Project Snowflake Overview and Status

Project Snowflake Overview Click to see the entire overview. It may take a minute for the 15 meg file to open. Its worth the wait!

Inside you’ll meet the Kids and see how they sparkle. Read about the selection process for the children, initial observations and how this project is helping.

Selected children’s hands are being printed – with their parent’s permission – once a year or more during a ten-year period until January 2020. At times of significant changes such as starting school, changing schools, and moving, I’ll print again, if possible. I’ll share brief interpretations with the parents, in my newsletters and on my website with permission. (

I will not be making predictions or fortune telling. This is hand analysis where I’m deciphering the information as I see it in the moment, clarifying potentials and inspiring helpful dialogue.

“Although deeply rewarding, Parenting is also my toughest and most important job so I continue to seek out a variety of perspectives and insights which I believe can only help. I’ve greatly appreciated the Snowflake insights and incorporate these into my relationships with my children.” – Tracy, Snowflake Mom