Composite Whorls ~ The Flip Side

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by Kay Packard

Each fingerprint has a ‘micro-life’ of its own.  There is an announcement programmed within the design of each glyph depending on the finger where it resides.  Just like nature, with her assortment of patterns, so too do the fingerprints reflect a precise illustration.  That message plays out in the ‘macro-life’ of the owner.

Let’s delve into the Composite Whorl.  There are a variety of types of whorls that can be seen with the naked eye.  If needed, a magnifying glass will help with your inspection.           

Whorl with regular circular core

Whorl with a Spiral Core


Composite Whorl with an S Core

The pattern must have two tri-radii to be considered a whorl. See the tiny triangle-like lines on the outer and lower sides of each whorl.  Open the The Flip Side pdf to see the red arrows pointing to each tri-radii.  In the Composite Whorl the core is looping back around itself. The center looks like an “S”.

If you or anyone you know has a Composite Whorl, with an “S” you may likely alternate between two specific aspects related to the print location. 

Location Matters – This fancy print can be found on any finger, thumb or impressed into the palm. The “S” Whorl reveals opposites – opposites of what?  See the right and left hand finger descriptions on the hand maps below to better understand the opposites that are burrowed into each finger tip. 

The description on the top is the consciousness experienced while in the ‘on’ position.  The description on the bottom is the interpreted awareness during the ‘off’ position.  The two energies offer an opposing affect.  There is a vacillation between the two.

Composite Whorl Locations and Descriptions on the Left Hand

Right Hand Composite Whorl Locations and Descriptions

Now, identify the location for your “S” Whorl.  If you have one, or more, you’ll most likely be seeing movie scenes featuring both sides related to the associated finger it lives on.  These movie clips can feature others’ lives as well as your own. These etchings have been imprinted on the owner since five (5) months prior to birth.  The designs of all fingerprints are unalterable.  This blinking effect of the “S” won’t go away or change.  What you can change is your reaction toward the experiences you ‘see’.

Life Path Options for the “S” – Junior, Advanced and Master

Junior Path:  You feel stuck when in the ‘off’ position.  This is the down side, the bad hair day condition. You may even self-sabotage to remain fixed in the ‘off’ situation.

Advanced Path: You apply the ‘off’ side to get to ‘on’.  You see the ‘off’ as a means to build character and develop.

Master Path: You flip between both sides integrating the two extremes without entertaining an ‘off-balance-reaction’.  You remain evenhanded and perceive beyond the opposites.

For example, I have an “S” on my right thumb (Success and Failure). On a regular basis I experience what I believe as failure and success. It’s a sense (feeling and thought) of failure and success.  I have let the fear of failure prevent me from achieving the results my deepest Self is calling for me to do and be.  After having my hands analyzed I’ve learned to say “Yes to “S””.  Now, my reactions to potential failure are silenced, I honor the call for success in the moment and transcend into a deeper aspect of Self.  Will I always be in this enlightened state?  Who knows?  It’s a learning journey and I’m in for the ride! 

On the learning path, one might say “Oh- no, someone save me, I’m in the “off” side (again).”  That pickle is actually a gift.  I’m here to inspire you to say “yes” to “S”!  Take responsibility and embrace the internal squabble.  Use the perception to see your way to awakening to a deeper and more profound facet of your Self.

I’d love to hear back from you if you have an “S” Whorl.  Tell me where you’re at on your path relative to the flip sides of the finger description where it’s located.  If I’ve read your hands and you’d like me to check my files to confirm the possibility of the “S” you might be seeing PLEASE ask me.  I live for this work and the steps toward self realization for everyone.  If you’d like a first time or follow-on reading, let’s talk! Hand Analysis has helped thousands of people add the correct tools to their personal tool kits for manifesting their right life.  The right life = the best life for each particular individual.

In the mean time, don’t let the “off” get in the way of your “on” and beyond!