Do you have the line of Inspiration on your hand?

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By Kay Packard, M.A. 

The Line of Inspiration runs upward on the Jupiter mound toward the pointer (Jupiter) finger. Jupiter, as part of Greek mythology, is known as a visionary with high ideals for the kingdom.  There’s not much room for the Jupiter Vertical Line to sit on the palm so even if this line is short, the owner will feel compelled to move forward motivated by her or his vision.

This line can sprout off the life line (see handprint below with arrow pointing to the vertical line), stand alone or be seen in multiples. If you have this line you’ll do well to clarify your ideas and utilize your zeal of ambition to inspire others to follow their dreams.  If you aren’t already, consider expressing your innate power in an influential role in a high profile career or as a home wrangler aiming all tasks and home inhabitants toward goals. You might say, “I’ve got the need to achieve. Or “You can do it!”

Line of Inspiration

Line of Inspiration

Notice in this handprint (above), she has both a long vertical line under the Jupiter (Index) finger and a dominant Jupiter finger. The dominant finger is the finger that looks ‘the best’ out of all four digits. The combination of both a long Jupiter Vertical Line and a strong Jupiter finger, denotes a positive force of Jupiter – the sky god, seeing the big picture, influencing for the good of all.

My clients with a vertical line under Jupiter, inspire others toward their potentials like coaches and ministers.  Its often easier to boost others to their aspirations than they do to their own, however, that, in itself, brings fulfillment to the inspirer.  Some palmistry books call this the line of ambition, but I do not. There is a correlation between ambition and inspiration. Ambition stems from desire. People with ambition motivate themselves and others toward a goal, with purpose. I’ve seen many ambitious, determined, driven people without this line.  I don’t usually associate the word ambition with this line unless I said something like, “It looks like you have ambition, based on your vision, to inspire others.”

If you don’t have this vertical line, and you inspire others to their greatness, keep it up! There are other markings in the hand that support your  actions to motivate.

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