Interview with Jo Hayden

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Please join me in this interview with Jo Hayden who received her AAHA Hand Analysis Certification in September 2017. Jo resides in Brisbane, Australia

Jo Hayden, CHA

Q: When, where and with who did you start your hand analysis training?

A: Jena Griffiths and Patti Barton in July 2015.

Q: When did you actually start reading hands?

A: I have been reading hands and studying them since 1991, Professionally since 2015.


Q: About how many hands do you read in a month?

A: Mini readings 20 – 30; full readings approx. 6-10.

Q: How do your 25-minute readings turn into full readings?

A: If I come across someone that has a full hand of markings and has a real desire to go deeper into their hands, I tell them about the longer reading and that they can get a copy of their hand prints with a full recorded session.

Q: What mental mindsets have been most helpful to you to increase the number of readings you are doing?

A: Passion and enthusiasm.

Q: Do you do group readings?

A: I have done home parties with a maximum of 7 readings in a day at a person’s home. I would charge $90 to $111 each. They received hand prints also.

Q: How does someone hear that you do group readings?

A: Word of mouth at Fairs and Markets.

Q: Do you mind me asking what is your current fee for a reading?

A: My current fee is $111 for 1 hour and $40 for 25 minutes at Fairs.

Q: How did you go about increasing your fee over time?  How did you know when it was time to increase your fee?

A: After I became a fully-fledged Hand Analyst, I was more able to put my price up. I really like 111 as it is an angel number and people resonate with it. I know I could put it up and have been thinking of doing this after the financial year to $125 as this number adds up to 8 and this is my personal number and my birth-name number.


Thank you Jo! This has been very inspirational.