Interview with Cathie Rodgers

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Cathie Rodgers

Cathie Rodgers, AAHA CHA

It is an honor to introduce Cathie Rodgers to you. Cathie is a Life Purpose Consultant, New Life Story Transition Coach and Certified Scientific Hand Analyst and lives in the San Francisco Bay area

Cathie, when and how did you start reading hands?

I started reading hands in 2008 after having my hands read at the Professional Business Women’s Conference. I bought Richard Unger’s book Life Prints and started reading it then practiced on my sister. I started taking online classes in 2008 and became a certified hand analyst in 2012.

Are you specializing in any particular area of hand analysis? If so, what area?

I am specializing in using hand analysis as an assessment tool for career coaching. I help corporate baby boomers discover their purpose and explore options of what they can do next in their career and their lives.

What is most meaningful to you about reading hands?

The most meaningful part of hand analysis for me is in helping the hand owner connect, reconnect and rediscover with their life purpose, life lesson and school and how they are wired mentally, emotionally and physically and can get this information and understanding all in one place.

Has your life lesson ever shown up during a reading? If so, how and what did you learn from that experience?

My life lesson is to be more vulnerable and open with others. I am finding that the clients that come to me have many of the same markings as I do. This gives me the opportunity to be vulnerable in sharing my challenges and experiences regarding these markings with them. I have learned that being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness.

How do you apply your life purpose and your life lesson, in other words, how do you see them work together?

I see my life purpose and life lesson work together by using my life lesson of sharing and being vulnerable with others to help us bond which allows me to live my life purpose of the Matriarch, the one who brings and holds a group together.

Do you charge a fee for your readings?

Yes, I do.

If yes, how did you ‘know’ it was time to start charging a fee?

When I was going for my certification I was working a day job and I thought to myself that the fastest way to read 100 hands was to do complimentary readings. After I became certified, I found that I no longer wanted to spend time doing complimentary readings. I wanted to be compensated for my time and gifts. That is when I knew it was time to start charging for readings.

Did you experience internal obstacles about charging for a HA session with you? If so, how did you overcome that obstacle?

Yes, I did at first. I was used to making a salary and speaking about fees and asking for an investment for the reading was challenging for me. Without realizing it, I just stopped doing readings for a while. Once I realized I was not reading hands because I didn’t want to read hands for free and I was challenged in asking for an investment, I decided to acknowledge the challenge and work through it in a way that worked for me. Since I am a linear thinker, I started asking for a low investment. I received this amount until I became comfortable with it then I was ready to slowly increate the amount, again and again until the amount felt right to stop at and I was comfortable with. I am sure as I continue to grow the amount will grow as well.

What are your fingerprint patterns? 

Loop Whorl Loop Loop Loop
Whorl Whorl Loop Peacock Loop

Do you have a bad experience you can share to help others avoid a similar situation?

Yes, in the first workshop I gave as a certified hand analyst there was a woman sitting in the audience with her arms crossed and a painful look on her face. I wondered what she was thinking, so, I moved to Q&A sooner than planned to see if she would open up. She did. She asked: Can you still do a reading if one has had carpal tunnel surgery on their hand? I thought to myself…so that is what is on her mind. I walked slowly over to her and asked…did you have such a surgery? She said yes, so I asked if I could see her hand. As I looked at her hand I asked my higher self for guidance as to what to say. What I said next I don’t remember but when I stopped talking she seemed happy with what was said and I was relieved. She had a full hand reading a couple of weeks later.

What advice would you give to new students of Hand Analysis?

I would advise to continue reading hands and studying the material. This field of work is never ending which is what I love about it. There is always more to learn and as you grow so will your breath of knowledge and understanding in this work grow.

What intentions do you have for your Hand Analysis practice during the next six months?

I am focusing on the finger zones and combining them with other markers in the hand to use this information in helping corporate boomers to understand what they would enjoy, and be good at, in their next chapter of life…keeping in mind that even if we retire we still need to work on our life lessons and share our life purpose with the world.

Is it okay for colleagues to contact you? If so, how do you prefer to be contacted? 

Yes, I would love to hear from the colleagues by email: