Hands Full of Healing

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Might you have Healer markers in your hands?  Let’s find out.

What does the word “healing” mean to you?  The Webster’s dictionary describes healing: ‘to make sound or whole; to restore to health; mend; to patch up; to restore to original purity or integrity’.

Healers facilitate and motivate others to function from a higher level.  We are all healers in our own way at one time or another…and when we choose to be.  Most of us can cite examples where we’ve been stimulated to be and feel better mentally, physically and/or spiritually because of something someone did, said or how they listened.

In the hands are various markers which identify their owners as a “healer”.  Doctors, nurses, veterinarians, chiropractors, psychotherapists, and dentists are mainstream healers.  Examples of alternative healers are massage therapists, Reiki masters, cranial sacral therapists, herbalogists, acupuncturists, ministers and astrologers.  Hairstylists, manicurists, teachers, musicians, photographers, chefs and jewelry makers may also qualify as healers.  However, not all “healers” by profession have healer-markers in their hands.  Likewise, some who have never considered healing as life work may have healer markings in their hands.

Healer markers located on the hands can appear and disappear over time.  Some remain for a lifetime.  Skilled hand analysts can help decipher and explain these markers. When the markers appear, it is an announcement that this individual has ‘signed up’ to connect with others in a deeper and more meaningful way. The indicators in the hands are calling out to the owner of the hands saying “it’s time to see your life-work with a new perspective.”

When a marker is seen in the hands the owner is being summoned to become available to facilitate others toward wholeness and well-being. There are a number of markings that reveal natural healing in the hands.  Below are three examples.

The ‘gifted healer’ marking is one of these indicators.  On one or both hands there may be 5-10 short vertical lines (stripes) etched into the top of the palm just under the pinkie finger.  See Example below. The vertical lines are highlighted in black for location clarity only.

Gifted Healer with Vertical ‘Stripes’ under the Pinkie Finger

The owner of this gift mark has an extraordinary level of self awareness that others unconsciously (or consciously) recognize.  Others are often drawn to this person for inspirational insights.  People generally feel better after being with the ‘gifted healer’ because, in a sense, they become transformed.  The key for the owner of the stripes is that they need to be using their abilities and talents as a profession, full time, earning income for their gift.  If they don’t they usually suffer from dead end relationships or blocked intimacy in existing relationships.  The skills required are to TRUST the SELF – to respond to their knowingness – or intuition.  This person will be regularly confronted with lessons to learn to trust their own inner guidance system.  Well, truth is, we all need to do that, but the ‘gifted healer’ has ‘signed up’ to offer to catalyze growth or pay the penalty.


Curving Head Line

Another healer marker on the hand is indicated by the head line starting an inch or so below the index finger on the inside of the palm and is drawn downward toward the middle of the palm then curves down to the lower center part of the palm, near the wrist.   See the example to the left with the head line stretching between the arrows.

This type of head line is not to be mistaken for the life line.  The life line is the line closest to the inset of the thumb and wraps around the mount at the base where the thumb plugs into the palm.

The owner of this long and curvy head line can work in the deepest part of their emotions.  He or she is wired to support others who are also moving in and out of the abyss.  Hospice workers utilize this symbol through their service by creatively connecting individuals with emotions related to sadness and loss.  If the owner of this line is unaware of their calling they might find him or herself in and out of depressive states of being without understanding why.  A benefit of sitting with these deep and sometimes disturbing emotions is the acquired ability to compassionately help others who also struggle in this arena.


One other type of healer-marker on the hand is having a fingerprint in the shape of a whorl on both pinkies or the left pinkie only.  A whorl print looks like the rings circling the core of a cut down tree.  The skills required here are to communicate openly and completely in relationship.  If in partnership, he or she must communicate fully and appropriately to their partner.  Speaking the truth promotes valuable communication in relationship and thus advances intimacy – characterizing one’s deepest nature.  Intimacy allows and inspires a whole relationship with others and oneself.  One must talk about their feelings and express what does or doesn’t work for them.  This can also be associated with appropriate surrender – not too much, not too little – just right- like Goldilocks.

In all cases, a healer must listen – to his or her inner self and to the other – and then follow their intuitive guidance.  As one learns to communicate with clarity, from their ‘truth’, he or she will find more opportunities for uplifting others.  This will also give the person a more complete and whole feeling ‘within’.   Voila’- the creative space for healing is more expansive AND accessible than before.

Whether you’ve found any of these markers on your hands, or you’re already working as a Healer, any of these skills will contribute to your success:  1) Trust your Self – what you SENSE (see, hear, feel, smell, intuit)   2) Allow your feelings to surface  3)  Communicate your feelings and wants  4)  Embrace all lessons with gratitude.  All associated growth will help others besides yourself.

Remember, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.  It’s not the healer’s job to fix another being.  Healers actually help shift the perspective of an individual when s/he is ready and willing.  Are you ready, willing and open to practice the skills necessary to encourage others to launch into their higher Being?  It could make a difference beyond your wildest dreams.

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