The Loop – Deciphering Your Own Fingerprints

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The Loop
by Kay Packard
Part 1 of 5

Loops blanket more finger tips than any other fingerprint type.  The loop looks like a cowboy lasso.  Loops are governed by the element water.  Water symbolizes the emotional system.  The loop somewhat resembles a wave in the ocean before it breaks.

The Loop Fingerprint

Look at your own fingerprint patterns and see if you have any loops.  If you see loops, count how many occupy your finger tips and thumb.  There are other fingerprint patterns that that I’ll be describing in upcoming newsletters so don’t be alarmed if you don’t have any loops.

According to Richard Unger’s LifePrints system, if you have seven loops you may be on the life path of “Love”.  If you own eight loops you are definitely on the journey of “Love” where you are developing your skills to love and connect with your self and with others at a richly authentic level.  Witnessing and experiencing meaningful and close relationships is a core motivator for you.  As you open yourself up, and allow yourself to be more and more exposed you’ll find yourself advancing on the path of “Love”.  Vulnerability skills are required to accelerate on the expedition of emotional authenticity.

Now showing any level of helplessness can be the scariest thing in the world to you because people might not respond in a pleasant manner, or they might disengage.  Well, if that happens, ask yourself, “Was I being honest and true to my core self?”  “What is the truth about their behavior and detachment?” 

Water droplets released on the inside of a garden bucket will flow downward until they join together in a pool.  The natural state of the “Lover” is to join, connect, partner, link, bond and adhere with others.  The key is to keep in check how much time, energy and emotion you’re spending on unhealthy relationships.  Another droplet of water may not be in a place where it cares enough for itself and thus is unable to accept the love you so radiantly display.

Your authentic path is to express your feelings fully and completely at the appropriate moment regardless of the expected response of another.  This isn’t about expressing your opinion or blame.  This is about saying “I feel….”

Your life-tour will flow more gracefully as you learn to appropriately bare your soul, express how you feel, feel your way through the tough stuff, and allow the feelings to be transformed into self respect, love and genuine joy.  Close, deep, meaningful, and sincere relationships will be the result. 

Give it a try. With doors wide open enter the Life-Laboratory. Suit up with the designer white coat, Gucci eye wear, flip on the Bunsen burner and engage in the greatest experiment of all – Loving deeply and completely, fully and profoundly.

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