Illuminating Your Style

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The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards mesmerized me from my big American screen TV last night. Riveted to every word spoken and adoring each voluptuous glamour shot I drooled. I LOVE to match movie star actor characteristics to markings in the hands, especially the heart lines and hand shapes.  Perhaps a strong finger description reveals itself for an added bonus.

One piece of advice I heard is something that we all can benefit from in our entrepreneurial businesses.  Angela Jolie answered a Twitter question from a young, new, enthusiastic, actor to the industry.  The question asked for her counsel how to break into the film industry.  To my surprise she responded with “go out into the world and gain experience; travel.”  “Get a wide variety of experience and find out who you are.”  She added, “Then bring that back to your acting”. Wow, I would have thought of 20 other answers she could have given.  However, I loved her answer because any new, enthusiastic entrepreneur can embrace and shine with that same advice.

What I heard Angela say is “Find out who you are and develop your style.  I love comedy.  Tina Fey, Lucille Ball, Jack Black, Jim Carry, Mary Tyler Moore, and Alec Baldwin are some of my favorite comedians.  Consider each of them individually.  They’re each in the over-arching category of comedian but each has his and her own style. 

Hand Analysts for example, can use the breadth of experience outside of reading hands to tightly weave into their practice.  In fact, life experience is imperative for the success of the Hand Analyst.  Life Purpose Fulfillment of the Practitioner is crucial when coaching, mentoring, guiding and advising their clients.

If you’re a Hand Analyst, consider these steps:

1)      Go out and LIVE – fully

2)      Be present in all of your experience

3)      Observe your life lesson at play

4)      Notice your life lesson catalyzing your life purpose

5)      Witness, embrace and SHOW YOUR style

Bring YOU into to your practice.  Tina Fey doesn’t act like Jim Carry or Lucille Ball, although they may have influences on Tina. There is only one Tina