Help facilitate your client’s dreams to come true as you pinpoint the vocational indicators in their hands using the art and science of hand analysis.

The personalized book of life is inscribed into everyone’s hands.

During this live webinar-course you will learn everything you need to know to get started helping clients clarify their ‘right’ vocation based on the unique map you read in their hands. One’s true vocation acts like a law of Nature and it is precisely inscribed into the palms and fingerprints. Engage your existing database, experience, skills, intuition, and passion.

In this course:

  • Learn how to clarify your client’s unique vocation using your hand analysis database
  • Review a checklist of key components in the hands that translate to vocational reference points
  • Get reading templates to prepare for and use during your client sessions
  • Hear examples how to explain your client’s strengths and weaknesses and help them overcome obstacles to success
  • Examine handprints for vocational indicators during class to practice and build confidence
  • Receive a list of ‘combinations of aspects’ associated with specific vocations
  • Learn how to activate your clients mission and principal aim in life
  • Access your intuition to deeply connect with your clients during your sessions
  • Receive a script to invite clients to hire you for a vocational consultation
  • Plan to immediately apply class contents and templates with past, current and/or new clients
  • 4 hours of class time + student workbooks + recordings 
  • 2 private 1-hour sessions with Kay to review your client handprints for vocational indicators
Prerequisite: 21 hours Foundations Intensive (or equivalent) and knowledge of Gift Markings.

“Never desert your own line of talent. Be what nature intended for you, and you will succeed.”

– Sydney Smith

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Tuition $697 

Take the guesswork out of figuring out how to conduct a vocational selection consultation. I’ve done it for you and it works! Done-for-you templates will provide the exact steps to take so that you can guide your client to define their ideal vocation using the unique map marked in their hands along with helping them detect their mission from the inside out. They are going to LOVE you for this!


Continuity of purpose is one of the most essential ingredients of happiness in the long run, and for most people this comes chiefly through their work. – Bertrand Russell
What Hand Analysts have said after completing this course with Kay:

You are a very good teacher, clear in your delivery and the information you provided on Vocational Indicators in the hands was very easy to understand. I feel confident in what you taught me to know how to bring vocational focus into my readings when necessary. 

– Amanda O’Keeffe, CHA


What I enjoyed about this Vocational Selection workshop, as all of Kay’s workshops, is how the class material is laid out in an organized, structured way with a clear goal in mind. 

Knowing how to read the individual markings in a client’s hand is one thing. Pulling together the markings to create a clear picture of the client’s vocation is another. And, sharing examples of how to live this vocation in the world is yet another.

In this workshop, I experienced discovering and communicating the client’s vocation much easier once I learned what to look for and how to blend the information together with the vocational indicators step-by-step system.

I blend my training with Kay, as a Scientific Hand Analyst, with being a Life, Career and Retirement coach.   After sharing with one particular client the individual markings in her hands then pulling the markings together and sharing with her, her vocation, she said: “I have learned more about myself in one hour with you than six months with my therapist.” Cathie Rodgers, CHA

I have listened to the recordings of the vocational indicators classes several times. I’m very happy for all the templates and your structured way to analyze hands. Your vocational reading template is very useful. I haven’t thought to do the upside and downside of a marking, but I find it very helpful and will practice this in all my analysis going forward. It also gives me a better understanding of the client.

Today I had the special session about vocation with one of my clients. It went very well. She had some aha moments even though we have talked some of the things through before (like her life purpose) – and I got a lot of great feedback on how to turn this into a package version I could offer to my clients.

One thing that is important for potential students to know is that they will get thorough insights in how to capture, structure and communicate the vocational selection in a way that comprises both when the client is at their best and when they are at their worst – giving the client a feeling of wholeness and a map to guide from wherever they are. – Louise Neel Hoeyer, CHA

Vocational Hand Analysis class from Kay Packard has enhanced my ability to give more information to clients that are seeking a new opportunity in their career. Focusing on specific markings in the hands, combinations of prints and learning more about the client’s gifts and working with them on how to get there is part of what is taught in this class. By utilizing this knowledge, I know what the client’s current vocation might be and help them figure out blocks that they are going through, what might keep them in the same place, or what special talents they bring to their profession and how they can use this to gain the successful outcome they desire. – Stephanie Parish, AHA

This workshop is an excellent and well-structured review on scientific hand analysis specifically for a client’s purposeful job search. Kay handles questions with a deft hand and the delicate precision necessary for the important task of helping people find meaningful work. For analysts wanting a step-by-step outline for their vocational sessions, this workshop is for you! – Joyce Orias, AIA, Architect & Scientific Hand Analyst. 


I enrolled in this workshop because I wanted to learn to narrow down my readings to a specific niche that I find most valuable, appropriate career selection. I’ve been unhappy in my career far too long now, but have learned my strengths and blind spots since getting certified as a hand analyst. It has allowed me to face my challenges and get out of my penalties so I could utilize the upside to my purpose as Innovative Leader.

I want to help others to tap into that well spring of information within themselves, and apply it successfully on practical, everyday matters in their career, and lives.  If you are interested in joining this workshop I want you to know, it’s worth it! – Joey Page, CHA

“The true vocation of man is to find his way to himself.” – Hermann Hesse

If you’re ready to add Vocational Selection to your service offerings and help people live into their best life then don’t wait another minute – sign up today while seats last!