The Life Line ~ Systems, Stories and Strategies

The least understood line in the hand is the Life Line.

A deeply embedded belief has prevented thousands, if not millions of people from knowing more about themselves, and how to live their best life, because of this misplaced fear associated with this one line in the hand. The truth is, the structure of this line can point directly to how a person can best renew their vitality and live a more balanced life. Who can’t benefit from that!

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2-hours live via Zoom

Come hear the research collected by Kay since 2011, with handprints and first-hand stories.

During this live webinar for hand analysts Kay will walk participants through several handprints. We’ll assess each “root system” and you’ll hear stories about the owners, including how they coped and excelled during challenging times.

The Life Line is a major line in the hand. Without a deeper understanding of its interpretation, you could miss out on a key component in your readings. Identify compromised lines and get a perspective how to discuss challenges in this area of a person’s life. You can offer your clients clear strategies to shore up their depleted energy reservoir and strengthen their root system.

Predictions will not be made, however potential forecasting is a possibility, in certain cases.

Life Line

Join Kay to…

  • Better understand the meaning of the Life Line
  • Access research findings through many handprints
  • See the approximate Life Line timeline 
  • Hear supporting stories of owners with healthy looking and compromised Life Lines
  • Build your vocabulary for variations of Life Lines
  • Receive guidance how to verbally frame an analysis for different healthy and challenged lines
  • Get clues where to look in the hand to support the owner with a compromised Life Line


PDF Excerpt from Your Life Is In Your Hands – Chapter 4 Life Lines

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