Snowflake Gabriella

Left hand Aug. 1, 2008 (above)

Right hand Aug. 1, 2008 (above)

Right hand Aug. 2010, age 8 (above and below)

Notice inside the red circle a loop fingerprint pattern (above). It is observable, with zoom, in her prints from 2008 (age 6)  and 2010 (age 8).  The loop is Gabriella’s highest ranking fingerprint on her fingertips.    Therefore the loop in her hand gets special significance.  This section of the hand is called the Moon Zone.  This is the zone of intuition, dreams, imagination, the core identify and the subconscious mind.  Gabriella has the ability to help people understand themselves at a core level.  She may be considered an intuitive Guide for her friends and family. Her ‘job’ is to offer Spiritual direction, guidance and counsel to others.  Even children are called to perform various ‘jobs’.  It’s not likely this marking will change on the palm of her hand.  We’ll keep an eye on it.


Age 8 (and 3/4) Aug. 2010 left hand

Gabriella has star like configuration between the end of her head line (computer processer), her Mercury line (inner wisdom) and another line of ‘interruption’ on her left hand.  See the configuration inside the purple circle above.  This marking can indicate a challenge (or interruption) in determining her own desires.  At this early age she could be taking on the desires of her mother, father, grandparent or friends.  Like building a vocabulary, one word at a time, it’s important, too, to build one’s own desire system.  Exercising her “I wants’” is important at this early age so that her desire system does not become littered with others needs and wants over time.  It can lead to desire – mastery for her and others.

A few elements can now be blended into a ‘potential’ outcome.  On a good day, Gabriella may be an Intuitive Guide (Loop in Moon zone) for personal desires as a Successful Communicator (her life purpose decoded from her fingerprint patterns).  Creating this ‘potential’ requires enough work with her life challenges.  These are discussed privately with her father.