Artist: Jane Packard Hardiman

Let’s explore the special characteristics shown by the “terrain” of your palms – your skin type.

Similar to a landscape revealing the natural or human-made elements of an area, the texture of your hands mirrors the characteristics of a map’s terrain. Your skin type signifies how you’re influenced by your surroundings and how you engage with life.

Gently touch your palm. Does it feel silky, smooth, dry, or coarse?

Fine and silky skin belongs to people who are most refined in personality and sensitive to their environment. Fine, silky skin is the smoothest type of texture, like baby skin. The skin ridges are very fine and can’t be felt by the touch of your finger. These people are highly receptive to the emotional vibrations in their environment. Silky skinned people have keen insight as they naturally tune into the subtleties of their surroundings.

Because they merge into the setting they are in, boundaries can be an issue. Fine and thinned skinned people are challenged to filter out sensations. They naturally meld into a person’s story or into the nuances of the mood in the room.

Medium, smooth skin belongs to people who are receptive to information, language and images conveying messages. They are curious and can appear distant. The skin is smooth but not as smooth as silky skin. The lines in the palm are more visible than the tiny fine lines in the fine skinned hand. The touch of the palm feels like a sheet of paper.

While this skin type is alert to the impressions in their surroundings, they don’t meld with their environment like the fine, smooth types. Medium skin types consider the data they’re detecting, and reflect upon the information to discern how to compartmentalize it. Medium skinned people like to share information.

Dry, grainy skin belongs to people who are active, quick to respond, excitable and intense. The lines in the palm will be thicker than the medium skin, and may appear to be more erratic. Because the skin is getting thicker and the corrugations in the skin are wider, there is less receptivity to nuances (feelings, sensations and messages) which keeps the owners restless and on the go. Dry skinned people like challenges where they can be spontaneous.

Coarse, rough-skinned people are practical, tactile, matter of fact, steady and predictable. The skin ridges feel rough to the touch and are visible to the eye. The Major Lines (Heart, Head and Life) will most likely be most eye-catching with minimal other lines. Of the four skin types, these people are least receptive to the vast energies surrounding them. They stick with what is realistic and tangible. They are pragmatic, crude, direct, prefer to be out doors tinkering, assembling or fixing things and BBQing. Coarse skinned people like to be in touch with their environment. They are silent and strong.

By understanding the “terrain” of the map in your hands (e.g. silky, smooth, dry or coarse) you can better adapt and connect in your environment or find a new one to thrive. There’s no need to force yourself to “fit in.”

Of course, in any map, we also need to consider the size and shape of the area; Earth, Air, Fire and/or Water. Blending the skin type with the handshape gives us a more fine tuned approach to the geography. Handshapes is another topic for another forum.

Being aware of and honoring the type of terrain etched in your hands will lead you to your happy place!