Something inside of me has radically shifted. I couldn’t explain what was happening but I was losing motivation to do what I have most love doing.

One day this last week I woke up and cancelled two significant programs I was planning to lead during 2023. Another program in the wings is now on hold. This brought a sense of respite on one hand but complete unsettledness on the other hand.
Then what?
A session with my astrologer pinpointed exactly what I was feeling. He described me being on a seesaw with wanting both a life in complete solitude and being visible in the community I’d been serving. This visual was a tremendous validation and relief. 

He suggested I take a sabbatical. That immediately hit home for me.
What’s a sabbatical?
Sabbaticals are for taking time off to pursue life enhancing activities, rest and renewal. Traditionally, sabbaticals are common in academia. I’ve been developing curricula and delivering courses in hand analysis since 2005. I founded an academy in 2010 to teach students how to read hands. I’ve researched and published two books to show people how to read their own hands to gain insight and make powerful life choices. This is likened to being a professor.
So… it’s official; I’m now on sabbatical.
Why a sabbatical?
Because I want to take time off to: 
– Be in active pursuit of purpose
– Explore new directions
– Perform research
– Deepen cultural perspective through travel
– Nurture my soul

I plan to journal and share articles about what I learn in hopes of enriching others’ lives, too.  
How long? Maybe 9 – 14 months but I can’t be sure. I will continue to correspond via email, however, less often. 
This is an amazing opportunity to recharge, reinvent and contribute my utmost to universal welfare.