Relationship Compatibility

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by Kay Packard

Relationships are core to every aspect of our life.  Imagine the number of relationship opportunities you have in a day.  You talk, text and listen.  Your body emotes and integrates. How we engage with others depends on endless factors.  We can be attracted, distracted, repulsed or neutral to other people.  Dependencies on relationships with individuals will vary from person to person. Friends, mates, co-workers, children, siblings, parents, strangers and more comprise the roles of relationships.

Each person has a different priority in maintaining relationship, to what level and how intensely.  People inclined to be more introverted than extroverted maintain a different attitude and motivation toward relationship than do those who are more extroverted.  Likewise, ‘thinkers’ will engage more logically than ‘feelers’ who live more through their emotions.

Success in relationship depends largely on you knowing what is important to you in general and at any given moment.  It also depends on you noticing how you react to words, language, beliefs, and actions of other people.  The people around us and how we observe them points directly back to ourselves and the relationship we have with our self.

In the world of hand analysis, each person has a life purpose, a life lesson and a designated life path.  Each person is on a particular training program at Life University.  This training program can be decoded from the vibrational imprint of the fingerprints.  The potential of the soul can be read from those prints and plays a part in relationships.

Key to the Heart

The heart lines in the hand shows the relationship approach of the owner.  By interpreting the heart line types in the hands you get substantial clue as to the inclinations, preferences and requirements of the affections for self and others.

Hand shapes show the personality traits of the owners.  The hand shape can show you the character a person will display in relationship.

Identification and interpretation of gift markings can tremendously help to determine talents and challenges the owner will encounter as an individual.  Those gifted characteristics may also be revealed in relationship.

Overall the consciousness one holds will affect the behavior of every single interaction in relationship.  Consciousness is Self awareness; how tuned-in one is with her own inner-operations.  I like to equate Self awareness to a level of self-love and attentiveness to a style of loving.

The hands hold a key to one’s disposition for relationship.  Through relationship people can heal.  The deepest healing involves love and the healing of love.  Love is more than an emotion; it is a power unto itself.

Consider this power of love as you entwine with another person whether it be on facebook, texting, talking or embracing.  Are you open to learning more about your style in relationship? Do you have a mate to join you in a couples reading? If so use the Contact Us form to schedule time with Kay to analyze your hands and fingerprints and articulate your love-style.