Another exciting year with an extraordinary hand reading community! It’s called the AAHA Worldwide Resource Community (WWRC).

Art by Mary DeLave

In this virtual community we’ll expand greater understanding and knowledge about hand reading around the world.




Four 90-minute live community webinars for hand readers to ask questions, share your knowledge and deepen your confidence

One 25-minute private hand reading from Kay to offer pinpointing and unique support

Confirmation of 5 sets of fingerprint patterns via email or text

Prosperity tips proven to support your personal and business endeavors

A variety of templates to support your readings, business advances and increased income

Included in your 2022 membership (Valued at $1,000)


Four 90-minute mastermind webinars 

Handprints submitted by members will be analyzed and discussed – aiming for the key in the hand.  All calls will be live with webinar screen sharing. Recordings will be sent to participants after each meeting. (Value: $450)

Live webinar gatherings with this hand reading community are scheduled for the following Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 pm Pacific Time. 

Jan. 19

Apr. 20

Jul. 20

Nov. 9

One 25-minute life purpose reading with Kay

You will be offered pinpointing and unique support, based on your submitted handprints, to encourage you on your life path. This reading can be transformative and validating, even if you’ve had one or more readings already. You may choose instead, to use this time for me to analyze the prints of a client, friend or family member. (Value: $125)

What members said about the 25-minute readings they received


Thank you so much Kay for all your wonderfully helpful and inspiring input. I have listened to the audio recording and I commend your amazing abilities to understand what I was saying. We covered a lot of ground in the 30-minutes or so that we were together, and I can’t wait to implement the info and ideas you shared with me. – SR

The sooner you have your reading, with Kay the sooner you will be able to cherish what she sees in your hands. She speaks to your soul. She decodes your profound truth and it is so very inspiring and moving. It just gives you a boost to want to embrace all of life. Much love and gratefulness. – SG

Give yourself this gift, you will be so happy you did. I had my reading with her last week and I came away reinvigorated, delighted and with renewed focus!!!  Kay brilliantly found a door that had not yet been opened pertaining to my Life Purpose, taking it to a completely new level for me. I have been journeying through some new and uncertain territory this past year and Kay’s brilliant insights shot me to a whole new level as I continue to trust this inward process.– AB

Thank you so much for the reading. I actually see myself in a whole new light. Everything made so much sense. And you are just amazing. Following the hand analysis path just makes even more sense. GK

I wanted to share with you that I was not going to get my 25 min hand reading with Kay. I thought things like “Oh she is so busy” and “I don’t want yet another interpretation of my hands” or best of all “I am happy hiding out” … The universe conspired though and Kay and I did set up a reading. I would encourage you to get your 25 min reading with Kay because:  1 – Kay is so perceptive, encouraging & supportive that the reading was inspiring.  2 – I find she has a knack of making people feel great about themselves.  3 – I loved my reading & found new ways to look at my personal journey and you just might too.  4 – Last but not least it was fun and I got to spend one on one time with Kay! – MD


There’s more….


Receive confirmation of 5 sets of fingerprints

At any time throughout the year, when you receive questionable fingerprints or other markings in the hands, you simply email the handprints to me and I will respond via email, ideally within 24 hours. (Value $150)

Business Building Techniques

Receive templates and live group coaching to support your business growth including:

  • How and why to establish this daily tracking exercise to shatter your glass money ceiling. (Value $75)
  • Freeze Frame and Reframe your thinking to increase your business, faster. (Value $125)
  • Initiate the design of your Signature System so that you and your clients are clear how you can help them. (Value $125)
  • Key questions to ask your clients to receive the most relevant testimonials, and where to use them. (Priceless)


Participating in this hand reading community is a sure-fire way to stay tuned in to your studies during 2022!


Julie said: I really love these classes! I’ve grown so much from the dialogs. I am a better palm reader for them.

Linda said: Kay’s WWRC for hand analysts is a wonderful opportunity to come together to share knowledge and insights along with the ability to learn from each other as we review handprints that our colleagues have submitted for review. 

We look forward to having you be part of this insightful and inspiring hand reading community.