In the hands, specific line formations create various gift markings. Not everyone has a gift marking. Some people have three or more.


When people hear the expression, ‘gift marking’ it sounds sexy and inviting. People want to have one and are eager for me to point it out and speak about its meaning. However, these glyphs come with a distinct warning that must be grappled with for the genius to come to light.


Gift markings identify precise talent that is so potent that they are a call to the owner of the hands for immediate attention and use. If the special talent is not used there is an associated challenge. I want to help you see the associated challenge, like a flashing road sign, and give aid to your decision to pursue the mission of the marker.


It’s important to note, individuals do find reasons, whether consciously or unconsciously, not to inhabit their exceptional-ability-indicators. For example, someone may be a Gifted Messenger but getting that message clarified and distributed to the masses requires stillness to tune in and hear it – along with time management. A sure-sign the message is blocked appears as one running but getting nowhere, fast.


These distinctive etchings illustrate aptitude, ability, skill, capability, qualifications and high potential. But will they be realized? The more gift markings in the hands, the more loudly each will call to be noticed. But which ones need the most attention and consistent outlet for expression? One of my certification students who had several of these markings in her hands likened each one to a pack of wolves – some hungrier than others.


Join my upcoming Gift, Wisdom, and Intuition Markings program.

Come learn about:

  • Various gift, wisdom and intuition markings
  • How to spot these, and more markings, in your hands
  • What to do to bring them to life
  • How to handle the attached challenges that are promised with each one