The following article is intended to give you insight into the cornerstone of my upcoming EFT, Mythology and Mantras 6-Session workshop. Session #2 will focus on money because you’re worth it.

Story Lines

Have you considered how your beliefs and mental constructs unconsciously direct your stories, decisions and actions around money?

Phrases I’ve heard people say are…

“I hate money.”

“I always seem to just have enough to get by.”

“As quickly as it comes in, it goes out.”

“All that I need will show up – some way, somehow.”

“Money is my friend.”

These money lines range from negative to positive. Can you imagine how the [repeating] story affects the money outcome in a person’s life with each of the above phrases?

What story or phrase do you most say about money? What do you teach others through your words (thoughts and beliefs) about money?

What is the source of your money story? Did you hear aunt Matilda or uncle Fred make a statement about money that you find yourself repeating now?

Only when we get real about our thoughts and beliefs around money can we create new, empowering and lasting money choices.


In mythology Saturn is related to harvest and time. Trees, such as oranges, grow over time, in a designated season, with calculated attention to the system for planting, watering, trimming, warming, picking and taking to market. Therefore, key words for Saturn are: Value, responsibility, time and money.

Think about it. You exchange your money for things you value. You work, per agreements and contracts with bosses or clients, to generate revenue.

In this case, learning about Saturn, will help you understand more about the premise of money issues so that you can decide if you want to do anything differently. 



Following are three highly effective ways I use Emotional Freedom Techniques, and you can too.

  1. Getting clarity on a root-cause-thought must be revealed into the conscious mind otherwise it will lurk in the energy system of your body-field. Hence the unwanted story will never change. Help from a coach or EFT practitioner is needed to help guide someone to the core cause of money stories.
  2. Creating a new empowering statement is used to replace the old way of thinking with the new desired way of thinking.
  3. Tapping into the Wise Guide Inside to help you see the issue with fresh perspective is also highly effective in finding freedom around the loved or loathed topic of money.



Once the story line is identified, the source of it revealed, EFT statements are created and used during tapping, then we can design one or two powerful mantras. When a mantra is created with Spirit it becomes sacred.

While the mantra created with participants are personalized here is an example of one:

Through diligence, my money wisdom increases with time, contemplation, patience and structure.


In conclusion, the above gives a solid framework for examining the combination of EFT, mythology, mantras and money.

Check out the EFT, Mythology and Mantras 6-session workshop happening in June, July and August 2019 and use the contact form to send questions to Kay.