earth is secure and provides a solid foundation.  You’ll feel best when you feel secure.

As with most things, to know one side you have to know the opposite.  When it comes to Peace, a person, like you, will best know Peace by experiencing and moving through sensations of Panic.  You may feel panic running through your body at different times under various circumstances.  The best thing you can do is to BREATE your way through it and silently remind yourself that you ARE SAFE.  You do have nice long vitality/life lines so you are able to ‘ground’ with ease. 

Observations: What’s attention-grabbing is the paradoxical combination of the deep desire for peace and harmony along with the need to explore and investigate the unusual.  Oddly enough, for this youngster, her tranquility could very well be found in her most stimulating adventures.  With a flirtatious flair, she could push the envelope, dance to the edge and sing to the masses with the circ-de-sole, as an example.


The Arch – Deciphering Your Own Fingerprints

by Kay Packard

The arch and the tented arch comprise about 5% of all fingerprint patterns found on the human finger tips and thumbs.  The arch print looks like a mound.  There is no tri-radii, as the whorl has, nor a tent pole like the ‘tented’ arch.  The arch simply looks like a mole hill you might see in the yard.  See the example below.

The Arch Fingerprint

If you’ve been reading this series, you already know that your fingerprints were permanently engraved into your fingers and thumbs in utero 16 weeks after conception. Can you imagine this mark of nature created and then locked in even before the brain was developed?

Look at your own fingerprint patterns and see if you have any arches.  If you see arches, count how many reside on your finger tips. Very few people have arches. Part one and two of this article series identified the whorl and the loop which account for about 95% of the fingerprint patterns. 

If you have one arch, out of 10 digits you may be in the school of “Peace”.  If you own two or more arches you are definitely in the school of “Peace” where you are developing your skills to feel safe in your body amidst massive amounts of chaos. To pass Life University, you contracted, from before birth, to visit this crazy planet to learn to experience peace and harmony.  Masters of peace find ways to bring harmony and balance to the world.

If you have two or more arch prints you are developing the skills of alertness, presence, ease and purity.  You’ll increase these profound attributes through repeated struggle, stress, anxiety and feeling behind. There is a method to the madness of the Universe and you are here to feel your body and to teach others to just “Be”.

In my mind, we are not here to be perfect.  We are here to live consciously and fully. On the life path of Peace one is here to enrich life through their deep, deep, deep yearning for peace and calm.  Is one at peace who is buried in projects up to their eye balls?  Possibly.  It’s up to the student to be aware of their level of peace and self-correct as needed.

People in the school of peace make fabulous fire fighters, emergency room tenants, SWAT team members, air traffic controllers in the middle of an earthquake, class-five white water rafter guides, professional motor cycle racers, sky dive teachers and mothers who have children in extraordinary circumstances.  The peaceful fingerprints I have read belong to people in these arenas. Toggling between the Prozac and adrenal addiction is a sure sign of successful trail blazing for Peace.  How could one become peace-FULL without experiencing the extremes?

The arches belong to those honoring the reliable force of nature in every way. In a sense they are taking responsibility for their role in ‘survival’ so that they experience stillness in both their work and play.  They are able to balance work and play and feel secure, stable and safe. 

The key to happiness on the life path of Peace is to breathe, get one job done at a time, and experience ‘existence’ as the root of a mighty Valley Oak tree.  While all of us are actually all on the life path of Peace, those with two or more arches have chosen, from before birth, the opportunity to delve more deeply into the lessons on the student path.

Yes, it’s a turbulent sea at Life-U. Large ocean liners are constructed to handle the biggest of storms.  You can too.  Allow yourself to “Be” on the Master Path!

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