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tree-root-pic-300x253Life coaching is designed to facilitate professional, personal and spiritual development to the point of individual growth, improved performance and contentment. The client is fully supported in achieving his or her ultimate goals.

Clarity and focus around goals is attained through closing the gap between where the client is now and where he or she would like to be. Self-discovery happens as the client is stretched by answering powerful questions and completing assigned homework.

This type of coaching is for people are are truly ready to commit to creating a better life for themselves.

As a certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach, Kay helps her clients make improvements in all areas of their lives including parenting, relationship, career, business, finances and more. Even if things are going pretty good for you, but you want them to be great – this is your opportunity. It’s all about you! It’s your agenda, your desires, your goals. 

Is it time to really consider where you are going in this life, decide what you want out of it, and to make it happen?  If you say, “Yes!” then email Kay today at with, “Yes, Kay I’m ready!” You’ll then be contacted to schedule a free introductory session to meet over the phone.