Combine Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Mythology and Mantras to transform your chaotic life path into peace, prosperity and purpose.

We are governed by unconscious character patterns. Mythology brilliantly displays how archetypal designs play out through characters in our lives. Discover how these patterns show up in the positive and more importantly the negative so you can free yourself of the emotional ramifications.

Tap out old storylines and tune into fresh constructive mindsets. Create sacred mantras to lead you from the dark to the light and expand into the next level of yourself.


You are Your Portal to Higher Wisdom

Explore these global topics and experience very personal outcomes and create new success stories in your life.

The EFT, Mythology and Mantras 6-Session series results in deep personal insight and release from outdated thoughts limiting your mind which keeps you trapped in chains of fear, despair and guilt.

With grace and ease we’ll dig inward to free yourself from outdated beliefs sabotaging your success.


6-Session Series Topics via Live Webinar with Kay

1. Learn how to tap into your worth and release unconscious guilt holding you back from true freedom

2. Money issues – how they show up and how to achieve mastery over them

3. Tap into your personal power and revitalize boundaries with confidence

4. Tap into peace and live with grace and ease – really!

5. Trust, surrender and heal

Topic #6 to be announced depending on participant response


Expose yourself to playful levels of sacred archetypal and mythological story to expose patterns of operation that are running your behaviors. See and decide for new powerful outcomes and breakthroughs in your life.

Whether you’re new to Emotional Freedom Techniques, mythology and mantras or you are seasoned in any of these areas, you’ll definitely gain deeper access into sacred internal portals and become inspired to take charge of your life in new ways.

Turn ordinary into extraordinary


Session 1: Learn how to Tap into Your Worth

You matter. You’re important. You ARE worthy.

Most people have forgotten this truth because of an obscure veil of guilt. It’s time now to realize, believe and live into your intrinsic worth and true freedom. Learn how the Roman archetype Saturn is behind all of our self-worth issues and how to transmute fear, guilt, doubt into self-compassion. Take home scripts to claim your worth and release unconscious guilt holding you back from true freedom.


Session 2: Money issues – how they show up and how to achieve mastery over them

How you do money is how you do life.

Money is one of the most loved and loathed topics known to humankind. We’ll dig in and investigate beliefs and mental constructs directing our stories, decisions and actions around money. Only then can we create new, empowering and lasting money choices. Be guided through a 5-step exercise to tap into allowing and receiving more money.


Session 3: Tap into your personal power and revitalize invisible boundary bonds with confidence

You are a human dynamo unified with an infinite power source – for good. But…

Power leaks happen. Let’s discover how they come about and plug them up. All relationships at work and home benefit though solid, loving boundaries. Gain confidence as you claim your power with heart and soul. Shift your mindsets and witness immediate results as you step into your power in relationships, finances, wellness and spirit. Learn how to create your own EFT statements and mantras to use after class.


Session 4: Tap into Peace and Live with Grace and Ease

Peace in every step. Peace in every breath.

Returning to your natural state of true peace in a mad world living in precarious times isn’t easy. Skills and tools are required. Learn how to tap into your peace regardless of circumstance. See immediate results as we tap together using scripts and real-life examples based on voluntarily shared participant situations.


Session 5: Trust, Surrender and Heal

Control is the name of the human game. However, deep inside you there is an unseen Power that Knows the Way.

How often do you trust in the unseen Way Shower? What are you to surrender to to realize your wholeness? Now is the time to realize the still small Voice and the power of Its Guidance. All we need to do is ask. If you’re ready for an unwanted situation to be different learn how to tap into your Source of wholeness and well-being. Take home scripts designed to release doubt and fear to become still and to Know.


Session 6: Optional Topics

The Forgiveness Experiment – With one simple guided exercise, a few questions, curiosity, an open heart and an added dose of courage, experience a profound sense of freedom.

Emotional Mastery – Getting comfortable with certain feelings requires high levels of vulnerability. Allowing access into deeper levels of feelings promotes a rich and sacred life of authentic presence. Be gently guided into your sacred world of feelings without being dominated by them.

Success is Defined by You! – Failure is in the review mirror on our travels toward success. Gain new perspective about failure and become more conscious of what success means to you and how to be a success.



What to Expect

Create clarity in purposeful direction for your life, including vocation, parenting, relationships, wellbeing and so much more.

Get guidance to create powerful and personalized mantras to tap into your intrinsic worth and inherent peace – regardless the circumstance.

Learn how to use these mantras to overcome obstacles beyond this 6-Session Series.

Witness evidence-based results using Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka tapping) and your Wise Healer Within.

Receive on-the-spot coaching to gain fresh perspective and create self-empowering shifts in your mindset.


Six 90-Minute Live Webinar Sessions

Tuition: $297 by May 20, 2019 

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$397 after May 20

Dates: All Mondays 4:00 – 5:30 PM Pacific Time

(some classes may go longer depending on participant dialog)

June 10, 24, July 8, 22, August 5 and 26

Limited to 5 participants

Recordings of each meeting will be sent to participants.


Bonus: Private 50-minute Sacred Money Breakthrough session to transform unconscious story and hidden relationship contracts into positive forward movement with revived sacred alignment. (value $150)

Feedback from previous participants

“I feel really positive.”

“I’m doing the right things.”

“I’m healthier.”

“I’m in a better place to make my own decisions.”

“My friends are noticing I’m much more positive.”

“I accept others and our differences much better.”

“I’m drawing positive people and situations to myself.”

“From a spiritual place I feel less restlessness.  I used to feel stuck, now I have moved.  I’m more content and more accepting of myself.”

I practiced it that night and last night and it WORKS!”  

“I have a brighter outlook.”

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