The Arch – Deciphering Your Own Fingerprints

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by Kay Packard

The arch and the tented arch comprise about 5% of all fingerprint patterns found on the human finger tips and thumbs.  The arch print looks like a mound.  There is no tri-radii, as the whorl has, nor a tent pole like the ‘tented’ arch.  The arch simply looks like a mole hill you might see in the yard.  See the example below.

The Arch Fingerprint

If you’ve been reading this series, you already know that your fingerprints were permanently engraved into your fingers and thumbs in utero 16 weeks after conception. Can you imagine this mark of nature created and then locked in even before the brain was developed?

Look at your own fingerprint patterns and see if you have any arches.  If you see arches, count how many reside on your finger tips. Very few people have arches. Part one and two of this article series identified the whorl and the loop which account for about 95% of the fingerprint patterns. 

If you have one arch, out of 10 digits you may be in the school of “Peace”.  If you own two or more arches you are definitely in the school of “Peace” where you are developing your skills to feel safe in your body amidst massive amounts of chaos. To pass Life University, you contracted, from before birth, to visit this crazy planet to learn to experience peace and harmony.  Masters of peace find ways to bring harmony and balance to the world.

If you have two or more arch prints you are developing the skills of alertness, presence, ease and purity.  You’ll increase these profound attributes through repeated struggle, stress, anxiety and feeling behind. There is a method to the madness of the Universe and you are here to feel your body and to teach others to just “Be”.

In my mind, we are not here to be perfect.  We are here to live consciously and fully. On the life path of Peace one is here to enrich life through their deep, deep, deep yearning for peace and calm.  Is one at peace who is buried in projects up to their eye balls?  Possibly.  It’s up to the student to be aware of their level of peace and self-correct as needed.

People in the school of peace make fabulous fire fighters, emergency room tenants, SWAT team members, air traffic controllers in the middle of an earthquake, class-five white water rafter guides, professional motor cycle racers, sky dive teachers and mothers who have children in extraordinary circumstances.  The peaceful fingerprints I have read belong to people in these arenas. Toggling between the Prozac and adrenal addiction is a sure sign of successful trail blazing for Peace.  How could one become peace-FULL without experiencing the extremes?

The arches belong to those honoring the reliable force of nature in every way. In a sense they are taking responsibility for their role in ‘survival’ so that they experience stillness in both their work and play.  They are able to balance work and play and feel secure, stable and safe. 

The key to happiness on the life path of Peace is to breathe, get one job done at a time, and experience ‘existence’ as the root of a mighty Valley Oak tree.  While all of us are actually all on the life path of Peace, those with two or more arches have chosen, from before birth, the opportunity to delve more deeply into the lessons on the student path.

Yes, it’s a turbulent sea at Life-U. Large ocean liners are constructed to handle the biggest of storms.  You can too.  Allow yourself to “Be” on the Master Path!

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