Training: Gift, Wisdom and Intuition Markings 


Are you ready to advance on your life path by embracing the meaning of these markings encoded in your hands?


Do you experience blocks on your life journey but can’t put your finger on what they are, or why?


Let’s add over 54 essential markings to your database so you can deliver profoundly insightful readings to your clients?


During this 11 2-hour live virtual webinar program with Kay you will receive:
  • Hand maps and prints showing the precise location of Gift, Wisdom, Intuition and more markings
  • A summary sheet with descriptions of the 18 gift markings
  • Student handprints and stories used as learning aids
  • Confirmation of these sacred symbols found in your hands
  • Extensive and rich course content including written and verbal descriptions of each of these markings
  • Upside and downside possibilities of each marking and how to talk about the possibilities for optimal living
  • Tips how embrace the meaning of these patterns and speak to your clients about them
  • Coaching questions to inspire your client for deep self-discovery and follow-up sessions
  • Blending template to pinpoint the core theme these designs are pointing to in the owner’s life
  • Completion of this module toward the AAHA Level 3 10-month Hand Analysis Certification with Business Breakthrough Techniques
  • Partner practice (optional)
  • Recordings after each class

Sep. 12 – Dec. 19, 2021

11 2-hour sessions on Sundays 10:00-12:00PM Pacific Time

Open to 5 students

Sample page from your student workbook.

Prerequisite: Level 1 & 2 Hand Analysis with AAHA or IIHA Teacher


This workshop is ideal for curious and serious hand analysts who want to learn more about themselves and bring their wisdom and passion out into the world to guide people to transform their lives in positive ways.


Learn how to unmistakably identify gift, wisdom, intuitive markers and more so that you increase the value of your readings for your clients and dive more profoundly into your own interior life.


Hear how to speak to the positive and negative possibilities of the gift, wisdom and intuitive markings.


Tuition: $1,997


Sep. 12 – Dec. 19, 2021

11 2-hour sessions on Sundays 10:00-12:00N Pacific Time


Without this program what’s at stake for students is continued doubt about pattern recognition, hesitation about blending and threading, and ambiguity how to language challenges in a positive way.


Kay is here to empower YOU with more self-knowledge so you can make powerful choices in your life.


Class sizes are kept small to assure all questions are answered.


Use the contact form to schedule a no obligation conversation to answer your questions, to apply or to enroll.


If you’re you ready to say, ‘yes’ contact Kay today and lock in your seat.


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