Developing Lines in Beth’s Hands

Project Snowflake was officially kicked off Jan. 31, 2010. I’m 8 years into the research, printing selected children’s hands to observe changes, life lessons and how each one grows into his or her life purpose.

Before the project began, Beth’s hands were printed for the first time in early 2004 when she was 7. She is now 22. 

These side-by-side prints below show a noticeable change in Beth’s prints since last year. Vertical lines are developing under the pinkie finger on the mound of Mercury inside the blue circle.

Comparing 2017 and 2018 Handprints.

In traditional palmistry this formation of vertical lines is called the Medical Stigmata. Famous palmists found this marking on people in the healing arts such as doctors, nurses and veterinarians.

In Richard Unger’s system, which I teach, this configuration is called the Gifted Healer. It indicates someone having exceptional ability to listen and hear what’s truly going on inside another individual from a psychological perspective. The key is for the owner of the marking to trust the insights they are receiving instead of doubting or dismissing their inner knowing.

I’ve seen this marking on photographers, speakers, accountants and many others who are not in a professional healing practice. These owners display an innate ability to hold powerful space for acceptance of what is causing inner upset and conflict.  

To learn more about the Gifted Healer and other healer markers that can appear in the hands click HERE.  

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Now, I’m off to round up some more snowflakes and continue my research!


Beth’s Prints

New prints of Beth’s hands taken in Jan. 2011 (below)

Check out her long right thumb (above).  The long thumb shows the inclination to spend time ‘thumbing’ – arranging and rearranging.  ‘The Orchestrator’ comes to mind.  Combine this thumb description with her Life Purpose and Life Path and we get ‘The Orchestrator for Peace and Wholeness’.


Snowflake Beth

Nov. 2009

One of the older Snowflakes on the Life Path of Peace





This fingerprint, along with her other 9, were permanently etched on her fingertips 5 months before entry into Life-University (birth).  She has enough of these beautiful arch fingerprint carvings to identify her Life Path as Peace.

Beth’s hand prints taken in Mar. 2010

Beth has, and has had, a pronounced Independence of Thought for as long as I have been observing her hands. It is clearly shown in both of her hands through the space between the starting point of her head and life lines. I’ve known this Snowflake since she was born.  Her free spirit has dominated her presence with “Look Out, I’m doing it my way.”  Rules are not part of Beth’s vocabulary. While her parents offer a highly stable, nurturing, and guiding influence, something within Beth compels her to think in her own way.  Just before this print was taken, Beth received her 2nd infraction at school.  I’d actually expect her to have more with this marking in her hands.  However, the home environment is open where all are free and encouraged to communicate.  She is rewarded, in a sense, for her freedom of thought. 

In both sets of prints (2009 and 2010) the zone of courage is eaten out a bit.  She’ll be graduating from 8th grade this June and burning her trails for High School.  In the Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion was all roars and no show until he got on board with a ‘cause’.  Likewise, we often lack courage when we don’t have a ‘cause’.  Beth is in search of ‘her cause’.  We’ll watch this section fill in over time.  

Her life purpose, decoded from her fingerprints is the Successful Healer for Peace and Harmony.  Ironically, with enough pressure, struggle and panic she will be backed into a corner.  At which point the light bulb will most likely come on and she will “Know” her cause.

Comparing Momma’s and Daughter’s hands.  Of course there are similarities and differences.  Self awareness and deeper understanding is the result.