Print your hands with ease after watching this short video and following the instructions below:

Let’s Get Inky!  

Instructions for printing your hands and fingertips

Approximate time to complete: 10 minutes.  Please read through instructions before starting.

Note:  If you have any cuts or open wounds on either of your hands, please wait until they are healed before printing your hands.


Remove jewelry. Wash hands and let dry.

Before starting, set up materials on countertop near sink with running warm water.


4-6 pieces of 8 ½ X 11 blank white paper

Pre inked velum/paper set (6″X10″ fingerprint ink sheets available for purchase at or from the AAHA- Email for client readings)

Paper towels 

Soap and gentle scouring pad to wash ink off hands after printing

Example of printed hand and finger tips (below)

Getting started

Lay out stack of 4-6 pieces of 8 ½ X 11 white paper on countertop.

Set pre-inked paper set next to stack of white paper

Carefully, pull apart the pre-inked paper set by pulling top sheet away from the bottom sheet at one of the corners.

Turn over the top sheet of pre-inked paper so that both inked sides are facing up, next to each other.


Start with your right hand.

Step 1:  Lay your right hand on one of the two inked sheets of paper/velum. Firmly, press on the back of your hand so that your palm and fingers are pressed into the ink. With the sheet of inked paper still stuck to your hand, lift your hand and press the inked paper into the center of your palm and fingers.  Move the inked sheet around your hand so that the ink is distributed evenly over your hand. Your entire palm, fingers, finger tips should all be well coated with ink. Pull the inked paper off of your hand and be sure your entire hand is covered in ink. Reapply the same ink sheet if needed to any area of your hand that is missing ink. Set the inked paper aside.

Step 2:  With your inked hand and fingers in a comfortable and natural position, press your hand onto the 8 ½ X 11 blank white paper. Lay your hand onto the paper beginning with the base of the palm, slowly pressing as you push firmly down through to the top of the hand, ending with the upper sections of your fingers. With your hand on the paper, press the back of your hand, fingers and fingertips. Lift your hand, with the paper attached to your hand, gently press up underneath the paper so that the paper presses into the center of your palm, and your fingers. Pull the white paper off your hand and set your handprint aside. See that you have a print of your entire hand, including the center of your palm, and fingers, as much as possible. Sometimes the center of the palm does not print, that’s okay. Do the best you can do. If needed, you can use the same pre-inked sheet and reapply more ink and take a 2nd print.

Step 3: Print each fingertip on the bottom of the two papers with your handprint (see example included).  Place the appropriate digit under each label (Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring and Pinkie) Starting with your thumb, place your thumb on the inked sheet of paper enough to cover the entire upper section of your thumb. Take your inked thumb and press it onto one of sheets with your handprint starting at the lower left side of the print, under your palm print. Repeat this for each of your fingers. A print of your index fingerprint pattern should be placed next to your thumbprint, on the bottom of the page. In a row, repeat with your middle, ring, and pinkie fingers. Then label each of your fingerprints as noted in Fig. 2.

Step 4: Wash your hands with soap, warm water and a scrubbing pad (if needed).

Step 5:  With you left hand repeat step 1 thru 3 on another blank piece of 8 ½ X 11 white paper.

Step 6:  Write your first and last name and the date the print was taken on all sheets with your handprints.

Let prints dry on counter top before stacking them together.

For clients:  After prints are dry, return 2 sets of prints of each hand and fingerprints in the US mail to Kay in the pre-addressed and stamped envelope.  Please include your payment with your handprints (Check payable to Kay Packard or Paypal to  We’ll schedule your appointment as soon as  your hand prints are received. 

Example Print

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