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by Kay Packard

I recently spent a few days on a stretch of cliffs overlooking the magnificent California coast line. The beaches were stunning and the jagged vertical rock walls put me in awe of the vast ocean.  During the night, with the hotel slider wide open to the sea, I heard the ceaseless waves crashing into the cliff walls. It was an absolute rush!

Well marked ‘caution’ signs were located on the railings near the edges of the cliffs.  However, those signs are in English.  People have to know English to read the signs and that’s IF they pay attention.  Of course it’s obvious not to get too close to the edge… or is it?  Dare devils and risk takers are compelled to see how far they can walk the ledge.  There are also the curious and simple minded who may misplace a foot hold and take a fatal spill.  Cars park within inches of the fence and the edge of a potential fall. Survival would be questionable after tumbling off the rim of one of these cliffs.

In life, how often are you confronted with the ‘jagged edge’?  Do you recognize when you’re approaching an unsteady frontier?  Most people operate on auto-pilot 85% of the time.  What would a ‘jagged edge’ look like to you, in your own life?

Are you the type to get closer and closer to the edge, steer clear entirely, or somewhere in between?  Can you interpret the ‘caution’ signs?  Do you know the language in print?  Are you surrounded by people who rally to boost you to your higher ground?

Life is full of opportunities to experience Divine beauty in all things.  With the splendor comes risk.  Risk is mitigated by knowing how to read the signs.  Tapping into your intuition is quite helpful in times of danger.  The brain will respond to your intuition IF the brain can ‘read the sign’. 

Your hands reveal markings that can help you, or anyone, to understand their life path, the best directions to take, how to correct after going off course and how to make sense of the most challenging obstacles.  Talents, potentials, inclinations, and motivations besides the life purpose and life lessons can be pinpointed in the hands and fingerprints to help a person live in their most empowered self.

If you want to learn to read hands, you can become skilled at identifying and articulating the trail markers around the cliffs of life. The abyss can be bypassed with greater ease.  If by chance someone has fallen off the edge with no apparent way up you can offer hope and guidance.  It’s all clearly mapped out in the hands and fingerprints.

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