This Level 4 Soul Centered Scientific Hand Analysis program is sure to deliver a stellar agenda resulting in increased skills, knowledge and profit.

This is a prime opportunity to expand your business offerings with soul, increase confidence and clarity, and build bonds with fellow committed and professional hand analysts.


Does this sound like you?

You are a certified hand analyst and you’re ready to take your practice to a new level.

You’re feeling stuck and wanting a way to keep consistent and inspired in your practice.

You’re wondering how to grow your vocabulary, advance your skills and experience with confidence.

You’re full of creative ideas, but missing a clear plan to generate consistent business income right now.

You would you like to join together with an intimate group of professional hand analysts for mutual support, expanded learning, and sharing ideas for income generating activities and strategies.

You enjoy challenging yourself and you’re ready to be committed, decisive and make success happen.


If  this is you then you’re not alone and a solution is here, now.

All you need is an experienced teacher who will guide you through your next level of training giving you additional learning material and concrete business support that is quick, simple and easy to implement, so that you can attract a steady stream of ideal clients. The results? More confidence, increased income, connection with colleagues, and a life you love.

Here’s the bundle of topics we’ll join in together so you build confidence, expand your knowledge and generate greater income with soul:

  1. Dive deeper into your existing knowledge of Hand Shapes, Gift Markings and Heart Lines, while gaining penetrating practice blending and threading.
  2. Learn how to identify Vocational Indicators in the hands and get done-for-you templates to immediately use to consult your new or past clients to lean into and create their ideal vocation.
  3. Identify very Challenging Markings in the Hands and learn how to FRAME Uplifting and Inspiring messages for your clients.
  4. Expose yourself to step-by-step methods to Build Your Soul Centered Profit Pyramid, Tap into the Soul and Success of your business with EFT and How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It ®


Immerse yourself in these 15 specialized classes 

Vocational Indicators in the Hands

It’s All About Love, Baby

All in the Family (Groups and Teams, too)

Advanced Gift Markings

The Healers Path

Identify Challenge Markings in the Hands and Frame Uplifting and Inspiring Messages for Your Clients

Advanced Hand Shape Archetypes

Build Your Soul Centered Profit Pyramid 

Tap into the Soul of Your Business 

Understand the Meaning of Damaged Life Lines and Give Your Clients Crucial Guidance

Blending and Threading

Plus 5 hours of private mentoring with Kay throughout the year to discuss your client handprints and get specific business coaching

BONUS: How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It 


Stay tuned for next program offering and catalogue of topics

Give yourself permission to be bold and brilliant as an advancing professional Hand Analyst.

Lori Danyluk

Lori Danyluk

What I valued most about the Level 4 training with Kay is an impossible sentence to finish.  How could I choose amongst possibilities like: a) Kay’s inspiring blend of brilliance and warmth,  b) content and training that has transformed my work as a Hand Analyst, and immensely increased the value my clients receive, c) interacting with, and learning from, the other fascinating hand analysts in the course, and d) the new and profound insights into me and my own personal and professional development – that Kay incorporated into each conversation.  I jump at every chance to learn from Kay and Level 4 absolutely exceeded every expectation.  Deep gratitude and love.” – Lori Danyluk, IIHA Certified Hand Analyst, AAHA Level IV, Canada


Yes! I want to enroll in this 10-month Soul Centered Scientific Hand Analysis Program! 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll in the Soul Centered Scientific Hand Analysis Program

Live classes via webinar

Student Workbooks

In class and take home assignments

Done-for-you templates and checklists

Book recommendations

Class recordings

At the end of this program you will have exactly what you need to deliver expanded knowledge to your clients and generate more income in your business.


Now, you may be wondering, Kay this sounds exciting, but what is my investment?”

Consider how having more focus, structure and guidance to create your successful business means to you – more freedom, helping more people, generating more income, spending more time with people you care about.

What if you had the classes, the practical tools and the mindset breakthroughs to eliminate doubts that are holding you back…what would be possible for you in your business?

Knowing that struggling on your own is costing you in time, money, and energy – are you willing to invest NOW to get on the path to success in your business and your life?

I hope your answer is “YES!”

To make this easy, here are two investment choices:

For everything – all of the live classes (including recordings), step-by-step training, student workbooks, additional templates and checklists, and 5 mentor sessions – your investment is (To be announced).

So … are you ready to dive more deeply into your hand analysis database, join with a community of professionals, begin attracting more clients and generate more income in your business?

Complete the application, email it to Kay and secure your spot today

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If you prefer, we can schedule a call to immediately cover the application process.

The program is limited to only 5 Certified Hand Analysts to assure maximum attention, engagement and learning.

AAHA and non-AAHA CHA’s are invited

Simply use the contact form to say, “YES, I’m ready to hear more about this program, submit my application and sign up!” You’ll then be invited to have a quick conversation with Kay to get all of your questions answered get you started. [LIVE] Webinar 

We’d love to have you!