Interview with Lorraine Anne Costello

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Lorraine Anne CostelloIt is an honor and a privilege to bring to you this interview with Lorraine Anne Costello. She is an AAHA Certified Hand Analyst and lives in San Diego, California. 

When and how did you start reading hands?

I first learned about gift markings in 2010, through some very clever seminar marketing. I came away from that seminar with a basic concept of fingerprints and an in-depth understanding of gift markings. Eager to test my newfound knowledge, I grabbed my bestie’s hand and only recognized one fingerprint (he has 9 composite whorls). I quickly signed up for a class in fingerprints, then continued formal hand analysis classes in 2011.

Are you specializing in any particular area of hand analysis? If so, what is it?

Whether by intent or just opportunity, I tend to work with entrepreneurs. I find that when a business owner understands their heart lines and life school, they have great insight into their leadership style.

What is most meaningful to you about reading hands?

The palms truly reveal consistent currents of consciousness. I love discovering patterns of being that were previously hidden just out of sight. There is great power in understanding those patterns then consciously choosing to embrace, accept, then incorporate or change. In my personal journey of understanding my own hands, I found that many life events took on a whole other level of meaning by seeing those situations through the wisdom of hand analysis.

Has your life lesson ever shown up during a reading? If so, how and what did you learn from that experience?

My life lesson is about finding the right balance of responsibility. I have an irresistible tendency to take on too much. Knowing this, I set up sessions so that the responsibility is shared. I let clients know that it is not possible to cover the entire hand in one session. I tell the client that this time is theirs and to ask lots of questions which will direct me deeper into the interpretations that are of particular interest to them.

How do you apply your life purpose and your life lesson, in other words, how do you see them work together?

My life purpose is passion. That translates into being an enthusiastic cheerleader for the person that I am reading, for their questions and their understandings. It is tempting to want others to be as passionate about hand analysis as I am, but that would be taking responsibility for their experience and falling hopelessly into my life lesson. Instead, I stay clear of those who are just curious about hand analysis and gravitate to others who have a passion for insight and personal growth.

Do you have a fee set for your readings?

Many readings are tied into another service (branding and small business leadership consulting). If someone just wants to have their hands read, my fee is $125 an hour.

If yes, how did you ‘know’ it was time to set a fee a fee?

Once I was certified and no longer looking for volunteers to practice, I treated the training with the same respect that I have for any other professional license. I was already seeing clients through my spiritual counseling license and chose to keep the rate for my time the same for hand analysis.

Did you experience internal obstacles about charging for a HA session with you? If so, how did you overcome that obstacle?

Yes! I struggled with how to shift existing relationships with people who followed me during the 3+ years of study, people who generously let me look for markings and then shared their unique experience of the marking. I truly felt that I wouldn’t have the depth of understanding without their support. For those whose hands I printed during my studies, I created an audio recording of the interpretation and threading of the most prominent features in their hands. I thanked them for their participation in my education and offered a discount if they wanted to gift their friends or family a session. I am still working my way through all of the prints that were gifted to me. This process helps me feel complete with their generosity and effectively transitions our relationship from being student/volunteer to certified analyst/client.

Lorraine’s fingerprint patterns? 


Loop Arch Arch Entwined Loop Loop
Loop/Arch Entwined Radial Loop Arch Loop/Arch/Tented Arch Loop


Do you have a ‘bad’ experience you can share to help others avoid a similar situation?

Yes! I made the mistake of reading someone who was just curious. I wanted them to come away with some insight and there was much to be shared in this person’s hand. But when someone who is curious about hand analysis, they want information and insight about the history, accuracy, and errors of hand analysis. They are not necessarily looking for information and insights about themselves. In that moment, I discovered the sweet spot of my target market.

What advice would you give to new students of Hand Analysis?

While learning the database, be mindful of what is most thrilling for you in the process. There are so many aspects and applications of this practice, find the parts you love and begin there. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

What intentions do you have for your Hand Analysis practice during the next six months?

I am working on a class that correlates spiritual practices with hand analysis insights for deeper understanding and integration.

Thank you, Lorraine Anne Costello!

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