How to Identify Challenge Markings in the Hands and What to Do About Them

For beginning and advanced Hand Readers who want to identify specific challenge markings in the hands and learn what to do and say about them.

Do you protect yourself from hurt, pain and suffering? Have you considered how much energy you use trying to avoid irritation, frustration, disappointment and opposition?

What if there was a way to identify personal challenges, see them with a new perspective, and receive remedies to eliminate them?

Well, there is a way!

Using the map inscribed in your hands we can easily pinpoint the sources of significant challenges in your life. Learn to clearly recognize specific markings found in the hands that present unmistakable obstacles to living a more fulfilling life.

With proper language you can interpret what they mean including both the negative AND positive possibilities. Yes, there are positive aspects in very difficult challenge markings in the hands. Learn how to frame uplifting and empowering messages, based on those difficult markings, and inspire deep personal growth.

This workshop is designed to introduce you to several markings in the hands that can indicate significant difficulties for the owners of those markings.

Imagine living a life in balance with more clarity, confidence and joy simply by knowing more about challenge markings in the hands and what to do with them.

In this LIVE webinar-workshop with Kay

– Learn how to clearly recognize 30 different challenge markings that can appear in the hands


– Learn how to interpret what they mean, how difficult they can be to live with and how to use them for growth

– Gain insight into both the negative and positive possibilities of these markings

– Practice using a template to integrate a series of challenge markings and create a unique treasure map leading to hidden opportunities

– Learn how to develop uplifting and inspiring statements for each challenge marking

– Reference your own and other participant’s handprints

– Receive an extensive student workbook with markings identified and key notes

– Receive individualized mantras for you and your challenge markings

– 5 hours and 15 minutes of class time

– Class recordings

– Leave the course feeling revived for relationship, family, career most importantly – yourself

*BONUS* One 30-minute mentor session with Kay to focus on your challenge markings and personalized mantras for breaking through barriers.

With proper perspective, challenge markings in the hands illuminate the map through pain and suffering into life with confidence, clarity and personal power. The key is in your hand!

Class meets 3 times for 1 hour and 45 minutes each time

Stay tuned for this workshop to be offered again in the future.

Beginners and advanced, U.S. and international students welcome

As needed, a printing kit and instructions will be mailed to you as soon as your payment is received. You won’t want to miss out on your hand prints being used as part of this class. Allow time to receive your kit, print your hands, and return them to Kay’s office. It’s easy!