Flowing on Purpose – Vertical Lines in Your Hands

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THE VERTICAL LINES of the hands reveal an urge for expression of life force related to the fingers under which they lie. Each of the four lines is named according to the finger toward which it rises: Jupiter (index), Saturn (middle), Apollo (ring), and Mercury (pinkie). The lines may be short or long. There may be two or more lines beneath a single finger, or there may be none at all.

A vertical line represents the flow of sustenance and supporting strength, with the characteristics of the finger it supports, like the root of a plant.  For example, a Jupiter Line extends the force of the Jupiter finger in the form of inspiration. The Saturn Line shows the owner’s yearning for effort and responsibility.  The Apollo Line spotlights the creative urge, and the Mercury Line depicts the curiosity of a seeker.

Vertical Lines in the Hand

Vertical Lines in the Hand

When analyzing vertical lines, consider the length, quality, and quantity. Clear, deep, and long lines carry more force than short faint lines.  If there are multiple vertical lines under one finger, each carries extra force of that kind.  Having extra lines isn’t always better; rather, it indicates more opportunity for expression of that type of energy.

Think of these lines as electrical wiring, allowing currents of energy to flow and support the attributes of the associated fingers. The longer the vertical lines, the more energy they carry. The presence of several parallel vertical lines indicates extra energy that may appear as having too many choices to make related to the particular line. The condition of the finger itself is also significant here. The stronger and straighter the finger, above the vertical line, the better and more positively the associated characteristics will be expressed. At least, there is a potential for greater expression.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Saturn Line, AKA the Fate Line, the Career Line, and the Money Line. You can design success strategies in your life by interpreting your Line of Effort.